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I recieved a call a few weeks ago from someone claiming to be from my bank. They said for my valued service they were sending me a gift card. They knew all of my bank information, and the next day I noticed some charges that I did not make. I then had to cancel my card, upon talking to the bank they informed me that this was not one of their promotions. I then began recieving numberous calls, after answering them I realized they were telemarketers. One was for Todays Escapes, Privacy Matters 1, 2, 3 and magazines that I did not order. There was another, however, I could not understand the person, and did not agree to it but I have no idea if they are trying to charge me for it.

This has been the biggest pain, and the number of times i have recieved calls is unacceptable and the hours the calls occured are not appropriate.

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