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Sonic Drive-In Complaints & Reviews

Sonic Drive-In - New Jersey, Hainesport / Sexual harassment

Kathleen Goldy on Aug 20, 2016
To whom it may concern, I would like to make you aware of an incident that occurred on Wednesday August 17th, 2016 which encountered my daughter Brittany Goldy and a manager Zairre. She told me he had made vulgar comments toward her. She was counting her drawer Wednesday morning and...

Sonic Drive In / unethical behavior

Nalani Briggs on Jul 1, 2016
July 1, 2016 I responded to an advertisement on Facebook, for four free Super SONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. First, I had to answer several questions and once I did, I was told that I won these burgers but before I could claim them, I had to post Sonic advertisement on my Facebook wall...

Sonic Drive In - Tennessee, Selmer / Rude Services

SybilKirk on Jun 27, 2016
Dear Sonic Representative, My mother, my son, and I went to sonic June 20, 2016. When we were placing our order, the lady that took our order was rushing us. My mother asked for a kids meal first, and the lady ask is that all. Then we went on with the order but throughout the whole thing...

Sonic Drive In - Texas, Kennedale / My issue has not been resolved

Lisa Bare on Jun 19, 2016
Unfortunately I down loaded the app to my phone & stored my credit card information, B I G MISTAKE!!! Was browsing through the app & Literally barely touched the gift card for $25 displayed at the top! INSTANTLY IT CHARGED MY CARD WITH OUT EVER ASKING TO CONFIRM OR ANYTHING! I...

Sonic Drive In / I am a sonic employee

sonic 6153 on Jun 4, 2016
I work for sonic I have for 6yrs. I can't even understand how the location is still open no employees wear gloves, they drink and smoke weed while on the click, they leave for hours and stay clocked in. Employees have sex with the boss and get special privilegeds I can not continue working...

Sonic Drive-In - Louisiana, Lafayette / unethical behaviour

Nay Bby on Jun 4, 2016
I go through this drive-in often and the drive-thru lady is usually rude but this day it was beyond my limit. She didn't give me a receipt and when I asked for it, she said that they couldn't--ok, fine. She hands me my drinks and there's a strand of hair on the top; I tell her about it and...

Sonic Drive-In - Texas, Gainesville / waited 48 minutes and never was waited on

Ruth Ann Jones on May 12, 2016
i pulled in at 2:33 pm to place a large order after 10 minutes i pushed the button again still no one answered so i thought the button was broke so i moved to another spot pushed the button again waited 10 more minutes still nothing pushed again still nothing so finally left after 48...

Sonic Drive-In - California, Delano / Unethical behaviour

TWOLIPS76 on May 5, 2016
On thursday may 5th around 12:30pm a co-work and i arived at the sonic drive in restaurant together and i placed my order and then i explained to the employee that my co-worker was going to place her order next on a different ticket. The sonic employee insisted that we both put our order...

Sonic Drive-In - Oklahoma, Choctaw / Customer service

Darla LeBrun on Apr 17, 2016
I went to the sonic at 14617 NE 23rd Streer in Choctaw, OK during happy hour and placed an order for 5 drinks throughout the drive thru. I repeated my order 3 times because the person taking the order kept getting it wrong and finally it was repeated back to me correct. I pulled up to the...

Sonic Drive In / Unethical pricing

Kaye Binns on Apr 15, 2016
At the Sonic in Camden, Arkansas when you order a slush or shake you are charged an additional charge for the flavor. I don't mean an extra flavor but if I order a cherry slush I will be charged 25 cents for the cherry flavor. I have no idea if you order a slush without a flavor what you...

Sonic Drive-In / food

pissed off working mom on Apr 2, 2016
We wen to Sonic in Lexington, Ne on April 2 at 11:30am We ordered a foot long and fries and a number 2 with onion rings and coke. This is the first time the have had onion rings when we visited. We got the order and there were no fries, the onion rings were burnt and the coke had no...

Sonic Drive In - North Carolina, Wilmington / The General manager and his Supervisors!

Krh1001 on Mar 30, 2016
Yesterday at about 5:10 pm I went to clock out from my shift and one of the managers stated " you must wait to clock out until someone tells you, I have to make sure you stocked up you station" I replied " OK! I'll wait but I always stock my station.” she said " well you didn't yesterday!"...

Sonic Drive-In - Texas, Mesquite / Propaganda on Prices

LaLa 1732 on Mar 30, 2016
I have noticed in the past when running special the prices increase at my local Sonic. I first noticed this with the two for 9.99 each advertised item had cheese but there would be an additional 50 cents for cheese on each item added to cost. I didn't get a chance to address it once making...

Sonics Drive-In - Illinois, Springfield / Drug Use

ph03123 on Mar 22, 2016
I went to Sonics on North Dirksen Parkway in Springfield, IL while passing through on a road trip. My order was wrong and when I tried talk them through the pull up station the manager began repeat, "what was that…what was that!" So I walked up to the door where they worked and as soon a...

Sonic Drive-In / Being Waiting On

Joan Roberts Groves on Mar 21, 2016
What a joke and disappointment. The drive through was busy so we pulled into a stall and waited 8 minutes and never heard from anyone; decided to try the drive-through and took several minutes for someone to answer the drive-through box. Gave our order and repeated it at least twice...

Sonic Drive In - Texas, Lampasas / Unprofessional supervisor

Bodee Gailey on Mar 12, 2016
Hello, I am an employee at the lampasas sonic drive in and I am complaining about one of my bosses by the name of Chris Frost . Earlier today at around 12:30 I had tried to call in sick so I could see my mother who is ill in the hospital and Chris said to me " If you don't come in...

Sonic Drive In - South Carolina, Sumter / General manager

Reviewer90745 on Mar 1, 2016
Sonic manager Tonya is very loud and rude she shows favoritism and tell lies to hiring manager she also is very rude to customer's she complains about àll new employees and show her niece favoritism and she serves unnoticeable busted shake cup and she doesn't switch her candy container...

Sonic Drive Inn - Alabama, Mobile / Customer Service

Reviewer63533 on Mar 1, 2016
I have stopped by the mobile Al. Sonic on Springhill 4 times. Arrived at 6:00 am this is when they open for business. Waited until 6:20 and the employees just stare out the window at us. They will not take our orders. Get your stuff together Sonic WHAT TIME EO YOU OPEN..

Sonic Drive-In / Non receipt of W2's and Wage Theft

Karen LeAnn Johnson on Feb 15, 2016
My 17 yo daughter worked for Sonic in Olathe, KS. Over the course of her 9 months her Store Manager & Assistant Manager took her tips from her saying she was "short" on her tickets. Sometimes this was $100 at a time! There were even times when 3 of the workers where all short over...

Sonic Drive-In / My sonic card

Reviewer51632 on Feb 14, 2016
I have tried for at least 6 months to load my son's sonic card. I just went to the website on my laptop and signed in to my account. It states, "The sonic drive in store is temporarily disabled." This is what it has said since I tried last Aug. I have also downloaded the phone app & it...

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