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Plus Complaints & Reviews / lifetime membership

Dec 26, 2018

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!! This company refuses to honor its own product. A little over ten years ago, I purchased the "Lifetime Membership" package they sell. I used the site for a couple of years until recently. I have requested multiple times that they please update my email address and...

Actual Tests / Lifetime membership

Apr 27, 2018

My lifetime membership was revoked for no legitimate reason. I paid $99 for lifetime access back in April 2010. Now they have revoked my membership saying I need to prove that I paid them. So I sent them proof of payment from my bank's ledgers and Actual Tests says they have no record of... / lifetime membership

Feb 18, 2018

I paid for a lifetime membership to about 10 years ago. I recently tried to legion and use it and the website said I had no products. I sent an email to and their reply was for me to send a copy of my receipt showing payment since they had no record of me...

ActualTests / unlimited lifetime membership - not true!

Jan 11, 2018

I purchased an actualtests unlimited lifetime membership back in 2005 for about $99. This was long before there was an exam engine option but it still gave me access to download any pdf form of test prep materials on the site. However, after logging into the site in December 2017 I found... / unlimited access is not unlimited

Dec 09, 2017

I bought the Unlimited Access in Year 2010. That's right 2010 when there was not an exam engine. I have been locked out of my account several times forgetting my password and had no problem getting that issue corrected. I accessed and downloaded 2 pdf's on my account in June/July 2017. A...

ActualTests / downloading tests

Nov 17, 2017

I purchased the product (ActualTests) way back 9 or 10 years ago for $99.00. I was able to access any pdf file in the past successfully however, now I can only login to the members area but not access to any content. Every time I try to download a file it will go back to home page of... / paid client - scam thief

Nov 02, 2017

I'm a PAID unlimited lifetime subscriber for a while but they terminated my access for unknown reason. We have exchanges heated emails & I even attached a PDF file to show that I downloaded it 2 months ago. They said that they will not honor that & they don't have a record of me as a paid...

ActualTests / actualtests website in a spam

Oct 06, 2017

I purchased the product way back for $ the past I could access any pdf file, now I can only login to the members area but not access to any content. I have contacted "support" and they have asked for a bank statement, how can I find a statement older than 8 years. they intationally removed my...

ActualTests / not providing service which was paid

Aug 11, 2017

I purchased an actualtests unlimited lifetime membership back in '07-08 for $99. The site provided me test prep material for the last 8-9 years without issue. However this week I logged into the account and had forgotten my password so I used the password rest link. I received an email...

Actual Tests / lifetime memberships

Aug 08, 2017

my butt - I bought a lifetime membership about 10 years ago from Actual Tests and used it off and on for those 10 years. Went to login and can't go anywhere unless I buy a lifetime membership. Contacted customer support (laugh) who told me I needed to provide them with payment... / failed to uphold it's contractual obligations, scam, ripoff, lies

Aug 06, 2017

Almost Exact same story here too.. I purchased my $99 unlimited lifetime product back in 2007 and now I try to access the site, got an email that said send us your receipt, which I DID... not just an invoice number but the actual screen print of the 2007 invoice and they haven't responded...

ActualTests / lifetime actualtes rip off

Sep 11, 2016

I purchase your lifetime license so I could study for Cisco Certification. Now you telling me you stop working with Cisco certifications. I would like to know when are you refund me. I want the full refund since you charged me for something you no longer support or offer. Thank you.Jacqueline

[Resolved] ActualTests / scam

Apr 12, 2016

I have purchased their membership for question and answer for the IT exam. After paying membership fees i came to know that the Q&A are very old and they are not updating it regularly. They are not answering to my email. I think i have been cheated by them. I want my money back. Not sure what to do now. / also they offer no kind of guarantee or money back

Aug 20, 2011

Took a test and there was not one question on the actual exam. Also they offer no kind of guarantee or money back. There are lots of other better sites out there that offer satisfaction or pass guarantees, stay away!!! The guy that owns it too is completely unprofessional, states that... / big scam... stay away

Aug 18, 2011

I too got ripped off by "andrew". He is the most unprofessional person ever, we have been in a back and forth heated email exchange, there is no way he will give back money or offer guarantees like other reputable sites do. Took the sscp exam and not one question showed up. I lost about...

ActualTests / scam

St is a complete scam. Upon signing up, no where does it say that there is a limit to 5 exam engines per month, when you download them after 5, it blocks you out and you cannot get any authorization codes till the next month. Which really doesn't matter because the auth...

ActualTests / bad service


After using Transcender and Measure up test prep engines I thought I would try because it is used on the Final exam in the training academy I attend before they let you take the booth test. What a mistake!!! First of all it was overly expensive, and their refund policy is a...