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I called the club where my son is a member to cancel his membership as he is moving out of town. The manager gave me the 866 number to call, but said that most people find it easier to come in to the club as the 866 number doesn't work very well. I called the number and, after a 20 minute wait the line went dead. I then made two trips to the club, both times I was told that there was nobody there who was authorized to accept cancellations and I would have to come back. I called the 866 number again, a recording said that they were closed (Saturday, mid-day). What a joke of an organization.


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    Jenrus4u Oct 24, 2012

    I am with you on this one Norm, this organization is beyond a joke. The club I was training at terminated my membership because I was giving people free effective fitness and nutrition after their pathetic inexperienced personal trainers failed miserably to help members achieve their fitness goals. They refused to issue me a refund after I pent 30 on hold on that BS 866 number. This organization has forgotten that they are in a service industry which success relies heavily on word of mouth. I switch my gym to LA Fitness and this organization are treating me like a king right now. I am taking my case to better business bureau and possibly a law suit if I don't get my refund from them in the next couple of days. Oh by the way I forgot to mention the rating that I have in store for them on Yelp, Facebook and any other rating site I can get my hands on. I will chose a death penalty over recommending this gym to any one I come in contact with human or animal.

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