[Resolved] AshraSpells.comashra spells

B Nov 16, 2019

Ashra is a fraud and is preying on vulnerable people. Her emails are copy and pasted with only the name changed to come off more authentic. Do your research before buying and beware of her well monitored forum that is filled with only positive reviews. I've left a negative review and will see how long it last on there! Also her YouTube reviews are outdated if people are getting results at least one person can make a more recent video.

  • Updated by bde kk · Nov 16, 2019

    After reaching out for complaints of fraudulent activity I am here to stand my ground and wouldn't be silent just for my money back. Yes I wanted a refund but once I saw it came with complete silence and never talk about her again I had to refuse. I seem many people make comments then later took them down and always wondered why and today I have my proof. If anyone has questions I would be glad to answer them.

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    Will update of my concerns are met.

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