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Achieve Technologies / &achieve technology & is not & achieve technologies&

Jul 01, 2015

These complaints do not relate to Achieve Technology. "Achieve Technologies" is a different organization. The Achieve Technology copyrighted logo on this page, is incorrectly placed here. THESE COMPLAINTS ARE NOT RELATED TO ACHIEVE TECHNOLOGY.

Achieve Technologies / Achieve Technologies is a thoroughly immoral company


I worked for Achieve Technologies for a while, but left because it quickly became painfully obvious that Achieve Technologies makes most of its money by taking advantage of desperate people through exaggeration, attempts at psychological coercion, and outright deception. At one point I got...

Achieve Technologies / Will not honor refund


Received 2 very basic lessons over the phone from vision le. who i assume are employed by Achieve. Realizing it was not for me i canceled my training program. Have not heard a thing from Achieve regarding a refund of any type. This company tell you lies from the off and if you stay with...

Achieve Technologies / Misleading and misrepresentation of product


On June 1, 2010, I received a call from Jeff Allbright regarding making money on the internet. I told him that I was unemployed and he said that I would be able to use the banks money to invest. I also told him that I had dialup and he said that it was not a problem. I signed a contract...

Achieve Technologies / Avoid using them


My complaint is with Achieve Technologies and The Tax Club. I paid $US4, 600 to join the Achieve Technologies coaching program. Achieve Technologies promised to help me set up a website and train me properly until I made my money back. It also said this in the contract (which has now...

Achieve Technologies / Scammed by Slime Ball Salesmen


I have never been involved or heard of such slime ball viper salesman in my life. This is my story please read and heed. A free weeks ago I ordered the work from home package for $29, a few days later I was called by a fast talking slime ball salesman. He told me I need coaching to start my...

Achieve Technologies / Inadequate training


Achieve Technologies promises to work with you until you get your website operational. Then you find out that you have a limited number of coaching sessions. They say that they offer Live Support to assist you in building your website. Live Support is often unavailable due to a lack of...

Vision / Achieve Technologies / Omnisitebuilder / Rip Off


This company known by Vision/Achieve Technologies/Omnisitebuilder calls me and says to me: "I hear you want to make money on the internet?" I had just lost my job, so I said "Yes". They said they charged anywhere from $3, 000.00 to $12, 000.00 dollars "for your business start up costs". They...

Achieve Technologies / Fraud


Someone named Jeff Albright called me and told me I could make a lot of money with investing. I explained to him that I had dialup and that I was unemployed. No Problem!!. Well, it was BIG problem. It required putting money each month that I didn't have. It turned out that it was an...