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Sonic Drive-In / Carhop named sierra

Main12type on Jan 19, 2017
Yesterday, 01/18/2017, my husband and I went to the Sonic at 2612 W Lee Blvd in Lawton Ok. The girl who took our order and our carhop was named Sierra. When she delivered our order my husband asked me a question about if it was right. She stood there pecking her fingernails on the menu...

Sonic Drive-In / Greeting employees are made to give

Nicola Sinclair on Jan 18, 2017
I have spent my entire life with a name that most people can't pronounce. Because of that I'm aggravated when people ask me my name and often tell them it's something that's not, because they to become aggravated trying to pronounce it. So while I understand why you have your people greet...

Sonic Drive-In / Milkshakes

Keith Dalton on Jan 18, 2017
Placed an order for 2 chicken strip dinner and a blt and milkshakes on Sunday 15 2017. The food was so so and the milkshakes had no chocolate flavor at all. 1 was strawberry and it was very weak flavor also. Called the store and the manager said she would replace the 2 chicken dinners and...

Sonic Drive-In / Weiner they use

Mike Swafford on Jan 17, 2017
We love Sonic. One of the best fast food chains in the world. Best burgers by far, however, the weiner they use are horrendous. Worst tasting I have ever had. They have a rubbery texture to them that are disgusting. I am not the only one to complain as there are many in the community that...

Sonic Drive-In / Employee's lack of service

jessicapickett31 on Jan 15, 2017
I've never ever had to do this because I believe there is a reason for insufficient duties. But, I gave these people a second chance and was unsatisfied with the service I received. I went to sonic a couple months ago on reelfoot Avenue in union city tn 38261, and while there I ordered a...

Sonic / Usually provides sugary drink when diet drink is specified.

B.Belk on Jan 12, 2017
Twice in one week I have ordered drinks to take home for husband and myself. Husband is diabetic and we live ten miles out of town. After getting home and unpacking drinks the outside of cup is sticky. I pour out small amount to test. When it drays on plate it is sticky. Diet drinks are...

Sonic Drive-In / Food that I received

Saquitta on Jan 5, 2017
I went into a Sonic location on 10/2016. I ordered the 2 meal package for 9.99, with tater tots a sprite for one drink and a frozen lemonade for the second drink large sized. The location that I went to was on Thunderbird Dr in El Mirage, AZ. When I got home and bit into the burger my...

Sonic Drive-In / The food / manager

MaryL24 on Dec 19, 2016
ON 12/15/16 I pulled up to sonic. I pulled on stall 10 and pushed the button .It was 6:04. I Sat there at least 30 min before I could get an answer. I finally got a answer. It was 6:25 when someone responded. I asked about the wing special, someone name charice or however u spell or say it...

Sonic Drive-In / Food was not good.

debhoo on Dec 15, 2016
On December 14, 2016 at 8:30 p.m., we placed a food order at the Sonic in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (Old Sonic). The french fries were awful! They looked and tasted like they had been cooked a week ago! I ordered a grill cheese sandwich, and the bread was really old and tough. My husbands cheeseburger wa...

Sonic Drive In / Manager's unethical behaviour

Patricia Y. Davis on Dec 11, 2016
My 16 year old granddaughter worked at sonic up until 12/09/16. She was fired. I do not know what for and I don't care. My complaint is that the manager on duty by the name of Scott saw the need to curse her out and humiliate her in front of other employees and customers. The only...

Sonic Drive-In / Food quality

cmiddleton on Dec 9, 2016
On December 3, 2016 I purchased two Sonic kids meal from Sonic Drive In at: 265 Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd, Charlotte, NC 28214 Once I got home I discovered that the corn dog I received was burnt. I tried to go to the Sonic Website to email customer service but the site is hard to navigate...

Sonic Drive-In / Need clarification on what is half price drinks

Today Dec 8 I stopped by to get a couple of drinks. I was in line behind two other cars at 3:55pm. When I got to the drive in window I was told half price ends at 4pm. I told her I was here waiting my turn and it just now reads 4pm. She refused to let me have the discount. I've had other...

Sonic Drive-In / Malt, burgers

carolyn durr on Nov 30, 2016
After getting home, opened the bag and the whole order is messed up. We live approx 10 minis from store. Malt is watery, Burgers were supposed to have tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, no mayo. Called and talked to manager, told him it was supposed to be a chocolate shake, two burger...

Sonic Drive-In / Disrespect

Merinda Hepler on Nov 10, 2016
I have a complaint about the sonic on utica in Tulsa OK. My boyfriend has been working the for almost 9 months and it has been nothing but problems from them. They have had issues due to firing people because they were being sexual at work. They have taken his off days away so it's 7 day...

Sonic Drive-In / Cheese burger, the tomato is rotten

Koytt O Nichols on Nov 8, 2016
Sonic in Spring Hill, KS, November 6th around 5:30PM. I would not have known how bad the tomato was, but my wife always removes them from her burgers...The tomato is rotten in the middle. I am not seeking any resolution, just informing you of the situation. OK, this is all the information...

Sonic Drive-In / Messed up order for the third time

coolmamacass on Nov 5, 2016
Tonight for the third attempt at the Sonic Drive in on Val Vista between the US 60 and Southern in Mesa, AZ ( they didn't give me my receipt so I don't have a transaction order. After waiting 25 minutes with only one car ahead of me for my Medium Frozen strawberry lemonade, Large chili...

Sonic Drive-In / Cross contamination

arheilbrunn on Nov 3, 2016
I recently went to a Sonic Drive-In in Henrietta, NY and ordered an Oreo Blast through the drive thru. When I got it, I discovered there was a sticky substance on the outside and it got on my fingers. Thinking it was some ice cream that was leaking, I took a lick, only to discover that my...

Sonic Drive-In / Taste and quality of food

Carol Merritt on Oct 31, 2016
We ordered 6 wings and a double Sonic burger with a milk shake. The wings were not done, and the burger did not taste like the same burger that I have bought at other Sonics...not even close. The shake didn't have much of a taste at all but bad. The whipped cream collapsed before it was even...

Sonic Drive-In / Employees not wearing skates

Just1Lady on Oct 23, 2016
I absolutely love Sonic and all that they stand for but one of my favorite parts of waiting for my food is being greeted by a server in roller blades as advertised. However the last 5 times I've stopped by the establishment NONE of the servers were wearing skates. I am so saddened by thi...

Sonic Drive-In / The new york style hot dog

Yolanda Stokes on Oct 12, 2016
I have no date nor time because this is happening everyday at ever Sonic every where. My complaint is the if you are going to state that you are offering the taste and flavors of hot dogs from there birth places; then i suggest you make them the way they are originally made. The New York...

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