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Sonic Drive-In Complaints & Reviews

Sonic Drive In / Overcharge on bill

Reviewer62016 on 2016-01-27
In Mexico Mo sonic drive in on Saturday night we stopped in and ordered 2adult combo meals and a kids meal. They had a hard time with the order so was not surprised when it was wrong. First of all we could not understand how this could cost $27+ as they said but when they delivered it...

Sonic Drive-In - Kentucky, Henderson / Unethical behavior by employee

Charity Duncan on 2016-01-25
My son(who is a minor) works at the Sonic Drive in Henderson Ky. He has worked there for year and a half without incident until now. On Sunday January 24 my son called me from work because another employee by the name of Rachel Baker used explicit language toward my son and became...

Sonic Drive In - Mississippi, Southaven / Rotten Hamburger Meat

angieshort on 2016-01-12
on Jan 9th me and my family went to sonic on Airways Blvd in Southaven ms we got 2 of the Meal deals for 9.99 . We got 3 burgers and one footlong when we got home the footlong was fine but all the of the burgers smelled rotten we thought maybe we were just smelling something else but as we...

Sonic Drive-In - New Mexico, Taos / management

Reviewer57750 on 2016-01-03
To Whom It May Concern: I am writing regarding some unnecessary experiences I have encountered at your location In Taos, NM. I have always loved to go to our local sonic drive-in. It only takes one person to make the whole business look undesirable. There has been quite a few times that I...

Sonic Drive In - Louisiana, Many / An assistant manager

Reviewer22021 on 2015-12-30
Back on Monday December 28, 2015 I was told to shut my f****** mouth by a assistant manager when I wasn't saying anything for her to talk to me like that. No manager has a right talking to me like that or any other employee .It is very unprofessional. She was getting ready for a...

Sonic Drive - Missouri, Joplin / A manager / superviser

Reviewer26900 on 2015-12-21
Port Keough Jr. steals money from the carhops when they make a money drop. October & November 2015 this happened to a couple different carhops, one of them being my daughter. November 15, 2015 Port came into work drunk. Then when another manager came in he clocked out & left work before...

Sonic Drive In - Indiana, Evansville / Food was terrible

Reviewer64153 on 2015-12-14
on December 14, 2015 my husband and i went to sonic for dinner we ordered to foot long coney dog combo meals with tater tots my drink was dr. pepper his was sprite, but they brought him a hi c fruit punch, he didnt complain about that part but no silverware and burnt tater tots was to much...

Sonic Drive-In - Nebraska, Lexington / Sweet Green Tea

Reviewer44152 on 2015-12-04
My wife and I ordered and received a small sweet green tea each on 12/4/2015 around 8:30 PM, from a Sonic Drive Inn in Lexington, NE. I don't know what it was, but it was the worst tasting drink it has been my displeasure to try to drink. It was absolutely awful. Unfortunately, we were...

Sonic Drive In - North Carolina, Salisbury / Overcharge

Sam Adams on 2015-11-28
I have been going to Sonic Drive Ian's for over 25 years but after today I am through. We had a coupon buy a sonic cheeseburger combo and receive a free sonic cheeseburger. My order was a sonic cheeseburger combo with a diet lemonade and upgrade the French fries to onion rings and then a...

Sonic Drive-In - Tennessee, Seymour / Appearance of the restaurant curb

Reviewer79488 on 2015-11-17
As of November 16, 2015, I noticed a car that had been parked for at least two consecutive days at the under the curb awning along the edge of the parking lot - not the curb next to the building, but the other curb, in a spot where a customer would normally park to submit an order. I...

Sonic Drive-In - Mississippi, Baldwyn / Food

Reviewer47772 on 2015-11-08
I get at sonic at 3.00pm order pickleos sonic blast 15 min later pickloes came out no blast carry back in 35 min later blast and cold pickleos came out cup wasnt wiped down icream all down the side.There was 1 car to my right eating 1 truck to my left eating .I saw 4 people go in came out...

Sonic Drive-In - Florida, gulf breeze / Order wrong

Reviewer72671 on 2015-11-06
How can the Sonic drive in in Gulf Breeze Fl get the order wrong 6 different times?? What is the point of putting numbers on the menue if nobody making the food knows how to make them. What is so hard about a #2 large size and a large coke. I does not matter what time of day or night I go...

Sonic Drive-In - Tennessee, Lebanon / Order wrong or missing items

Reviewer72888 on 2015-11-03
Several times, too many to count, I have experienced problems. To the completed order being wrong, missing items that I paid for. and the food I do get is incorrect. Even the blasts I have gotten don't have a mix-in. it just a cup of plain ice cream. i also got food poisoning at one of the...

Sonic Drive In - Kansas, Park City / Drink

Reviewer38631 on 2015-10-31
SONIC drive in: 6122 N. Broadway, Park City, Ks. 67219 . . . 10/28/15 @ 2:46pm Order: 1 medium diet Dr Pepper Four other cars in ordering stalls and yet it took 11 min to receive my drink! I am a SONIC counessure of SONIC products! I think I have had one of everything, and am on first name...

Sonic Drive-In - Oklahoma, Tahlequah / Bottled Water

Jade Huggins on 2015-10-29
I went to the sonic in Tahlequah, OK on my lunch break ordered a Chicken Wrap with an Ice Water was told they could not sell me an Ice water only bottled water. This company is a drink stop and they couldn't even sell me a damn ice water. An ICE WATER!!! On top of the girl working the intercom was extremely rude about the whole situation.

Sonic Drive-In / Drink specials

Reviewer46753 on 2015-10-22
Sonic advertises 99 cent morning large drinks, I have gotten the Sonic Sunrise multiple times, today they said I can only have a medium and that it'd be $2 some cents- they said it costs more bc has orange juice, explained I have gotten in before and even gotten it at happy hour half...

Sonic Drive-In - South Carolina, Moncks Corner / Double Cheese Burger

Bernard Pringle on 2015-10-07
I was eating my burger purchased from Sonic an as I continue to eat the burger Took another bite it was hard as I looked harder there was a PAPERCLIP!!! I drove to Sonics to ask for a Manager, the assistant Manager (I think his name was Jeremy) came out after seeing the BURGER was in SHOCK...

Sonic Drive In / Gift Card

Reviewer70217 on 2015-10-01
I have tried to buy a $50.00 gift card from Ripley, TN Sonic for the last 5 months and am always told they do not have any. I talked to the manager and he said they were having problems getting them. I went to the Sonic in Alamo, TN and bought one, I ask if they had any problems getting...

Sonic Drive-In - Oklahoma, Choctaw / Operating Partner. Bobbie Azevedo

Reviewer88748 on 2015-10-01
I used to work at the Sonic Drive-In In Choctaw, Oklahoma. The operating partner Bobbie Azevedo is the most unprofessional person I have ever encountered or worked for. I served in the military and in Basic Training I received more respect then I ever did from her. The woman is unstable...

Sonic Drive-In - Illinois, Springfield / Wasted gas, no receipt and overpriced

Reviewer70789 on 2015-10-01
My family and I went to Sonic located on Wabash in Springfield, Illinois on 9/30/2015. The price was wrong until I reached the window. Then we didn't receive our receipt until I asked for it. Come to find out they had thrown it away and tried to pass me the dirty receipt from the garbage...

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