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Having arrived to shop at ASDA in Eastbourne my brother went to get a mobility scooter as I CANNOT WALK! The security guard told him that the mobility scooters could not leave the store under any circumstances. So he got me a wheelchair which was too small and very painful to sit iin. But we managed to get into the store where I transferred myself into the scooter. After my shopping was done I went to the security guard and complained about the wheelchair. He ssid that the mobility scooter must not on any circumstances leavethe store anc so my choice was to use the wheelchair or walk. So I explained that it was ridiculous and drove out the car park with my hand over the key so he couldn't remove it. I finally got to my car and got in it. He said being fat was not a disability, so I was in the wrong. Another Adsa worker came out and took his side. I offered to give them my name address, blue badge number and license plate and they could pursue the matter. They declined. But if this is how they treat disabled people, I will not go there agsin

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