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This company is full of unprofessional people. They contacted me to present my resume to the employers. Gathered all sort of personal information and professional references and promised to reply back within 2 business days. I waited for a week but there was no phone call or email. Finally when I wrote an email asking the status, still there was no answer whatsoever. Then another idiot calls me promising the better level of service. He told me he has 2-3 companies interested in me and scheduled an interview for me with only one company. As soon as i went for an interview, he started calling me every now and then to enforce me to accept the offer with the company without even giving me a choice to go for an interview with other companies and decide which one is better for me in terms of career advancement, working environment and people.

I accepted the offer and started working, and the very first day when i was taking lunch, i saw a small dog roaming around in the office. Then i found out that people bring their pets to the office and let them loose to check people whether they are eating or drinking. When i called Aerotek to complain about it, they told me to talk to the employer and sort it out and refused to find me another job.

I personally consider my work place similar to a worship place. My question to all working community out there, are you allowed to take your pets to your worship places?

Please DO NOT get trapped by AEROTEK. They are very unprofessional and unethical and rude.


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    petlover Nov 21, 2008
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    Personally, I think that's pretty cool and I'd love to work in an office that's that laid-back :) It's not so unusual though-- many companies around where I live bring their pets to work: hair/nail salons, small mom'n'pop stores, etc. 'Course the animals are pretty well-behaved, but still...

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    debraT810 Apr 27, 2009

    After many attempts s to reach the Aerotek agent Corrie Wells, in San Marcos, never returning my calls...Her exact words “I don't spend much of my time on Low Level Positions such as yours" This person went on to tell me she just got back from Europe and did not have the time.

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    Oldskooler Jun 11, 2012

    I emigrated to the US in 04, and signed up with lots of agencies, Aerotek being one. In the 8 years I've been here, Aerotek have called me numerous times, blowing smoke up my behind with promises they can't keep.

    First of it's the How you doin phonecall, with the premise of lots of jobs in your field, then please post your latest resumes..excellent, and professional so far. Then they want you to travel from anywhere Ohio, to meet the recruiter for the 10 minute handshake, (which is a waste of time, it's checks a box for client visit) and pump you up about the job you're about to get hired could your next potential employer say no?

    Several times this has happened, and always at the last minute Aerotek have come back and said "Awww..they wasn't looking for you specifically..and then give you a counter offer, of a job that they have been trying to fill for weeks.

    Bait and switch.

    I was offered a job, details over the phone sounded wonderful, came in to sign the contract, and the hourly rate was different, the shift was different, and I had never set foot inside the factory, or knew who I was working for.

    Bait and switch, and very unprofessional.

    If you're desperate, fresh out of high school, and need a job..look in the newspapers, or do the leg work yourself.

    If your in your 40's, 20 years of experience, and expect a certain level of courtesy and professionalism, go to Career Builder, and tell Aerotek, to step up their game.

    There're lazy sh1ts, and don't give a crap about their clients.

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