Acima Creditcouch

I Bought a cough from a furniture store in Knightdale, NC. Total was about $800 something. I had $465 left to pay off my merchandise. I called to pay it off and of course they added taxes so it was a total of $495. They drafted out the $465 but the remainder was suppose to be taken out on August 10th so that it could be paid in full and finish my contract. Well some how they said it was not paid and because that $35 was not paid by the 10th they re started my contract so now I owe $692 before I can pay off my couch again. Couch was a total of $800 but now they have me paying almost 1, 500 for the couch. You mean to tell me they could not work something out with me over $35 but instead choose to re start my contract just cause that was not paid on time. Yet the person told me if i would of called 1 week after something could of be done. Mind you I called exactly about 1 week after Aug 10th when I noticed that my account was not paid off. Couch is not worth that 1, 500 and why would I have them come pick it up so I can loose out on the $800 I already paid? No, I do not think this is right! Such a rip off! Single mom with two kids and having to waste this money on something that I feel like It could of been resolved a different way instead of taking advantage of someone and what they work for.

Oct 04, 2019

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