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1-800-Balloons review: charged but did not send everything ordered!

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A woman in alabama ordered a balloon bouquet from this company it was suppose to have 6 mylar balloons and 6 latex.
She paid approx 55.00. It was for delivery to her granddaughter in texas. sent the order via the dove computer system, teleflora wire service (Which is actually for florist to send one another orders). Here's the complaint the order came to my florist for 3 mylar and 3 latex for 29.95 as shown on the 1-800balloon website.

I called the sender and discovered order was for 6 mylar and 6 latex balloons. I am reporting 800balloons to teleflora for misrepresenting the order to us and defrauding the sender. I have recommended to the sender that she request a refund for the over charge from 800balloons.

As a professional in the florist/gift fulfillment business, I would not recommend using the balloon factory/

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May 09, 2012 10:14 pm EDT

I ordered balloons for my grandsons 3rd birthday from this pathetic a— company. When the junk arrived it was not close to what i paid for. He did not receive all the balloons i paid for and within a hour the tacky balloons had deflated. The company stated they would refund my money but instead only gave me a small portion of what i actually paid for. I would recommend never using this company the website promises great product but a 3 year old could do a better job. Please spread the word, never do business with these con artist.

Feb 15, 2009 2:54 pm EST
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In my experince, my wife! I and ord rdered there ""lovly day"" bloon bucket it was sposed to have 7 myrlar and 3 laxtex ploons but my wife sent to her shusbands acpount, weather it is to be laxtex or myrlar bloons, it is alergic too some of us?

Al;l in all i am reely sory about your husbands bloons shay perhapsthe next vlentines day will be extremly pleseant!


Dr m a carnarvoro

Feb 15, 2009 2:42 pm EST

I ordered a balloon arrangment to be sent to my husbands job on vlentines day. My husband informed me t6hat he was not going to work on this date so i made arrangements to have gift sent to our billing address. Later he was notified by fellow employees that he had recieved a delivery @ his job. We have yet to recive that gift that i paid good money for.

Oct 30, 2008 4:03 pm EDT

I ordered the grand birthday love and smiley balloons. The order was nothing like the photo. The order was short two mylar ballons. One of the mylar ballons said you are my sunshine and the other said you are a star! The laxtex ballon all the same color. I paid $67.90 and they gave me back a credit of $12.81. 1-800 ballons should make sure when they send an order to be filled by a florist it is close to what they advertise.


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