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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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McDonald's / Cleanliness & Employees Attitude

Nesma on Jul 23, 2016
McDonald'sOn the 20th of July at 7Pm turkey time I went to Mcdonalds Anadolu restaurant at BakirKoy main street with my family, we were having as attached Vouchers from Onur Supermarket where when you pay certain amount, you had a voucher for Mcdonalds, we had almost 6 or 7 vouchers, I went there...

Long John Silver's / Chicken planks

Jonas Robert McCabe on Jul 20, 2016
I went through the drive thru at your Cressona Pa. Store #31499. I ordered 3 chicken planks a large coke and 6 shrimp. I took 15 to 20 minutes just to get my food. When I got home I went to eat and my chicken planks seemed like they were sitting around for awhile. They were dark brown and...

Waffle House / Unsanitary

melmac27 on Jul 19, 2016
On 7-19-16 as I was eating, I noticed a worker bring out two heads of lettuce wrapped in cellophane. She unwrapped one and quartered it and put about two quarters in the bin for sandwiches, etc. and then proceeded to chop on the remaining part and immediately put it on plates for salad...

McDonald's / Refills of coffee

EmilCEO on Jul 17, 2016
McDonald'sThe McDonald's located 2801 Mission St. San Francisco on July 17, 2016, Store # 3228, Telephone number (415) 285 2851, at 11:00 am pacific time refused to refill my coffee. However, McDonald's official web site states that refills are given if the eight (8) refill-rules are followed. I followed all...

McDonald's / product

corvettelady on Jul 16, 2016
I have twice went to the mcdonalds recently in Gramam N C store # 4991- drive thru- & ordered the bacon clubhouse quarterpounder-Five dollars & 09 cent without tax - & twice there was no bacon on the sandwich. The first time i let it go & didnt say anything -but tonight when i placed the...

Dunkin' Donuts / Drink and Restaurant Maintenance

Joni Fogel on Jul 10, 2016
The Dunkin Donuts, 3055 Schoenersville Rd, 18017 yesterday didn't have toilet paper in the bathrooms. Had to use napkins, no soap to wash our hands. Then went to order a macchiato and the espresso machine was down. They didn't have cookies and some other products that were on the menu...

Taco Bell / Timeliness and rude behavior

Louanne_k on Jul 5, 2016
Taco Bell is usually a great company - but it took over 14 minutes for our order - the drive thru was packed so we went in and I can see the catering is to the drive thru - I am assuming this is timed? The drive thru was cleared probably two times over. I understand this to a point but we...

pollo tropical / customer service complaint (bad attitude)

Dfamilymm on Jun 27, 2016
Upon visiting the Gainesville, Florida location on 6/26/16 at 1:20 pm, Leticia was the Manager on Duty. We were the only car in the drive thru and needed a few minutes to decide what we wanted to order. My friend is an older person and is handicapped so, we needed some extra minute. There...

Jack In The Box / Incomplete & Worse

gaeg on Jun 27, 2016
1819 Main St, Ferndale, Wa. 9pm 6/26/16 No teriyaki bowls, because no rice & no egg rolls. I ordered a spicy chick-combo, chick fajita pita-combo & 4 tacos. That's exactly what I got, nothing more. No ketchup/taco sauce, napkins, straws or receipt. Unnoticed until home. Also the chick...

McDonald's / service

the doctor123 on Jun 26, 2016
every time I go to drive window, iam always asked to pull up and they will bring it out to me, so they can wait on custermer behind me THAT IS WRONG you should wait on THAT custermer first I will not pull up so you can wait on cust. behind me I was there first and I should be waited on first augusta ga.

Taco Cabana / Eggs Mexicana

none-999 on Jun 23, 2016
Address: 12525 N Mopac Expwy Austin, TX 78727 Store: 20128 Phone: 512-255-1002 Guest Service: 855-893-8226 Date: 6/23/2016 6:39:57 AM Order: 285882 Employee: 107915 Maria (very nice, did good job) Reg: 4 - Drive Thru ( was dine in, inside registers all...

CiCis Pizza Norman Oklahoma / Smell and Horrible Service

Chris Werner on Jun 21, 2016
06/21/2016 Norman Oklahoma on Main Street Went to have Lunch. Price Seemed off to begin with. We got our food which was horribly dry and shriveled. Got Ice tea and took one drink it tasted horrible. My wife was wearing a bathing suit top with a tank top on over. She was asked to wear a...

Panera Bread / Customer service

Mochee on Jun 20, 2016
I always come to Panera Bread in Miramar Parkway in Miramar, Florida and I always have a bad experience with customer service. They have the worst customer service that I have experienced. First off, I was given a wrong change and the person from the register did not even apologize. Also...

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) / chicken

dan horlock on Jun 17, 2016
Hello I recently purchased three three piece chicken dinners from your location in the Lynden Park Mall. The chicken was disgusting it was so dry and hard the dog would not even eat it. The worse part is that i brought it home to serve two of those dinners to guests wow was i embarrassed. What...

Subway / chopped salads

autumn111269 on Jun 16, 2016
I always go to subway for my salads because I love the fact they are all chopped and this makes it easier to eat and everything is mixed well. I went this week for a salad and the worker rudely told me they don't chop the salads anymore. She wouldn't give me a reason why and was rude in...

Cici's Pizza / Employment

paula ferrell on Jun 15, 2016
My 15 year old daughter was given the opportunity for her first job at Cicis Pizza. She was excited, she had been there about a month, she was learning it was such a great experience for her. On June 12th on her shift, she was approached by 2 quick change scam artist, per the video at the...

Culver's / Service and product

Brenda Goodall on Jun 6, 2016
On 6/6/16 at 2:59 pm Customer or some kind of number is 496394, I went to register 2 and ordered a pot roast beef with green beans and mashed potatoes and gravy. My husband ordered a Deluxe Double basket. While sitting at the table, ( I refilled my tea 3 times, while waiting) I noticed...

Starbucks / Beef brisket and skinny vanilla latte

Sharon Lee Fernberg on Jun 1, 2016
Around 7:25 tonight, June 1, 2016, I went through the drive-thru in Greece, NY on West Ridge Road and ordered a beef brisket sandwich and a tall skinny vanilla latte, which I have ordered a couple other times in the past and had no problems. However, this time my skinny vanilla latte did...

Popeyes Chicken / The size of their chicken wings for $2.00 each

Kathleen D Richards on May 30, 2016
I went to Popeyes Chicken on 51st and Cicero Ave in Chicago, Illinois this after noon and purchased a 3 wings and biscuit meal. I go in there quite a bit as I live close by (Popeyes Chicken store #2438). Lately I've been noticing that the wings are getting smaller, but today it was a joke...

Taco Cabana / Extremely hot conditions/prolonged broken air conditioning

Cmyers54 on May 29, 2016
* Employee at Tc* - Worked at my location for quite some time now. Complaining about the unsafe and dealthy hot air conditioning provided for the back of the house- patio air works great. Air conditioners have been broken for about at total of two and half years and still counting. I do...
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