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CB Scam and Fake Checks American Sweepstakes I am being hounded and scammed daily for more than 6 months now. They say they work for Bank of America.
American Sweepstakes

American Sweepstakes review: I am being hounded and scammed daily for more than 6 months now. They say they work for Bank of America.

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Edward Safe verified that I am a sweepstakes winner from 2019 when there was a computer glitch and files were stolen. He claimed that the monies for winners that year had been put in seperate accounts so they would not be penalized. I only called because I have been hounded by scammers about this award since October 2019. I have had no peace, have spent many thousands of dollars, and eventhough I have blocked every number possible attacks on my credit and my banking ability are still being made.

I have a huge folder of information, even down to the point Edward Safe and Robert Parker, mgr at Bank of America, are said to have hired an impersonator to act as myself (identification and social security numbers acquired from my files with Bank of America, manager Myles Montego [protected]) and she almost pulled it off. They were supposed to be delivering the award to me that day. Now I am being asked to pay more money in addition to the 8k Myles Montego had already collected. I need to leave me alone. I have even been threatened. A man identifying himself as Robert Parker threatened to cut my throat, which makes no sense since I have never received a dime.

Please look into this. These people are dangerous. Edward Safe demanded 18k from me for the Patriot Act, which I knew made no sense from the beginning and I let him know I could not pay it. Supposedly Mark Hollomon CPBA (consumer crime protection program) [protected] x333, who is in his office, said he had gotten my payment down to $2250. By then Bank of America took over and none of this has been realized. I have sent Bank of America man emails regarding events that have occurred in reference to this award. I need these desparate people to leave me alone and you need to get your act together so people like me are not scammed and harrassed. I am completely broke and still they call me many times a day. Other numbers they commonly use include [protected], [protected], [protected]. Myles says he is now the man in charge. That nothing I do can stop him. He keeps offering to send me money but never does. I am determined not to send anything else so he has resorted to redirecting funds from my Direct Express Social Security Card and depleting me that way, You responsible for this. You left me out to hang knowing that my information had been exposed. All your scammers knew but I knew nothing. You and Bank of America have been informed. Write me a rude response and I will publish it to be read by all my followers. Right now I think you're a pretty dirty bunch. If Edward Safe sent me a fake letter, you need to let the scammers know that as well. Leni Gray-Wilson [protected]

Claimed loss: (32,000 in scam fees for this award.

Desired outcome: The so called Bank of America scammers arrested and whatever funds due me come to me.

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