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Adco Media Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Adco Media Corporation / your stupid computer set up

Oct 17, 2018

I have had three different accounts with your company, out of those tree i have ordered one thing an recieved one thing something i did not want or need. Just about what im getting about your company what with your enouying notifacatoins hourly to much way to much, an now this problem im...

Adco media corp / Fraud

Oct 09, 2013

I was sold a marketing/media package in Orlando Florida by Paul Jones. He told me at the time of the sale it was the last day, so in order to expedite the process, I should write him the check and he would process everything immediately. After I gave him the check I asked for a contract...

Adco Media / publishing scam


ADCO MEDIA launches another new publication to DUPE SMALL BUSINESSES into advertising! In order to get around all the complaints posted about their other titles, they've launched The Best Of whatever city, town or neighborhood, in order to secure outrageously expensive ad rates. They...

Adco Media / TV Spots not Aired


Truly wish I would have researched this company before advertising, but, as with anything in business this has definitely been a learning experience. The sales rep was personable, friendly and persuasive - last time we fall for that. After she walked out the door with the signed contract...

Adco Media / Booklet and TV commercial scam


We went into contract with Adco media to utilize their advertising with a pamplet being handed out in Blockbuster movie stores and a TV commercial that would run for 6 months. As of September 21 st, 2009 we have recieved and seen only 1 copy of the supposed ad and no TV commercial. We have...

Adco Media / Scam


Steve Barenfeld called my business 3 times. He asked to speak to me, that I was highly recommended. My secretary took down his info. The first thing I did was google his name. I had my secretary call him and ask if it was a sales call, he said it was not. I decided never to call him. That...

Adco media corp / Rip off


Susan Liddy is a liar. She said they would have my add in time for Thanksgiving as I am a holiday shop and the add was not even sent out until Dec. 10. Lots of promises short on Delivery. Susan Liddy apparently says anything to get the sale.

Adco media corp / Business advertiser

We would like to know if this company is legal for the marketing of American home today magazines in fl.they sold to our company a space for business for 6 months for a value of 1, 134.00 dollars and this supposed to be marketed beginning of January, but we haven't gotten any thing...