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AmeriSave has the worst customer service correspondence. They say they strive to put their customer first but it is all talk. After getting a prequalification, it took them 4 months to close on my loan and then I had to ask them to rush the request because although they knew the closing date they failed to get out the "correct" forms to me in a timely manner.

Then they sold our mortgage and didn't notify me until after i received a bill from our new mortgage company furthermore they didn't even mention any payment due send any bills that I owe them premium. Being a new homeowner, I thought that since my loan was sold, that the whole loan starting from the 1st mortgage payment was also sold to our new mortgage company.

Then almost a year later they tell us that we still owe them a premium even though they sold our loan and that our bill is delinquent failed to provide a bill or a return envelope. Obviously they have not been trying to reach me as to their"best effort" as they stated in their letter.

For the sake of "trying" to provide better customer service they should at least provide a bill with a return envelope. This should be a no brainer.

Further more, once I reached out to them it took them 3 days to reply and when they did they did not even apologize or thank them for reaching out to them and they failed to address me correctly when they should be address me as Ms. instead of Mr.

The best thing out of this whole ordeal is that my mortgage is no longer with them.
My experience with their company was horrible and so frustrating at their communication methods.

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