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Arise Willow CSNpay not what promised

This compnay known as Arise (use to be Willow CSN) offers work at home oppotunities. You form a corporation then pay to be certified to take customer calls from home for large companies like Disney.<br />
<br />
The offer a base hourly minimum or per call/talk time. The scam is after you sign up the client can change the terms to per call and not longer the base hously rate.<br />
<br />
For example: you can talk to a customer booking Disney reservations for 18 minutes on the phone and make $1 in pay. Far below the US legal minimum wage.<br />
<br />
Arise also "certifies" too many agents. After paying $250 for a course they do not have any hours available because too many agents work the same clients. Arise will offer more and more positions available.<br />
<br />
Arise is ripping people off by allowing clients like Disney, Carnival Cruise Lines, ATT to name a few to pay less the the US legal minimum wage. Arise will certify 600 agents at $250 each...See who is making money. NOT the workers! In fact it is slave labor wages which is illegal in the US


  • Tr
    Trea Dec 29, 2009

    As an Arise agent, you are an independent contactor paid for productivity – you are NOT an employee. Let me say it again- YOU ARE NOT AN ARISE EMPLOYEE. If you are not productive, you do not make as much as you could have. Having been with Arise for over 7 years, I can tell you that there will be times when you earn more than others.

    If you are spending 18+ minutes on a call, you need to work on getting your call handling down. Arise has PFs and mentors in place to assist you with this- had you reached out to them before posting this false and MSA violating post? I doubt it.

    In all my years contacting with Arise, I have NEVER seen a wave of 600 people for a class. Like the other claims you have made, this is an outrageous and false claim.

    If you are looking for something for nothing, Arise is not for you. If you are looking for minimum wage, try Burger King.

    For those interested in Arise, there are thousands of happy agents, like me, working and earnig. Do not let a few false posts laced with sour grapes make your decision for you. Visit the BBB & do your own research.

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  • Vi
    vibora Feb 22, 2010

    I agree with most of the complain.

    The classes Arise offers are expensive in time and money, and the rules are changed later. Disney is a bad client to work for, so is Sears. Most clients require hours on weekend, so if you are a parent who wants to work while the children are at school and have your weekends free, this is not the company for you. Also, I know of several agents who have paid for classes and after completing the training have had to leave the client due to lack of goodtechnical support or because the pay was changed.

    Most agents earn less than $10/hour, but more than the minimum wage and it would work ok if the csr did not have to incorporate and pay the fees associated with it including filing taxes as a corporation instead as an independent contractor with a simple 1099 payable to the agent. Everything is more expensive as a corporation.

    Willow was a great company to work for at one time. I felt respected and considered. One could easily call and speak with a Willow employee with questions or concerns, but now everything is very impersonal and there is not a way to speak to a human.

    Willow changed its name a while ago from Willow to Arise, but by then the company had already changed.

    I am applying for real jobs and hoping the economy improves to leave Arise. I would not recommend Arise to anyone at this point.

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  • Mi
    Mieke Feb 26, 2010

    I disagree with the complaint as well as with vibora. The costs for certification have gone down in the last few years; it is not a fair statement to say they have increased.

    Not all clients have a weekend commitment. It is also important to note that we are told of any specific hour requirements before we even enroll in the class. So, if you can not or do not want to service hours on the weekend, do not sign up for the client. You have no ground to complain about the hours after you agreed to service them… that just makes no sense.

    Most agents do not earn less than $10 per hour.. that is just inaccurate. While the people you see posting inaccuracies on various internet sites will tell you this… it is just not true. If the complainers spent even half the amount of time working on perforce as they do complaining, they would be making well over $14/ hour, IMO.

    Willow was not a great company to work for; it was good at best. It was plagued with cliques, preferential treatment and I am glad that this does not occur anymore. Granted, it has gotten impersonal… but this is a business and to be honest, I have all of the friends I need and am not looking for anymore, so it does not bother me.

    Vibora- I wish you the best in finding something you like a bit better. However, for me, I am quite content and have no intentions of leaving.

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  • Ca
    Carmello Mar 23, 2010

    The person who filed the complaint is telling the truth. The only people who are making money with Arise, work like dogs. No one expects a free ride, but when you have to average darn near 80 hours a WEEK, to get a decent check that you would working out in the field, this is ridiculous. In order to work for them, YOU PAY for the privilege. Yes, I was yearning to work from home so badly. I have a 17 month old son, and with his daycare not being far from home, need a quiet space to work while on the phones, I wanted to work out of the home. Sadly, each work at home venture I have come into were legitimate, but sorely disappointing. In life, there is ALWAYS a catch, believe it. With Arise, it wasn't so much as paying for the courses, as they are cheaper, but if you are a newbie, be VERY careful of the client you chose! This can make or break your career with Arise and to me it was so unfair, I had no such instruction. I signed up for a seasonal opportunity for this current tax season, to start making money as soon as possible, as there were NO OTHER clients available at that time, and I have got to say, this was probably one of the worst mistakes I made on this issue. This client is not only terribly difficult to service, but they also will ruin your stats and other chances to work for other companies that contract through Arise.

    The way it works is, you select the hours you want to work, IF available through that client. Sounds easy enough, right. Well, you had better not have ANY type of life ER or situation, life does happen, not within 48 hours of your day to work because if you do and have to release those hours, your stats are in the crapper. It's so easy to get there, and very difficult to get out. I also want to caution you that to work with Arise, you either have to form a LLC or INC for yourself, expense paid by you, or select the easier, but not best route, and that's sign up with someone who has already done this and work under them, for yet another fee, of course. Check out the going rate to form a LLC or INC. I have been through various forms of corporate training, so I am trainable, and love to learn, however, I knew while going through the training for this client, it was NOT thorough enough, especially when it came to scenarios of what could possibly go wrong with the service and that was anything at any time. So now, I work the client, as less as possible, and I am looking for work outside the home. The thing I hate most is, I threw all of my eggs into this basket, knowing better, but just wanted to so firmly believe in my success with Arise. I am no stranger to call centers, CSR metrics, etc. When you do ask a question, outside of a training, you are made to feel stupid which I don't appreciate, since I have actually managed some call centers.

    All I have to say is BEWARE. If you work a fairly simple client, no technical support, you may just have a very successful career with Arise, and not appear to be a deadbeat, which I KNOW I AM NOT.

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  • On
    One_More Apr 04, 2010

    Mieke, it’s so obvious that you are part of Arise Corporate and not just a simple agent on the phone. You’ve gone out of you way to post on every other forum out there for Arise.

    Yes, class cost may have gone down, it doesn’t mean you still have to pay $100+ to get into a class, go on training for 2-4 weeks 4 hrs a day with no pay, and if you fail the exam you’re our of your money and time. Plus, if you are paying for a class you’re supposed to get trained correctly. I have a good friend who just got certified for Intuit a couple of months ago, the training class didn’t prepare him to service that client. He’s sooo lost. I sit with him sometime when servicing and people are asking the most basic questions on the chat because they didn’t get trained properly. On top of that the chat PF are not trained either and all they do is send them (the agents) to the ASD. Come on, they all paid for training and no one know a thing. Also, for what he said, many failed the exam at the end of the certification, so there you go again with people paying for nothing.

    About the costs. Let’s say you pay $150.00 for a class and 4 weeks later you pass the exam. You start working making 8-9 per hr, and don’t tell me they make more because unless you are on sales 8-9 is what the agreement says ($8.00 home depot for example). You have to put your computer, your house, your electricity, your internet service, your dedicated phone line, pay arise fees. Without deducting any taxes you are already at under $6.00 per hr. Plus as I commented on a different forum, Arise is not recording hrs properly so you don’t get paid correctly. If you work time over your scheduled 20 or 40 hrs per week because the call or chat went over, they don’t pay you for it. So at the end of any given week you may have worked total 50 hrs and get paid for 45-47 and this happens all the time. Good luck with opening a ticket or trying to call someone to explain it.

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  • Ol
    OldFartonyourcock Oct 13, 2010

    You guys must just be failures at life...arise is the great if you treat it the same as you would a traditional job but the problem for you "whiners" is you obviously dont...and did you ever think maybe your "computer, your house, your electricity, your internet service, your dedicated phone line, pay arise fees" are all tax deductible...let me stoop to kindergarten level, that is your taxes...and on top of that would you go back to work for mcdonalds who agress to put you back on minimum wage for $7.55/hr (which doesnt already have taxes taken out), and say i make below minimum wage because they havent taken taxes out?...didnt think so smarts...its all in perspective...i dont even work for arise and never will but I have a daughter that does and it works out great for her situation. If your not above kindergarten comprehension level then arise will be a nightmare for you and you should stick to lower class opportunities...

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  • Do
    dogoodersurs Nov 14, 2010

    You have to incorporate to be a part of Arise (fees, time and paperwork). You have to pay for your background check (fees), a fee is taken out of every check (fee), you pay for your own training (fee and time) which is very expensive and nonrefundable and if you change your mind about a program, it counts against you and you are blocked from other programs (fee, time, loss opportunity). If you keep your head low and you stay out of trouble and dont ask too many questions like, (why did I get pay $22hr with benefits for this same job in the real world and your are paying $7.50hr minus the bi-weekly fee (severely reduced pay) for the same job with NO benefits except, well you get to work from home so this novelty should satisfy you to all ends and justify whatever they want to do with you. When you finally get through training take the time and examine your contract. They will tell you to hurry up and sign it even though there are many blank lines where your promised compensation should be. You have to scavenger for your work hours; if you dont show up on time when they put out the scheduled time slots you would be out of work for that week or have to constantly monitor the schedules hoping that someone lets something go(loss opportunity). And lets not forget about technical issues that you loose time and money on. When you add up the fees, time, paperwork, and loss of opportunities you might as well find another work at home company or work for McDonalds. Many of these "legitimate" work at home companies are simply looking for desperate people who need a job and find all types of immoral loopholes to take advantage of them. If you dont make it, of course your fault because you didnt read the fine print.

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