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12:26 pm EST
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Alain Burrese is supposed to be some self-defense expert and motivational speaker but he does not live what he preaches to other people. He sent me an email about a fellow martial artist claiming that he was a fake and a fraud. He did this more than once and I finally had to make it perfectly clear to him that I was not interested in listening to his dirty laundry. I later did some snooping into the person that he was talking about and I found that everything that Alain Burrese had written to me was a pack of lies! He is supposed to be a martial arts master and pretends to teach others how to live with "The Warrior Edge" but he does not live it himself. I found that he lied about everything about the other person. It was ALL A LIE! Then I googled his name and found out that it was Alain whose background was in doubt. I found at least two articles on him that said he was a fraud, that his martial arts rank was a fraud and that there is some doubts as to his military background. One time he claims he was one thing and the next time he claims something different. This is not an honest man! To make things worse he was slandering a honest man and trying to make me believe negative things about a man that I found to be very honest and a good role model. Alain Burrese should be ashamed of himself. How can people like him look themself in the mirror?

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Jack Fennessy
, US
Feb 15, 2016 9:47 pm EST

Richard Hackworth has a history of slandering martial artists in print and on you tube. Alain Burrese is not his first victim. Hackworth usually attacks martial artists who are in business and in competition with his school. He also attacks persons who are superior to himself in knowledge and technique. Just compare Hackworth to Lee Chang Soo or even Alain Burrese. You'll know who is telling the truth!

, US
Nov 23, 2015 3:06 pm EST

This complaint is false. Alain Burrese is the subject of a smear campaign conducted by a pair of disgruntled martial artists who, ironically, believe Alain was the source of a report on another website that discredited one of these individuals. Alain is an honest person with a stellar reputation who for years has been known as one of the most pleasant and helpful people in the martial arts community.

, US
Nov 15, 2015 10:33 am EST

*sigh* THIS stuff again...really...Bohdi Sanders and Richard two really need to find a friggin life. Is this all you can figure out to do with your time when you're not out shopping for rank, assembling rank/promotion circles, and creating online martial arts associations/federations so you can promote yourselves to grandmaster status? Pretty weak sauce guys (and your ilk) need to grow up. You swim in a tiny pond that almost no one cares about. Get over yourselves.

I'm a martial arts instructor with over 30 years experience and I have known Alain for going on 20 years now. He's sincere about what he does and he doesn't fall into the traps and BS that people like Sanders and Hackworth make their bread and butter. Their comments about Alain seem to be appearing on really obscure web sites, so I imagine no one who matters will see them anyway...still, this sort of thing can be really frustrating for people who are trying to do something worthwhile in this particularly small niche.

This "review" is simply a regurgitation of falsehoods that Sanders and Hackworth have been spreading online over the past year or so in retaliation for statements made about them on a number of online forums that they have erroneously attributed to Alain. It's not worth the time it takes to read this comment...but if you want to read about some real frauds and certifiable "martial arts" wackos, I suggest you Google "Bohdi Sanders" and "Richard Hackworth" (whom I assume to be the true authors of this so-called "review") and see what you is a good place to start...

, US
Nov 13, 2015 6:29 am EST

This bogus report, as well as others that have recently, as in the last few days, appeared on similar sites such as and /link removed/ are all the work of two specific people in a concerted effort to discredit Alain. I contend that the author of this report did not attend the seminar that they reference nor did they purchase the materials they speak of. If they had, and were they unsatisfied, a simple email to Alain would have been sufficient for a full refund.

Alain's work, much of it available online for free, is there for anyone to look at and judge for themselves. If we're left with nothing but to compare the word of this anonymous reviewer against that of Alain, I contend that the person that is willing to have his skills exist online for all to see and attributed to himself by name, is the more trustworthy of the two.

I urge people who come across this report to do their own due diligence into Alain's character and background, which he has written and spoken about extensively, and not trust the word of anonymous "reviewers" with nothing but a petty axe to grind.

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