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P Nov 25, 2018
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Looking at my previous posts, it is very clear that Afrihost is giving me very poor service. I received an invoice for December. Today I received a notification that I have used just over 22Gb of my allocated 25Gb. That is while I do not have full access on internet. When I attempt to log in, it says no internet. Now, they expect me to pay for December while I haven't had access to internet for three weeks.


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    Raqs68 Dec 16, 2018

    I signed up for fibre with Afrihost on 23 October. Their ad states 2-4weeks installation. To-date still nothing and they blame everything on Vumatel. I contacted Vumatel and they tell me the order had not even reached scheduling. So last week I cancelled the fibre. Straight away I get an invoice for R999 for 'cancellation'. I tell them to collect their router and not to dare try and debit my account! They try to debit it today but of course I hardly use that specific account so there are no funds in it. In the meantime they send me a mail saying the fibre had not been installed so I'm not liable for the R999 but they try to collect it anyway. Is this not fraud? I go online and request they collect the router and straight away they try to debit my account with R99 for the courier!! I must now pay for their inefficiency? Never mind my bank charges me for both declined transactions! I have wifi with them so today I cancelled that too as I cannot deal with inefficiency. Afrihost you are a disgrace and you really should look into customer service courses!

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