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Afrihost advertise they offer a up to R4000 for new Fibre installation covering hardware, installation and router. I applied in January but Fibre was not yet life in our area. In March I gladly received the router. Still Fibre was not life. When we received notification Fibre is life in our area I immediately applied for installation. I wanted to edit my Afrihost package but couldn't because it was not life yet. In the mean time vumatel installation was done and we went life. Now this week I received an inv from vumatel. I fwd to Afrihost. I was informed by Afrihost they don't pay for the installations anymore (even though it's still reflex on their site) apparently they changed this policy in March and since I changed my order it's now on me to pay. I was never informed when changing the package that I was now responsible for the installation fee. Afrihost you have lost a lifetime customer. Recently my new SSL couldn't be installed because of a R39 account that was not deducted from their site. Maybe they should have fewer team building events and actually start looking after there clients who is after all paying for these team building events.


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      Oct 09, 2018

    Afrihost - Atrocious service at its best. Charges for installation after being assured we could simply forward the invoice from Vumatel. Now dealing with a call center agent who vehemently denies that this could be the case and referred us repeatedly to the fine print. It is one thing to be duped but a completely different thing to be told that I am a liar. Well played Afrihost - I just wonder how long before the rest of your customer base catches on and leaves... Disappointed at the way a client services department can handle a "clients" query. I do not need a response nor an apology etc...The experience speaks for itself.

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