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In New York City, the AMC theaters are all reserved seating all the time. But how do you know where you want to sit until you're in the theater?

We went to a mid-afternoon weekday showing, so it wasn't going to get crowded. Why did we have to choose reserved seats? We did, but when we got inside, we weren't as close as we would have liked. And then tall people sat in front of us.

We moved to other seats, but throughout the film, we were constantly worried that somebody would come and say that we were in their seats. It was disturbing. I don't like their "you MUST choose a reserve seat" policy. [It is unnecessary, when it isn't a crowded theater.] AMC solved a problem that -- most of the time -- doesn't exist; and in doing so, they created lots more problems.

The movie-going experience suffers as a result. I will be reluctant to go to movies at AMC theaters in the future


  • Wine Is Good Dec 11, 2016

    It is necessary for them. It prevents overselling a show. I hate going to a theater without it and having to stand by the wall or sit on the floor to watch my show.

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  • Er
    Eric Palmer Feb 15, 2017

    I think they should only have the seating number diagram on their monitor for seling the tickets, but do NOT put the seat number on the tickets! This creates problems for the VERY effective first come, first serve protocol! It has worked for decades, and will always work. The AMC theatre management need to pull their heads out and realize that!

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  • Be
    Beauty Irritated Feb 17, 2017

    It is very very very irritating and frustrated to have reserved seats only to be disappointed due to the seats being taken once you are ready to be seated so to keep a argument down and avoid a conflict you sit elsewhere only to be tapped and bothered thruout a high priced show to relocate... There should be a first come first serve seat policy point blank period I'm big and pregnant and get very upset and emotional quick... This suck seriously

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