Apmex.comThey sound friendly, but are very unprofessional and provide zero customer service


They SOUND friendly, but are very unprofessional and provide zero customer service. They held my check for 8 days, telling me it didn't arrive, then would not ship my order until 11 days after my check had CLEARED my bank. They would take no responsibility whatsoever for their screw-up, leaving me with no way to secure my order before I left the country for several months.

There's lots of places to buy precious metals - give these guys a miss!!


  • Tn
    TNhere Apr 15, 2011

    Similar thing happened to me. They charged me a cancellation fee...and I never even cancelled my order. By the way the cancellation fee was $35.00 and I have nothing to show for it coins. Oh well...they cancelled the order. I would say...their loss. But actually it was their they got $35.00 out of me for nothing.

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  • Go
    Goober903 Apr 04, 2013

    Ahhhh...yeahhh...same here, they cancelled my order and charged me cancellation fee, I never cancell either; and their website is a scam too; took my bank info but still never ship me anything and now they cancell it for whatever reason they want to, and charge me $35.40, and their reps. do sound like untrained unfreindly people, they think the customers are stupid; WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! DO NOT BUY anything from this company.

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  • La
    Lady Rachel Jan 15, 2016

    Deceptive, Incompetent, Arrogant ~ these are the words I used when they called me. Of coarse they were not cancelling my order, merely raising the price of my order by $420, BUT, if I wanted to cancel they would be nice enough to not charge me $35 cancellation fee. Wasn't that kind??!?? Beware of false PRICES as my order was 5 days old when APMEX "changed" it. Also beware of the extreme belittling you will receive if they call you after placing an order ~ which I hope you won't !!!

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