Al Hussan International School Complaints & Reviews

Al Hussan International School / dealing with teachers and students

Oct 25, 2018

It the worst school you can work at. It is governed by no discipline controlling either the students or the teachers. The students are rebellious and impolite and the teachers aren't allowed to deal with them firmly. The school cares for hiring unprofessional teachers to pay lesser wage...

Al Hussan International School / School only wants money

Dec 01, 2015

This school is so full of crap, all it cares about is money, they have enough money to make this school less miserable but no, they rather have us suffer all this school cares about is us students wearing black shoes and keeping our hair in a tie because these things matter so much and...

Al Hussan International School / Teachers

Dec 01, 2015

I dont like jubail international school because the teachers treat the kids like they owe them something. The truth is the teachers owe us parents and children for their households running with ease. We pay them so they can earn a living. The teachers yell ag the students when they dint understabd something.

Al-Hussan Schools / Pay


Al-Hussan International Schools is always hiring because so many teachers keep leaving. They put you in a dangerous compound with minimal security who speak very little English, if any, depending on who is working that night. You are right down the street from Oasis Compound where the...