Adore Mefraudulent charges, unauthorized access to the account

E Aug 06, 2018

My wife set up an Adore Me account two years ago. She tried to cancel it several times. Two weeks ago, I discovered a large charge on our account from Adore Me. I verified that my wife didn't make a purchase. I contacted Customer Service on 07/27/2018 and was told that they would look into it. They reset the account to my email address and I figured I was fine. Apparently they logged in with a hijacked password and changed the email address.

On 07/28/2018, another charge was placed on the account. Customer Service wouldn't cancel the order when I asked them to. They refused to tell me how someone could place a second order on the account when it was being investigated for fraud. I reset the password on the account to something I never use nor easily guessable. I was refunded my money which I appreciate the speediness in that process. However my wife received an email that an update was made on the order that she just placed. This was on 08/03/18.

By the way, she was never notified of the first couple of orders. Nor was she notified that her email had been changed. I thought that this was strange. I called and spoke to the customer service representatives. The two that I spoke with couldn't answer why she got that email. They did tell me that the person who used the account is still able to use it. They said that they couldn't remove that person from the account. I was told that I should create a new account to get away from the person that has taken over my wife's account. Which I find incredibly troubling on many levels. I requested that the account and credit card information be deleted. I was notified by email by Lissandra Pitan who said my credit card had been removed. I logged in and noticed that it was still there later on that afternoon.

On 08/05/2018, I received an email about my new order. The new order has the shipping address to a freight company in Miami. A quick Google search will show that this is very obviously not a home.

I called Customer Service again and they claim that the account has been disabled. Which might be since I can no longer get in after I reset my password again. I find it very troubling that the fraudulent orders were allowed to ship. That someone who is essentially committing Identity Theft, still have access to the account. The company allowed the orders to be shipped to the freight company after they were reported.

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