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I was excited to begin a new job with PRC/Alorica in the begininng of April of this year; however, from the beginning there were issues. At first everyone seems very kind and nice and also willing to help. However, during training I became the subject of unusual abuse I would honestly say. Two of my new "teammates" after being in a group activity became very rude; typical though annoyances, ie rolling of the eyes, ignoring any suggestions you may have to contribute to the group that type of thing. At the beginning of our second week in training, I stated to the entire class if I have offended anyone it truly wasnt my intention. (The class again was very relaxed so I felt it was ok to make such an announcemnt. The two women said nothing just smirked at each other so I let it go. Later, I had the joy of one of the women announcing to the class that I smelled so bad she had to move her seat. Let me explain that I dont wear heavy perfumes or lotions and the person that she actually she smelled she sat right up under the rest the training. Even the trainers were aware of this womans games (she had to be at least 60 mind you?) I had the joy of watching her cover her face with her shirt and giggling at me for the rest of the afternoon. To say this was demeaning was an understatement. Again, brought this to the attention of the trainers the next day and nothing. A day or so goes by, and this woman had the audacity to come to me and whisper in my ear " you smell so much better today?" I was horrified! I couldnt believe this was happening. Told the trainer somethings not right and requested to speak with this woman along with supervisor so whatever issues could be dealt with before we hit the floor. Nothing happened. Skip to the next week, thankful out of training and myself and my teammates were on the floor and I was lucky to enough to sit next to the older womans friend who made it very clear in introductions that she doesnt want anybody loud next to her, doesnt want a bunch of mess and she has no problem telling somebody about themselves. Needless to say we as new hires were taken aback but we respected it. Two days later, this older womans friend (she is also older as well) walked up to me at my desk before I even logged in and said to me "she heard I told her friend (who I havent spoken to especially since I smell) that I said she didnt like me blah blah blah" i sat there and listened and she made sure she was loud because wanted everyone to hear her berate me. The fact that anyone over the age of 25 is starting a sentence with " I heard you said ..." is totally childish. But apparently the story goes I said I didnt like my cube mate because of what her friend told her happened in training??????????????? I told her I havent talked to her friend at all since training but she continued. So finally I just got up and walked away and told her this is childish, and she shouted at me as I walked away. I went outside prayed and tried to calm down. Went back upstairs and spoke with the only manager there at the time and also told him what happened in training and how this apparently has all come about. I also again requested to meet with both women and a mediator to get to the bottom of whatever misunderstanding there was. Then my manager came in and I stated the same. Nothing happened. The next day, I come in, keeping to myself at this point scared to say anything and finally got my first appointment. Within the hour I was on my way to the second appointment and thats when the friend that sat next to me started trying to "help" (which i already told my supervisor very clearly she doesnt have to say anything to me at all its clear for whatever reason she doesnt care for me) me on my calls, however by doing this instead of just writing her advice down or what i was saying wrong, she wrote it down and shouted it at me to the point the customer heard. One of my other team members came over and attempted to actually help and by that time I lost the appointment. This woman comes back and hears me explaining to the man what happened and she went off! She starts slamming stuff around and Im trying to just get a word in edgewise. Miracously no manager heard her say anything. Once she started standing over me and pointing at me like I was a dog I went off and I stood and stood for myself.. Needless to say we both got into a screaming match on the flo9or and NOW all the supervisors were available! Magic I tell yah. Fast forward I was told by not one by TWO supervisors including my own that I would not be let go. One even ran after me. I came back on Monday prepared to change my seat and go on about my business. Changed my seat, got everything set up and at the end of the day was let go. Reasoning given was that "I" could not get along with coworkers??????? I refused to sign the paperwork because I did not agree with that at all. Human Resources which I thought was very kind before talked down to me as though I was the one with the problem. I did take responsbility for finally going off however I informed them that does not dissolve them as a company that is supposed to be so employee centric from liability either. It should of never gotten to that point. I literally had been in tears of frustration begging for help and recieved none. You could tell they just wanted me to go away. Its sad because thought I had finally found a home that I could grow with. Sadly that wasnt the case. Currently waiting for Stephanie Gonzalez at Corporate to Contact me back. After reviewing this website and countless others I am glad I put a complaint in because this is not acceptable. I know this sounds unbelievable but its all true. My friends and family and others in the professional community I have shared this with are floored as I am. It could be a great company if there was just management support.


  • Wh
    Whipping Boy Jun 22, 2012

    Doesn't surprise me in the least. Seems like there is a culture of lying at Alorica.
    I was a customer service representative at the Mobile, Alabama center. I started training in March of this year, and managed to get through training, which consisted of learning about the wireless side of AT&T. At that time, at the risk of bragging, I was one of the most respected students in the class, perhaps because I was older than most of my classmates.
    Fast forward to May, when we graduated and hit the production floor. For some weird reason, most of the difficult calls were funneled to me--calls that did not even remotely resemble what we learned in training. In the meantime, other agents were getting calls whch allowed them to get an opportunity to have faster handling times and get sales.
    Meanwhile, I was stuck with calls dealing with non-wireless matters, complaints about cancelled accounts, and even non-AT&T customers. On the rare occasions when I had AT&T customers, some of them were so verbally abusive it was a miracle I could get a word in edgewise to help them with their problems. Sometimes, I was even called names.
    To make a long story short, I was let go by the site director only a month after I got on the production floor. The reasoning was that I didn't "meet my metrics." When I attempted to explain the situation regarding they types of calls I was receiving, the personnel manager jumped in and said "everybody had those types of calls."
    I knew then I was screwed. When they told me I could pick up my last check, I simply told them to mail it, because after the way I was treated after busting my ###, I wanted no part of them anymore.

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  • Tb
    T.Baker28 Jan 22, 2013

    I was also apart of the AT&T portion of Alorica. I started in April of 2012. I completed my training with 100% on my test. And was given a window seat. Lol. Any how after a month on the floor i was given a award for Best Production.. Now after a week later I was called out of town for a family emergency. Once I returned back to work after missing 2 days. I was called into HR office. I was told they had to let me go.. Because i wasnt meeting my requirements... Are you [censored]ing kidding me i said. I mean if you would have said i missed to kany days maybe. But nit after i got an award... Once i brought that to their attention they looked at each other in a blank stare... yes really.. She asked me to sign and i refused. What the [censored] kinda company is this??? I should have known something because everyone that has been there for years all of a sudden found "BETTER" JOBS... They need to be reported.

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  • Me
    MeMe2 Feb 06, 2013

    Everyone is leaving Alorica for Capital One. I am one of those people. I started with Alorica in 2010. At the time of my hiring, PRC managed the callcenter. Once Alorica took over, all hell broke lose!

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  • Ka
    Kareim Aug 28, 2013

    I am not surprised of the previous comments and I really hope some one cares enough to read and address the issue with this company. I believe they are following there own agenda of "non work ethics" and cleary getting away with it. My experience with this company is that they are not honest but again thats not apart of ethics. I was called into an office for the first time since working for this company and told some one said that I said I didnt not like the job. Now how non professional can you get. However, the manager said and because of this I need to suspend you and I will call you in a couple of days.

    There was no paperwork to sign, no prior conversation about anything I did or said. It has been 2 weeks no phone call or paper work has happen yet. I really think these people should be looked into by the better business burea or whoever can assist. They are not the greatest company they dont pay well but they should still have to treat people like people. I would not recommend any one to take a position with them.

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  • Ju
    justice2013 Sep 06, 2013

    I work in the georgia call center and its horrible... all of the men especially team leads and management need to be reported for sexual harrassment. They want to talk about how pretty your ### is or ask to sleep with you. I'm looking for a better job. They give you incentives and dnt want to pay you (wtr) they write u up for every little thing and have the nerve to under pay bc they feel like we kids and that's exactly how they treat us.

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  • Fe
    FedUpInAlabama Jan 31, 2014

    I have been with Alorica in Alabama since 8 Fall2013. After Christmas I was hospitalized emergently. I called in sick every day for 8 days. I went back to work and worked 1 full day and 2 hrs the next day. The computer locked me out. After a few hours I learned I was terminated 2 days before my 1st day back at work. No notice of termination, no warning, no letter. I have all 9's and 10's as reviews. The HR director told me I could be reinstated if I brought her doctors excuse. I did. She said I was fired anyway. I fought it, she then said I needed a dr clearance form with a return to work date on it. I did. She said it was unacceptable because it had no start date of my illness on it. After threatening her with a wrongful termination/ discrimination lawsuit she said I could come back if the Dr revised his letter by 5 pm that day only. He did, I even had him fax it in to her, which she would never answer the phone to confirm she had received. I took 2 copies by there and left it with a secretary and an AD since she was unable to see me. She refused to answer or return any of my calls in 5 days. Apparently, I got to keep my job after walking into her office and showing her my cal logs on my phone where I did call in every day. I also had tons of medical excuses. Now I fear retribution. What was worse, when I confronted her, she acted like she had no idea who I was and had no remember antes of any conversations we ever had. It was clear, they are looking for any reason to fire me. I kept asking for the site directors info and they refused to give it to me in any way. Obviously they don't make you aware you've been terminated because they are unethical, that way you can't file for unemployment on time. Also, my "third" interview was really a giant welcome to Alorica class orientation where they didn't have to pay us. I was forced to worked mandatory overtime before the holidays but was never paid for it and told they couldn't pay me for it after the time sheets were submitted. I was supposed to receive $2.00 for every new person I signed up for insurance, I never saw a dime of it. The AD. Talked with me twice on the day I first went back to work during my termination.
    How does a company allow you to work and have access to people's private info while terminated? Answer, incompetence. They also didn't even pay me for the day I worked. Do not ever work for Alorica or My Ryla. I bet Verizon would shut this place down if they knew just how inept the mgmt is and how awful it is run. My niece makes more working part time as a cashier at Hobby Lobby. Why did I sign up for Insurance and Short and Long term disability they pushed on me if I can never afford to use it. Also, they have no idea what retention is. I am 1 out of four or five left from a starting class of 28. Do Not work here ever. This is the most crooked company in the USA. Please Google lawsuits vs Alorica due to non payment of deserved wages!!!

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  • Wh
    whoami19500 Feb 06, 2014

    Unfortunately, the situation you have described is typical in all of Alorica's call centers across the United States.

    They make their money by the number of people they hire, and they get to keep that money whether or not the employee passes training. For example, Directv pays Alorica somewhere around $2, 500 per hire, and Alorica will get that money even if the employee quits or is terminated. Why do you think the attrition rate is so high? Because they know, the more people they can recruit and hire, the richer they will get. I am surprised that some of their clients haven't caught on to this yet.

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  • Dt
    D.T. in Mobile, Al Apr 28, 2014

    My daughter just had a really bad experience at Alorica as well. She still hasn't received her last pay after being fired a month ago.

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  • Di
    Dildo Respondent Aug 20, 2014

    Alorica is not a good place to work, but the people who work there should have a job. Problem is only a few that are there work.

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  • Ch
    Chipmaster Mar 21, 2015

    Alorica/PRC is definitely the worst employer I ever worked for. I never got my ninety day review or raise. I got my year review in 18 months. I forced the issue therefore I was given a poor review as an excuse not to give me a raise, yet I wasn't reprimanded or fired. I was even asked to take on more responsibility for the same pay because I was great at multitasking. Beware!!! Any commission rate they offer you will be a bold faced lie. They make you sign a paper saying they can adjust commission rates at anytime. They have often changed it 2 or three times in a month if they see you are making a lot of money. The worst case is when they change it after the month is complete. My very first month our manager gave us weekly updates as to how much we earned. At the end of the month I earned approximately $2650. I was so excited. My new career seemed to be taking off. MY marriage was strained because of money problems and Alorica/PRC seemed to be the answer to our prayers. When commission pay day came. We were informed that out team exceeded their budget for commissions and our checks were being adjusted. the $2650 I earned. turned into $270.00. I am a strong person but I actually broke down and cried. They also offer ten minute breaks that you don't get paid for. Don't count on them for a reference after you leave. You will get the opposite. If you are their now and decide to leave ask for a letter of recommendation before your last day.

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  • Cy
    Cynthia86 Jun 10, 2015

    While working at alorica in the sales department for directv I experienced and witnessed a large amount of disrespect towards me and my co workers...they do not treat there employees well and the environment is extremely unprofessional...Management talks to employees as if there beneath them and the criticism they give you is in no way constructive I would never advise anyone to work for this company...I witnessed management call employees dumb, curse at them and threaten violence... The tactics used in training are beyond ridiculous like making you stand for two hours for getting a question wrong...the procedures they use to get you to sell are down right abusive and a extreme form of bullying...I would never advise anyone to work for the directv sales department

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  • Mi
    Miriam61 Oct 15, 2015
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    Verified customer

    Wow, I was just at a Job Fair and Alorica was there, they painted a different picture of their Company. I'm glad you all put out these complaints, the feedback is instrumental. I know to beware now, I was seriously considering it but not anymore. Thanks a lot guys.

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  • Ro
    Rochelle Chase Jan 12, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I am also grateful for what I have read on this website today. I had an initial interview with Alorica today and I am (or was) very excited about an apparent offer to start work day after tomorrow. Now hear this: I worked for the US Postal Service a couple of years ago and I must say that it was THE MOST ABUSIVE AND FOUL place anyone should ever have to endure. Go Figure! But it's true. And reading some of the accounts I just finished has me CHANGING MY MIND! The Postal service was GOD AWFUL! Honest and hard working people deserve more respect than that. But from what I have just read sounds a hundred times worse! (if that if possible) Thank you to all who have shared their stories. I would rather go through a little more time unemployed than submit myself to more employer abuse. Being the hard worker that I am... welfare would probably be better.

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  • Ni
    Nicolerad08 May 17, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just went through the first day of orientation and was utterly shocked at how the company ran. They hire ANYONE that looks any kind of way. I looked around in disbelief at how some of the employees dressed, it's a business attire atmosphere and some of the clothes that we're worn didn't reflect that. Needless to say, the policy on having your cellphone was ridiculous. I have a disabled child so if my phone vibrates regarding her or her medications and what not I can not respond to the call or text?! And you can not miss one day of training or termination. That is understandable but what didn't get was how they can fire you if you legitimately have an emergency! The vibe I got was not a good one and my first impression of the company was horrible. Unfortunately It felt like they we're trying to intimidate us. And then to make matters worse a trainer told us that there Is cattiness on the production floor and not to get swept up in it I'm like but we are ADULTS.? I have never been employed with a company that had cattiness I've had the pleasure of not dealing with that, and then they said that the men hit on the women all the time and found this to be true because my first day the security guard made a sexual remark towards me as I walked past him!!! At that moment I WAS DONE!!! Also first impressions are everything for me and Alorica simply did not make a good one. Employees are supposed to feel welcome I did not feel very welcomes. I even made a point to talk to the trainers before I departed and that only made my suspicions worse and that confirmed my relationship with the company. Needless to say I will not be returning.

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  • Ph
    Phoebe Gray Apr 15, 2019
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    Verified customer

    I was recently employed with Alorica as a Retention Specialist for their American Express program, and was abruptly terminated during my 3rd week of training on the production floor, due to low performance, although I was not properly or thoroughly trained for the bulk of the calls I received.

    Adding insult to injury, they refused to issue my final paycheck. Before I left the premises, I asked the Darlene, who was placed in charge of overseeing my training class, as well as, terminating me, whether or not my final check would be received as a Direct Deposit. She not only assured me that it would be Direct Deposit, but also told me that my total hours would be recorded into the system. Apparently this was a huge lie!

    It all began with me emailing Kara in HR on Thur. 4/11/19, to ensure their payroll system showed a Direct Deposit scheduled for me on Fri. 4/12/19 as promised. She quickly replied the following (Quoted from her email): "Unfortunately, I do not handle payroll. I have cc’d our Payroll Coordinator, Connie Tolle to this email who may be able to assist you." The entire day passed and there was no response from Connie.

    Friday morning, I checked my account and there were no funds deposited from Alorica. So, I contacted Kara in HR again, via phone, and left her a voicemail regarding the situation, and she never returned my call. Funny how she could respond so quickly via email, when she pretty much blew me off! I checked my mailbox later that same day, and on Saturday. There was no check mailed from Alorica.

    This morning, April 15, 2019 I contacted the Dept. Of Labor and Wages to file an official complaint against Alorica. The representative left voicemails for each person I've tried to reach in order to get this resolved. She advised, Alorica has 24 hours to respond before a letter is sent.

    Also, my Mother became so annoyed with the outcome of this situation, she called the main office and spoke to Angela (the receptionist), and asked for Darlene's contact info. Obviously, Angela kept my Mother's number, gave it to Darlene, and informed her that someone was asking for her. Mind you, my Mother never identified herself at that time.

    So, low and behold, Darlene called my Mother and asked who she was. Mom identified herself then, and let her know she was contacting on my behalf. In an extremely intelligent and professional manner, my Mother called Darlene out for lying to me regarding my final paycheck being Auto Deposited. Darlene made excuses and told her that there have been problems with the payroll system and employees have been receiving double payments. She went on to say, she'd let her Supervisor know what happened. Yeah right... Also, Darlene stated that the person in charge of payroll goes by the name of "Connie Sheets". Really?! Well, that's news to me, because Kara in HR referred to her as Connie Tolle. This lets me know that Darlene is literally, nothing but a BIG FAT LIAR!

    In fact, Connie Tolle just emailed me the following (Quoted from her email): "Ms. Gray, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Your hours have been confirmed and you should receive the 18.5 hours tomorrow."
    Connie Tolle
    SR Coordinator Payroll | Tampa (Eisenhower)/Lafayette/Lake Mary Contact Centers

    I'll believe it when I see the $MONEY$!

    Let this serve as a powerful message for anyone seeking employment with Alorica. This is a very sketchy organization!

    Just read the other negative/truthful reviews from other Former and/or Current employees on Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, and

    Even if you are desperate for work and on the verge of becoming homeless (God Forbid), DO NOT APPLY TO ANY POSITIONS AT ALORICA!

    Honestly, I could care less about being fired from this dump. If they hadn't, I would've quit eventually. There's HIGH ATTRITION, for good reason!



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  • Ph
    Phoebe Gray Apr 20, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Location: 4904 Eisenhower Boulevard Tampa, FL 33634


    First and foremost, I must say that Alorica is nothing more than a Trashy Outsourcer for large organizations, that pays minimum wage, hires Young Idiots, Hoodrat and Trailer Park Characters (many are in Supervisory/Management/Recruitment roles). As a result, it's a highly unprofessional work environment.

    Simply put, Alorica is GHETTO!

    This place also has a reputation for not paying their employees the money they've rightfully earned. They lie, cheat and steal!

    Take it from someone that had to contact the Dept. Of Labor and Wages in order to get their final paycheck. Beware!

    The following individuals at this location are not to be trusted:

    1.) Darlene Bauters (Short, Overweight, Mrs. Piggy looking female, that lied and told me my hours would be submitted, and my final paycheck would be Direct Deposit. She lied about several other things as well. She's just a Big Fat Liar period.)

    2.) Kara Korona in HR (Blew me off when I contacted her via email and phone, regarding my concerns about my final paycheck.)

    3.) Connie Tolle Payroll Coordinator (Could've cared less about making sure my hours were submitted, and I received my paycheck, until I contacted The Dept. Of Labor and Wages)


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