AGS International Moverstheft and delayed shipment

P Jul 16, 2019

AGS is the worst shipping company I have every used. Firstly, it took much longer than anticipated for my shipment to arrive to London. Secondly, the delivery men arrived much later than promised without letting me know of the delays. The delivery men were rude and used an aggressive tone with me. As a lady at home with a young baby, I was extremley upset by this. The delivery men went straight upstairs and wondered around my home without waiting to be instructed by me. They also unpacked a large item that was not mine and unprofessionally asked if I'd like to keep it even though it belonged to another customer. The delivery men were in my room alone a lot of the time as I was taking care of a baby and organising some of the unpacking. It occured to me that my jewellery box with very valuable items went missing straight after they left. The jewellery box was there in the morning before they arrived and there were no other strangers in my house that day other than the delivery men. I highly suspect that it was stolen. I have contacted the police to investigate. I also contacted AGS but they were unhelpful. All they did was interview the delivery men and took no real steps to investigate the matter or to compensate me for my loss. I will never use them again as they did not guarantee the safety of my home.

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