AGS International Moversthe whole service

Our move with AGS has been an absolute nightmare. It took months to get a (very expensive) quote despite being clear about our allowance and time frames from the beginning. The packing was eventually done efficiently but communication afterwards went back to being completely ineffectual.
It took months to receive our shipping (rather than the weeks were told). It arrived in the morning when we had arranged for the afternoon so I could be home. My partner had to move the boxes himself because there was only one delivery guy (from Crown?). A box of our most valuable items was missing even though the delivery guy insisted everything was there.
It took another month and many more frustrating emails (AGS in Morocco trying to shirt the blame to AGS in France etc) to investigate this before AGS Morocco concluded it had gone missing. AGS in London said that everything had arrived in the UK in one unopened carton so I am not sure how this is possible. They offered no explanation and it took another few weeks for the insurance claim to be agreed.
Unbelievably, we are now told that AGS can only make the insurance payment in Moroccan Dirhams and not send it abroad. This is insane for an international moving company. We are in the UK. What is the point of taking out expensive insurance with a removal company if payment cannot be made outside Morocco?
We have spent a huge amount of money and waited a huge amount of time to receive this appalling service. We have already waited too long and are extremely disappointed to have lost so many things. Not good enough!! Avoid.

Oct 12, 2019

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