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Dec 03, 2016

Airfare.comI bought 2 airfare ticket manila - auckland worth $1, 432 NZ dollar, upon succesfully paying my booking. It pop up that visit my email to check my itinerary. An hour after there were no itinerary from bravo fly. So i called their customer service. And to my surprise the customer service... / Terrible service and false info

Dec 10, 2014

TERRIBLE SERVICE & false information about discounted airfare I cannot begin to warn you about the HORRENDOUS SERVICE provided by this company!!! Here are the details: Booked a flight through, not aware it was a third party doing the booking (1st problem and unacceptable practice from... / Refund Not As Promised in Email

Mar 06, 2014

Booked flights via Later cancelled and requested refund. In an email from was told that for $1200 would receive a full refund within 6 to 8 weeks. Although charge and conditions seemed out of line, thought it was the only recourse since the tickets were not... / Fraudulent; Atrocious “Customer Service”

Feb 27, 2014

On February 26, 2014 I booked a flight on Penair through This was the first time I had heard of, and the first and LAST time I will ever “do business, ” if you can even call it that, with them. I was lied to, I was interrupted on the phone, I was hung... / False claim of unavailable return flight

Aug 06, 2013 claimed that they were NOT able to find me an available return flight after I changed my retun date and paid a change fee of $350. I personally looked the availability of flights in the airline involved and found that, contrary to's claim, there were many seat... / Don't ever book tickets through


This website sucks! I booked the tickets and tried to cancel it. The agent asked me to be with them and told me that there was no cancellation fee if I stay with them. I booked a new ticket and was told everything was settled. 5 minutes later, I got a call from that agent and she said that... / double charge


On August 3, 2011, I purchased a round trip ticket to the Philippines using my credit, then I was told by the customer service, his name is Peter, that the credit card did not go through (refused by the bank according to him). I called the bank regarding the issue and was told that there... / Fraud Air Fares


This company is a DEFINITE FRAUD. I booked a reservation and proceeded to pay and after I pressed book now. It brought me to another window with a booking number that said: Transaction Error Please don't refresh this page We hold your booking because of some errors in... / Bad service


I purchased a too good to be true fare. My cc declined as a fraud flag. I still went through some fraud process with another card. They took my money and issued one of their tickets. Surprise to me the airline did not see me on their list. After being ousted back and forth I sent a pointed... / Fraud company!!!!


Be aware!!! Do not buy tickets from!!! Their customer service is basically non-existent, you will spend hours and will not be able to do anything about the tickets that you bought. After hours of waiting, they will tell you that you cannot do absolutely anything with those... / The main problems with this company are hidden charges showing up on your credit card


Well, since I'm in the process of making flight arrangements for a trip to Australia, I've utilized the multi airline search engines to find the best deal on my international flights. I came across this website which boasts of a possible 70% savings over other ticketing/booking companie... / CROOKS


SCAM!!! AIRFARE.COM AKA WHOLESALE TRAVEL CENTRE, INC. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! Dear friends, if you work hard for your money, don't let this crooks take it from you!!! They offer cheap CANCELED or none valid tickets for over 70% off. If you read their POLICIES and REGULATIONS, you realize... / dishonest and misleading practices


I recently booked and online trip via When a family tragedy occurred I had to change the date of my departure. As the ticket was non-cancellable and non-refundable I expected to pay a penalty for this action. I checked directly with the airlines (United and China Southern... / Scam


I purchased tickets to Zurich on in January. A month later I got an email telling me they canceled my tickets because they didn't receive some "paperwork." When I called to find out what was going on I was told that If I wanted to get my tickets back, the price went up... / Fraud Company


DO NOT use this site, they are fradulant and will tr to scam you. I attempted to book a flight with them and after proving them with my credit card information they informed me that the airline did not accept credit cards and had to mail them a money order for the full amount. Knowing that... / Fraudulent activity


DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AIRFARE.COM THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!! On 2/19/2010, I began searching for airline tickets for my boyfriend, my sister, and I for a vacation we are planning to Europe this summer. I went to and found decent tickets through one of their sponsored site... / Crooks


One word: CROOKS. I bought tickets to India via Since we had our 6 month old daughter travelling with me, I booked the tickets, way in advance. Everything seemed fine until AirIndia cancelled the flight and waitlisted me and my family on another flight almost a day before my... / criminal?


i had a similar experience. why do they want me to send my personal documents, no other travel agent i know of needs this. what makes them so special? is it that thay are really Identity thieves? it's very suspect. the customer service is the rudest and worst i have ever encountered... / Personnel ID theives


October 31 2008,, refusal to cancel a purchase while in process. I was purchasing tickets through today, when I got notice that my credit card could not be processed. Through email I was asked to FAX my card info, card photo-copies and drivers licenses. I called to... / my tket purchase


i purchase a tket on the 10/12/08 from siouxfalls to atlanta for a friend, when i tried to check the next day with the airline that accepted my offer, the trip was canceled. Why? i do not know. I call all their phones numbers that mentioned 24hrs, no one answer for the whole day. Hope thi...