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Fast Food Restaurants Complaints

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Long John Silver's / Harassment

Betie on 2016-05-25
I began working with Larry Baker and Veronica heleisin at long John silvers on our about February 5, 2016.i started noticing employees not washing hands or dishes properly and using out of date food. As well as giving food to their families who came in every day. Now to the main part about...

Domino's Pizza / Domino's in local politics

Dolly Ray on 2016-05-22
Dear Sir, This is in regards to Order Number : 142 Time of Order : 05/21/2016 09:58:17 PM Final Total : 727 Payment Type : cash Trace No. : cash-56589999 My residence is (as per google) 150 meters (2 minutes walking distance) away from your Dominos outlet at Narendrapur. For the...

Dunkin Donuts Employee / Jon, new cashier / janitor

d.f.r. on 2016-05-21
After paying John a compliment about doing his job better than his predecessor he spazzed out on me and later lied to his district manager that I raised my voice to him and got me, for no reason, barred from going back that DD location. John has been there less than 1 month and has already...

Tim Hortons / Coffee cups not full

Ginette Melanson on 2016-05-16
every time I go at tim Horton's located on the corner of trites road and coverdale road, I order the same thing and 9 out of 10 times, it's the same issue, I NEVER get a full cup of coffee at the drive thru, I go always at the same time between 6:00 am and 8:00 am and it'...

Panera Bread / Food-Price

Waldo Haug on 2016-05-13
On 5/11/16 my husband and I decided to finally try Panera Bread after hearing it was overpriced. I decided on an BLT Avocado Turkey and Onion Soup and my husband chose Chicken Ham/Swiss also with Onion Soup. It took me 5 minutes to find the teeny tiny piece of bacon that didn't even look...

Subway / Rude manager

Tunekib69 on 2016-05-13
On 5/10/2016 I was at a subway in Wal-Mart I ordered a medium pop that was fine but then the manager (a young kid) asked if I wanted CHERRY THIES I said no thinking he was joking I said I wanted a blond, bruenet, and a red head he cocked a attitude saying he didn't appreciate me using that...

Panera Bread / Customer Service from Manager Karlie Gilbert

Isabel Fabela on 2016-05-13
I came in to Panera Bread this morning at 7:30 May 13, 2016 to buy breakfast for myself and husband. Unfortunately wasn't even greet it with a good morning, I greeted the manger myself. When I placed my order I had to repeat my order several times to her. I initially ordered 2 Asiago bacon...

Sonic Drive-In / waited 48 minutes and never was waited on

Ruth Ann Jones on 2016-05-12
i pulled in at 2:33 pm to place a large order after 10 minutes i pushed the button again still no one answered so i thought the button was broke so i moved to another spot pushed the button again waited 10 more minutes still nothing pushed again still nothing so finally left after 48...

Ruby Tuesday / Service amd staff

Bruce Wayne18 on 2016-05-06
I work for the Ruby Tuesday's in Spanish fort and nothing is being done about our bartender Katie. Everyday since I've been here she dictates to us servers that she doesn't take tables after 3 well it's not fair to us epically if we are a double close. That means we get sat without a break...

McDonald's / Celso (Employee who works in the Lobby)

JJKhan on 2016-05-04
1)I go to this McDonald's location that is located on the corner at eastside of Yonge street and North of 16th Avenue ( Address is 9301 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V4) but until I go inside, I see this Filipino male employee (who works cleaning the Lobby of this McDonald’...

Taco Cabana / Happy Hour policy

Relaxing after work on 2016-04-29
I went to the Taco Cabana on Hwy 6 and Richmond Ave. in Houston Texas. I arrive @ 6:52 . There were three people ahead on me. All purchasing Happy Hour Margarita and chips. The girl waiting on us moved like a slug; Dry and slow. The guy ahead of me could not make up his mind, causing the...

Ruby Tuesday / managment

needhelp123456 on 2016-04-26
A new cook was hired and turns out that he is a drug dealer and is selling cocaine to one of the other chefs and he is doing it on company time and premise. I am getting tired of telling the management team and the response is that they have to see it themselves. All of the other employee...

Steers / Service is pathetic

Shalen on 2016-04-20
After ordering, and awaiting a table to be seated at, standing at the door for 20 mins, whilst others sitting at the tables having meetings, whilst being paying customers of an ice cream cone, sitting on their phones and so on, then i go to the cashier to ask him to change my order to a...

Sonic Drive-In / Customer service

Darla LeBrun on 2016-04-17
Sonic Drive-InI went to the sonic at 14617 NE 23rd Streer in Choctaw, OK during happy hour and placed an order for 5 drinks throughout the drive thru. I repeated my order 3 times because the person taking the order kept getting it wrong and finally it was repeated back to me correct. I pulled up to the...

Tooele mcdonalds / Wrong flavor of food

Ryan Hintze on 2016-04-16
I visited the Tooele Mcdonalds and ordered a mango pineapple smoothie (as it said on my reciept). I was in a hurry to leave so I didn't think much of it when I was handed a pink smoothie. We got in the car and were halfway home when my brother noticed the smoothie was pink instead of...

Thai Exress at Currents of Windemere / Owner/operator

Rudeowner on 2016-04-16
Quite a while ago, the owner of this restaurant dealt with a complaint I had by providing a replacement meal for my family. I thought everything was ok and had gone there several times for take out. I go this morning with my kid to buy lunch and he's at the till. He pulls me aside and...

Subway North Haven 1 Wilbur Cross / No Bread, No Bowls!!

Patricia Law on 2016-04-15
Earlier this evening after 8pm we (Me & My sister ) stopped in to get a bite to eat, I felt nervous & jitters . we were coming from a business appointment the last time I had eaten was around noon. The young girl behind the counter had a n unpleasant tone and said there was no bread to...

McDonalds / cheeseburger was too small

bunnyyyr on 2016-04-15
the cheeae burger i ordered kept getting smaller each year. i go every month on the month and i weight t he burgers each time . i know they are getting smaller to save money on their burgers. i want my larger burger with fries like i used to get al ot. i hope that corpatre employyess see...

McDonalds / Discrimination

Anna on 2016-04-14
I lost my job because my boss found out that I have a tattoo. It is a small one and was always covered up. My colleagues once asked me about it and they were very interested in tattoos. They asked me questions about does it hurt, how much it costs and etc. My boss was passing by and heard...

Fazolis / Beware, poisoned food!!

Adam on 2016-04-13
I went to Fazolis with my friends and ordered some meals. The place was nice, but food had that strange taste, but anyways we ate everything because we were super hungry. When I came back home I felt sick and my stomach was in pain. I spent the whole night in toilet! Called my friends and...
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