Acima Credit Complaints & Reviews

Acima Credit / iphone x

Oct 15, 2019

I signed up with Acima Credit but I admit that I didn't read the contract b/c charging for an iPhone up to $1, 000 but paying expensives was so hard to maintain so I stopped and now I received word that it was derogatory marked on my credit score and I didn't feel that was fair I was wa...

Acima Credit / affordable tires

Oct 04, 2019

When I purchased these tires I was told that I could use this Acima Credit business for no fees, the 54.95 they charge you is a fee! Not a down payment. When I found this out I went back to the establishment and talk to the manager he said he didn't know that so he gave me a $55 credit...

Acima Credit / couch

Oct 04, 2019

I Bought a cough from a furniture store in Knightdale, NC. Total was about $800 something. I had $465 left to pay off my merchandise. I called to pay it off and of course they added taxes so it was a total of $495. They drafted out the $465 but the remainder was suppose to be taken out on...

Acima Credit / how your company is month late reporting to the credit bureau.

Sep 12, 2019

I have made every payment most of them early, but your company has not report my on time payment since July 2019, it is September 12, 201, what happen to August 2019, why is not reported. What I see is this is another company that give less than a dam about good paying customers we can...

Acima Credit / lease purchase

Sep 11, 2019

My payment schedule was agreed upon and included in my lease purchase agreement with Acima Credit. The concept behind the type of financing it to allow you to pay off the balance within 90 days with no additional fees. I paid the account balance as indicated on the Acima website for $763.67 on...

Acima Credit / unauthorized transaction, rude customer service

Jun 08, 2019

I had an account with Acima paid it off and thought the account was closed. I decided to get something else. Now after they made me fill out a new application they also asked for a form of payment. I gave them a new debit card to use, needless to say they went back to my old account (which...

Acima Credit / acima credit is a rip off

May 29, 2019

Charging people more than double what you should pay for the item or items. The better business bureau need to shut them down. Just taking advantage of people. I was there, and applied, approved, and didn't get a receipt or a copy of the lease. So I called the lady she forgot to give them...

Acima Credit / purchase of tires/credit

Mar 05, 2019

I purchased 4 tires in September 2018 from big R tires in Pueblo, CO, a subsidiary of NTB Tires. The tires cost seven hundred dollars and at the time of purchase the sales person offered me credit with an understanding that in three months I could pay them off with no interest. After three...