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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Taco Cabana / Happy Hour policy

Relaxing after work on 2016-04-29
I went to the Taco Cabana on Hwy 6 and Richmond Ave. in Houston Texas. I arrive @ 6:52 . There were three people ahead on me. All purchasing Happy Hour Margarita and chips. The girl waiting on us moved like a slug; Dry and slow. The guy ahead of me could not make up his mind, causing the...

Ruby Tuesday / managment

needhelp123456 on 2016-04-26
A new cook was hired and turns out that he is a drug dealer and is selling cocaine to one of the other chefs and he is doing it on company time and premise. I am getting tired of telling the management team and the response is that they have to see it themselves. All of the other employee...

Steers / Service is pathetic

Shalen on 2016-04-20
After ordering, and awaiting a table to be seated at, standing at the door for 20 mins, whilst others sitting at the tables having meetings, whilst being paying customers of an ice cream cone, sitting on their phones and so on, then i go to the cashier to ask him to change my order to a...

Sonic Drive-In / Customer service

Darla LeBrun on 2016-04-17
Sonic Drive-In I went to the sonic at 14617 NE 23rd Streer in Choctaw, OK during happy hour and placed an order for 5 drinks throughout the drive thru. I repeated my order 3 times because the person taking the order kept getting it wrong and finally it was repeated back to me correct. I pulled up to the...

Tooele mcdonalds / Wrong flavor of food

Ryan Hintze on 2016-04-16
I visited the Tooele Mcdonalds and ordered a mango pineapple smoothie (as it said on my reciept). I was in a hurry to leave so I didn't think much of it when I was handed a pink smoothie. We got in the car and were halfway home when my brother noticed the smoothie was pink instead of...

Thai Exress at Currents of Windemere / Owner/operator

Rudeowner on 2016-04-16
Quite a while ago, the owner of this restaurant dealt with a complaint I had by providing a replacement meal for my family. I thought everything was ok and had gone there several times for take out. I go this morning with my kid to buy lunch and he's at the till. He pulls me aside and...

Subway North Haven 1 Wilbur Cross / No Bread, No Bowls!!

Patricia Law on 2016-04-15
Earlier this evening after 8pm we (Me & My sister ) stopped in to get a bite to eat, I felt nervous & jitters . we were coming from a business appointment the last time I had eaten was around noon. The young girl behind the counter had a n unpleasant tone and said there was no bread to...

McDonalds / cheeseburger was too small

bunnyyyr on 2016-04-15
the cheeae burger i ordered kept getting smaller each year. i go every month on the month and i weight t he burgers each time . i know they are getting smaller to save money on their burgers. i want my larger burger with fries like i used to get al ot. i hope that corpatre employyess see...

McDonalds / Discrimination

Anna on 2016-04-14
I lost my job because my boss found out that I have a tattoo. It is a small one and was always covered up. My colleagues once asked me about it and they were very interested in tattoos. They asked me questions about does it hurt, how much it costs and etc. My boss was passing by and heard...

Fazolis / Beware, poisoned food!!

Adam on 2016-04-13
I went to Fazolis with my friends and ordered some meals. The place was nice, but food had that strange taste, but anyways we ate everything because we were super hungry. When I came back home I felt sick and my stomach was in pain. I spent the whole night in toilet! Called my friends and...

Taco bell / Wrong price

Jennifer on 2016-04-13
Recently I went to Taco Bell and ordered some food. I had a limited budget that day so I checked the menu and ordered some cheap stuff. When the cashier told the final price it was bigger than I expected. I asked why, because according to their menu I was supposed to pay $10 for everything...

McDonalds / Credit card scam

Vince on 2016-04-13
I made a new credit card about two months ago and the only place I used it was McDonalds drive thru. I just made a new card and since I was very hungry I decided to order something from McDonalds. I gave my card and McDonalds employee took it. Several minutes later the girl came back with...

Churches Chicken / Fried chicken wrong orders

belair on 2016-04-11
Used to love Churches Chicken but they stopped selling the so called white meat. I love the dark juicy parts like the leg and thigh. But my wife likes the wing and the breast most of all. But lately when we order white meat and then open the bag or box when we get all legs and thighs like...

Kentucky Fried ChickeKentucky / Original Fried Chicken Batter was not Authentic

Mrs. Ross on 2016-04-05
My spouse, Mother, and I were traveling from Biloxi, Ms to Atlanta, Ga and stopped to get a bite to eat at KFC. We pulled over from the drive thru to eat in their parking lot. We ordered a 12 piece original meal. When I opened the box of chicken I thought maybe a mistake was made because...

Popeyes Chicken / The Product (my food order was completly wrong, but charged $33.95)

roxiefree on 2016-03-31
30 MAR 2016 @ 19:56, Store #10520 in Victorville, CA. I ordered several items which were: 1 (11) pcs (strips) H/H meal ( I got regular chicken Legs & thighs) which includes the (2) Lg sides & (6) Biscuits which I didn’t even received for $14.95, but was charged $24.99, (A little high which...

Long John Silver's / Food

Esparza on 2016-03-30
Food was Terrible. The fish was not properly fried and cole slaw was spoiled. Food was taken back to the store to indicate the terrible food quality served on a to go order. Manager was very unattentive and wanted to resolve matter by replacing the spoiled coke slaw with corn on the cob...

Sonic Drive-In / Propaganda on Prices

LaLa 1732 on 2016-03-30
Sonic Drive-In I have noticed in the past when running special the prices increase at my local Sonic. I first noticed this with the two for 9.99 each advertised item had cheese but there would be an additional 50 cents for cheese on each item added to cost. I didn't get a chance to address it once making...

Ruby Tuesday / Food/Service/Time it took!

Rhonda Myslivy Stiles on 2016-03-28
My Husband & myself went to the Ruby Tuesday in Elli jay, GA restaurant. We were seated & got our drinks. We were not even offered the cheddar biscuits (though we heard from another waiter that they are offering other stuff now) but did our waitress offer us anything NO! Anyhow she finally...

canes chichen fingers / service

kami charlie on 2016-03-27
just pass midnight, March 27, 2016, I ordered 1 box combo for $7.29 +tax, carry out. When I and my wife opened the box at home noticed Coleslaw was missing. Called the restaurant they said they were sorry and gave me a code for a diner package replacement. I leaved across the street went...

Bojangles' / not clean messy

Felisha B on 2016-03-26
I went to the bojangles' in Roanoke Rapids N.C on 3/26/2016. I was not please at the service that I received as well as the things I had seen. The cashier was ringing up customer and fixing food without washing her hands. The manager name Sarah was in the back fixing food and on the phone...
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