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AmateurmatchFraud and cheating

Have to admit that it is fun reading some of the emails you get and i was tempted to pay so i could email back. After reading this forum (thank you!) i will not pay but will continue to put weird random stuff on my profile page to see what kind of generic response i will get. Just don't pay and it could be good for the ego, amusing at the least.

Yes i almost paid just to see if there were that many women on the prowl and it seems that my hunch was right after reading the posts here. its a scam... have fun with it, don't pay! Take care.


  • Ha
    HanF59 Nov 02, 2009

    It began 3 days ago when I somehow fell for a new website invitation; AmateurMatch.Com, a dream come true for a bored middle-aged writer with more time on his hands than sense in his head. But hey, how was I to know just how stoopid I could be.

    I found myself filling out the “Free Membership” application, no charge, no sir, Nuh-uh, no money. I cruised the profiles, amazed at all the *** beautiful young women there were on this site. Before I logged off on the first free offer visit, I had received a request to be on my “Buddies” list. A quick check of the profile and I was certain I was going to like this site. I accepted my first Buddy, and she was HotHotHot! It’s the internet, everybody scores, and with this website it was with beautiful young women.

    The next morning I excitedly opened my email to find a half dozen invitations, Website email notifications, Buddy List requests, and an offer for 3 days on AmateurMatch.Com for just $1.95. *** by the time I finished signing up I had three more notifications from the website. How can you miss? This is why everyone is having sex, with everyone else, they meet at this website. Well all my free membership got me was the buddies list, read local emails, and read the profiles of these amazing beauties that wanted me…but I couldn’t let them know I was there for them; “I’m here my beloved, I see you but like a ghost you can’t hear or see me”. That happened every time I tried to reach out to one of my growing number of “Buddies” or women who had emailed me, *** how can they know I read their stuff, that I knew they wanted me! I had to invest a buck-ninety-five, if only to let them know I am not a heartless creep refusing to let them have their way with me.

    The second day of my special offer I spent some time in the chat rooms. I heard a couple of guys writing some crass drivel and a repetitious set of Robo-Spammers announcing some upcoming PPV website sex show. Of the 4 or 5 chat rooms I was in the most populous, about 50 or 60 people, the other rooms were vacuous, no one in any of them. It was at this point I began to look at everything with a bit of a jaundiced eye. The “Who’s on Line” page showed 7 to 10 women per page with over 40 pages and a counter that said 8, 600 people were on line at that moment. So, 50 people in a chat room of a website with over 8, 000 subscribers online at that moment, WTF were they doing? NOT CHATTING?!

    Now my antennae were up and I knew something was wrong. I kept getting these communiqués, after all, I was now a paying customer, and I was allowed to write, chat, and IM these women. However, for some reason it did not seem that these women were getting my messages. I sent IM’s to one of the four “Buddies” that had written me that day, they were online, but not one responded, NOT ONE! Now I knew there was something rotten in Denmark (what the *** does that mean?), and I was going to get to the bottom of it, if not of the pretty young things I thought were chasing me.

    I proceeded to re-read every profile of every communication I had received. What I found was all I needed to explain the strange behavior of women who ten minutes earlier were offering to have my baby, but refused to acknowledge me with IM, Local Email, or comments I made on their photo page, right above the guy with 3 teeth who is also her “Buddy”. I think his comment was “Sweet A&#, have you ever had a ‘Hind lick Maneuver’ performed to save yer life?” Yea, I see them exchanging naughty email in the dead of night…NOT!

    Now I needed to come up with solid evidence. I knew I had been duped, I didn’t have a picture up, I did about a 5 line BIO, and did a drop down menu description of everything else and that’s bringing all this babich my way? I am a bored middle class writer who was snagged by his own prurient hardwiring. I mean you can *** at a drive through coffee stand today, why should this not work? So what proves my suspicions? The secret is two fold; identical wording in several profiles. Not similar, but identical, and they are all on my “Buddies” list, which is now closed to me because I canceled my 3 day membership on day two! The second piece of evidence came when one of the local emails I sent was responded to hours later with a complete non-sequitar that responded to my question about whether she was a bot or not:” Thom, thanks for the message, I guess we could chat and see were this would lead us to”. Uh, hello I just called you a robot…Proof!

    If I had not paid attention or expected a human response my cheap rate would have turned into a $30.00 charge on my CC, and I would be forced to try to justify the expenditure by writing love notes to robots! So that’s how it works, though I’m certain a lot of the men on there are loving the delusion and are adept at one handed typing. I prefer the real thing. The last word on AmateurMatch.Com? It is a total rip-off, Robot City, a delusional experience for those of us born too early to really appreciate the sophistication of the scam. STAY AWAY!

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  • Mo
    mommyisgay Jan 11, 2010

    your dumb

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