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ABCmouse.com / Age of Learning Complaints & Reviews

ABCmouse.com / Age of Learning / Taking my money

Cassandra Mason on Jan 7, 2017
I signed up for ABC mouse under the 19.95$ a month plan that we had used last time but instead they took 59.95 out of my bank with no warning I tried to cancel the very next morning and they told me I had the service for the next year anyway but I just want my money back. As well as the...

ABC Mouse.com / Abc mouse

Trena Russt on Jan 6, 2017
Subscribed and cancelled free trial subscription same day in nov 2016 because it was a little to easy for my child. Yet abc mouse has charged me (Successfully and unsuccessfully) over 10 times between nov 16 and jan 2017. How is this possible or even legal. Even sent cancellation emails and...

ABC Mouse.com / 30 day free trial

Joanne82 on Sep 20, 2016
Absolutely disgusting customer service or lack of. I set up an account today for a 30 day free trial and was instantly charged with a $59.95 fee on my bank card. I called ABC mouse and they told me they don't offer a free trial to which I said well that's not what your website says. They...

ABCmouse.com / Age of Learning / Automatic renewal scam

idl1usa on Jun 30, 2016
Signed up for ABCMouse .com for my Daughter in Pre K. She was and is ahead of her learning skills. She loved ABCMouse. I didn't like it very much, because she was ahead of it all and it had too many puzzles and coloring pages. Coloring pages on a computer to me are useless. They gave u...

ABC Mouse / Billing

Kim Sands on Apr 23, 2016
ABC MOUSE automatically billed without my knowing this. They didn't send an email or invoice. I just noted it on my bank page a day after they took the $59.95 out. I have sent 2 messages, and I finally got back a message "i'm sorry, but you have abcmouse for another year until 4/20/17. I...

ABCmouse.com / Age of Learning / Stole my money

Rose on Apr 15, 2016
My son really loved this site and so I signed up and paid some money. Then my son was bored and he did not want to continue using ABCmouse. But after that, few weeks passed and I noticed that they continued charging my card! I even called my bank and they confirmed that ABCmouse took my...

ABCmouse.com / Taking money out of my account after subscription cancelled

leogrl on Mar 21, 2016
I began my subscription to ABCmouse.com on 2/11/2014. The monthly subscription was taken out of until 5/11/2015. After this withdrawal I cancelled my subscription. There had been no activity by ABCmouse until 3/10/2016. Suddenly the monthly cost of $19.95 was taken from my account. 10...

ABCmouse.com / Age of Learning / Online Learning

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ABCMOUSE.COM. DON'T EVEN TRY THE FREE TRIAL. THAT'S HOW I GOT FOOLED!!! I'm writing you all to let you know how unhappy I am with abcmouse.com. I guess I'm not the only here that is unhappy with abcmouse.com. I signed up for 1 year membership because it was cheaper...

www.abcmouse.com / This company took money for the subscription, when I haven't used their site

Reviewer80660 on Oct 18, 2015
3 years ago I registered on the website www.abcmouse.com. I used it within 2 years and have paid for the subscription. However, I decided not to elongate the term and there was a problem with the entrance to my profile. But the company automatically continued subscription and they took...

ABCmouse.com / Age of Learning / Free trial

Tdurden190 on Oct 14, 2015
I set up a free trial in September, and canceled it 3 days in. A month later they charged me. The only way to contact them that I could find initially was an email that no one responded to. I finally found the number for the parent company they gave me a number 800-633-3331 option 4. When...

ABC Mouse.com / Cancellation

Reviewer93048 on Sep 27, 2015
This company makes it so difficult to cancel. Don't sign up! I emailed many times with cancelation requests, however their cancelation directions didn't provided accurate steps. I ended up paying for several months worths of subscription that we didn't use only because I couldn't figure out how to cancel.

www.abcmouse.com / They stole money, but I haven't knew about it

rahkoi on May 29, 2015
I subscribed for the website www.abcmouse.com in order to get some points, but no one warned me that I would need to pay for it. They started to take money from my account. I noticed it only after 3 weeks, when they stole rather large sum from me. I tried to cancel it, but these scammer...

ABCmouse.com / Illegally taking money from my account after membership cancellation

bethblomquist on May 27, 2015
I cancelled my membership in December 2014. I was charged again that month. I then called the number provided on the website to confirm my cancellation. I received a notice today, May 26th 2015, that I was again charged. After reviewing my bank statements, I discovered that I have been...

ABCmouse.com / cancellation

Melanie Gauthier on Apr 14, 2015
I signed up for the free 30 day trial period offered by ABCMouse. I signed up on March 29, 2015. I could not cancel before the first ten days. That time has passed and I want to cancel the 'free trial'!! I downloaded it from the ITunes App Store and there is NO place to cancel!!...

ABC Mouse / Unethical business practices

Grant Austin on Oct 27, 2013
ABC Mouse says that there is a 30-day trial and that a full refund will be forthcoming if not satisfied - I paid for a one-year subscription. After only two (2) weeks I notified them that I want to cancel - it was not appropriate content for my 2-year-old grand daughter. Good luck - no...

ABC Mouse / Cancelling membership

thunderflatt on May 28, 2013
I had taken out the one month $.01 trial subscription for my granddaughter. Before the end of the trial period I had cancelled the subscription. When I noticed a charge on my paypal account that I couldn't identify it was them. They had charged membership charges for March, April, and...

ABCMouse / Charging Tactic

One Upset Parent on Apr 23, 2013
Company will not give any notification of upcoming charges. They will Not give any refunds back to consumers even a day after charges were made. When signing up I was never told that they would automatically charge me every year, I hardly used site on initial subscription, was shocked to...

ABC Mouse.com Early Learning Academy / false advertising

Sally Granger on Feb 2, 2013
Not what they advertise, it's not a productive or professional early learning internet program, and parents have to pay too much for their online services..

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