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McDonalds / Sausage egg muffin

Max Mah on Jan 19, 2017
I'd bought a Sausage Egg Muffin on 20/1/2017 at Ulu Kelang McDonald. Invoice 001932100037556 at 10:08am. The Muffin is found scorched after I opened it at office! What a disappointed and ridiculous breakfast that I ever had in my life! I'll posted the pictures on my Facebook to...

McDonalds / Poor service

frustrated2017 on Jan 18, 2017
I am finally writing about the poor, slow service that continues at the McDonald's on Reading Rd. in Ephrata, PA. It has always been the slowest (painfully so) worst customer service of any McDonald's I've ever been to. It burned down and they rebuilt so the community had high hopes for...

McDonalds / App coupons for deals

crissy53 on Jan 17, 2017
I was so excited to get an app for McDonald's food!! Until I tried to use a deal. I was told it had been already used!! Say what??? This is my very first time using this deal. I am disappointed that today I couldn't get my deal so I erased the app and won't be using it. Today is January...

McDonalds / Sausage mcmuffin

bdubbs11 on Jan 17, 2017
When I go through the drive-thru I always get a sausage mcmuffin sub bacon. However there are 2 employees that say this can not be substituted because it is not cost efficient. All other employees make the change and go on. The mcmuffin is $1.29 but the 2 employees want to charge me $2.79...

McDonalds / Restaurant grounds / lighting / parking lot / building envelope / drive-thru

Jeffrey Gaber on Jan 17, 2017
I find it unbelievable that there have been two main parking lot lights out for at least the past 3 months. (There are only 3 total) The parking lot is DARK after sunset and with the ice covered lot the past two days it is extremely difficult for customers to navigate in lot. This McDonald...

McDonalds / Service at the lake worth texas location near boat, club road on jacksboro avenue

Felix R Sanchez on Jan 10, 2017
The management and staff at this location are not friendly or service oriented. They will just stair at you at the counter without even saying may I help you. I also go to the MacDonald's location on Saginaw Blvd, about 3 miles away. The contrast in attitude to the customer i...

Mcdonalds Ewa Beach Hawaii / Complaint against employees and managers with bad attitudes and not safe

Lisa-Michelle Ke on Jan 8, 2017
On January 3rd, 2017 at about 7 a.m. at ewa beach Mcdonalds 11077, had a door locked and closed with no sign letting people know to go through the other door, which elderly people and disabled people could have gotten hurt from the pressure washing from the side entrance with no warning or...

McDonalds / Horrible tasting broccoli cheese soup

TMP33 on Jan 6, 2017
Please bring back your original Broccoli and cheese soup. The new recipe is absolutely VILE!!! I was unable to eat this and had to through this in the garbage. I contacted the local store and was informed that they had no control over what is ordered and so I am filing my complaint...

McDonalds / Wrong order

Stephanie Harris on Jan 6, 2017
I went to macdonald's one morning to get a bac egg cheese mcgrill combo, however when I got back to work it was a sausage biscuit. Really. The fact that I was not able to return the meal I lost out on money and a combo. This information happen on jan 4, 2017 and I have the receipt to prove...

McDonalds / Service

gary pohl on Jan 5, 2017
Several days ago about 4 p/m I was traveling in freeport, texas and on hwy 288 brazosport blvd I went through the drive through. The line was extremely long all through parking lot around building to the windows. The line never moved but several cars for 25 minutes. I am a diabetic so I...

McDonalds / Bug in my coffee

Jack on Dec 29, 2016
I was on my way to work and bought a take out coffee from McDonalds. While I was drinking my coffee I felt something strange in my mouth and after I spit it out I was shocked to see it was a bug!! I was absolutely disgusted! How did that happened? I loved McDonalds coffee and bought it...

McDonalds / Food cold & wrong

Nicole Vance on Dec 26, 2016
I visited a drive thru around 8pm on apperson drive in salem, va on 12/26/16. My order was definitely cold when I arrived home (Which is about a 5 min drive). Cold fries and old nuggets that definitely had been sitting. They asked me what kind of sauce i'd like & I did not get any.. I wa...

McDonalds / Hair in my food

Suglee31 on Dec 21, 2016
On 12/20/2016 my family and I order 3 sets of the 2 for 3 double ccheeseburger totaling 6 burgers. 2 were to be made with no pickles no ketchup. 2 double cheeseburgers were to be made with no cheese .2 double cheeseburgers original. However we were only given five burgers all had ketchup...

McDonalds / Frappes

brownsugah 73 on Dec 20, 2016
On yesterday morning I ordered a mocha frappe with no whip cream and hash brown. I pulled up and paid. I received the hash brown. The young lady came to the window and said. I here is your caramel frappe. I told the young lady I didn't order a caramel frappe. I ordered a mocha frappe. She...

McDonalds / Coupons

jim mccoy on Dec 17, 2016
simply put was allowed to use 2 coupons becaese of only 1 person on car which i've never had this proublem before if i had been getting dinner for friends working would have been really bad i was told i could not leave and come back to use the second coupon i would have to be a certain...

McDonalds / Harassment by local authority for conducting business with mcdonalds

wirving on Dec 16, 2016
Hello, I visited the Mcdonalds restaurant store number 5342 in philipsburg Pennsylvania and purchased a soda to go along with reading my daily news paper. As the store got to be busy, I thought it would be a good idea to take my soda and paper into the parking lot that was next to the...

McDonalds / Unethical behavior

tori.eremeev on Dec 15, 2016
Your mcdonald's at 1050 mebane oaks road in mebane, north carolina, store # 12195 on friday, december 16th, 2016, had at least 2 people working around 12:42 a.M. And i understand they'd be slow as a result... But not in the head. My 2 mcchickens i bought had no lettuce and was basically a...

McDonalds / Child cut finger on toy

Tony Camargo on Dec 12, 2016
My child ran to me crying and said she got cut on the corner of a green hello kitty toy. I looked at her finger and there was blood and a little cut, my child cried in pain. I checked the toy and found a sharp edge. I am now very upset. Why are there sharp edges on these toys? Can someone...

McDonalds / Mcdonalds barangay pinagsama taguig product

Janz Cee on Dec 11, 2016
My niece just ordered a takeout chicken ala king at mcdonald's pinagsama taguig philippines because she was so hungry, when she reached home to eat she opened the rice found a 2 little worn and a skin of a little cockroach, who woukd want to eat that??? We went back to that place and make...

McDonalds / Many problems at this location!!!

Mr. Gentleman on Dec 10, 2016
There are so many things wrong with this mcdonalds, i do not even know where to begin. (Mcdonalds on 1 varnum ave lowell, ma. On december 8th 2016 i showed up at this location at 10:50pm (They close at 11pm) and was not allowed to enter (Keep in mind 3 other people were ahead of me tapping...

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