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McDonald's Complaints & Reviews

McDonalds / Poor service! Worst ever!

Marian Santos on Jul 23, 2016
I just had to express my disappointment to McDonald's Alabang Town Center. Sobrang bigat ng feeling i had to let it out. We celebrated my daughter's bday yesterday July 23 2016. My husband and i decided to try this branch dahil alam namin matagal na ang branch na to, mas matanda pa ata sa...

McDonald's / Hong Kong online mcdelivery service

hate people who ripoff on Jul 18, 2016
I have complained to the hong kong online mcdelivery service that it is unfair that they have OVERPRICED every single item on their online menu, a filet o fish costs HKD$17.80 but when you go to the store it only costs HKD$10 the small fries option is no longer avaliable and the double...

McDonald's / Service, inappropriate behavior around customers

Mcarthur mayfield on Jul 5, 2016
I went into a love's truck stop with a McDonald's inside to get a quick bite to eat, on 7-5-16 at 05.29 in the morning, , when I went to place my order the cashier was to busy talking an playing to realize I was waiting. ..when I did place my order, here comes one of the shop...

McDonald's - New York, New York / Unethical behavior...Poor hospitality and customer service skills

Nichole26 on Jul 3, 2016
My name is Nichole Cyrus...I just started working again for mcdonalds last week, for 52 fulton. I like working at mcdonalds...I have, more than once in the past. I started the overnight shift for the first time 7/2/16. My husband came to pick me up at the end of my shift at 3am...He walked...

McDonald's / Rude manager

Sharon Kehoe on May 11, 2016
On May 11th my Husband and a friend were eating at Mc Donalds and we also play bingo there at 6pm each week its for seniors .And Ray the caller annouced you can no longer bring in outside food or drinks .After about an half hour the manager single us out and we were told we could not drink...

McDonald's - Ontario, Richmond Hill / Celso (Employee who works in the Lobby)

JJKhan on May 4, 2016
1)I go to this McDonald's location that is located on the corner at eastside of Yonge street and North of 16th Avenue ( Address is 9301 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V4) but until I go inside, I see this Filipino male employee (who works cleaning the Lobby of this McDonald’...

McDonalds - Mississippi, Crystal Springs / Manager Kim/Crystal Springs Ms.

Sharon Rankin on May 1, 2016
Customer service is very poor and you would think a manager in training would put her best foot forward to prove herself but not!!! the ice in my drink had bugs in it and I mean the bugs were inside the ice the quality of service and food preparation was poor. The manager on duty had...

McDonalds - Ontario, North Bay / Servers don't know how to read and put the right amount of cream sugar or sweetener in coffee

blkcrowca on May 1, 2016
I have been ordering coffee from McDonalds for over a year cause I believe it to be the best coffee around. But will be not going back due to poor coffee makers there . Ny orders have been screwed up every time the last 7 times I have gone there. Not enough creamer or none at all, same...

McDonalds / level of hygiene

Nompendulo on Apr 24, 2016
have been going through to McD protea glen from its inception and things have been great. I have however noticed that the standard of hygiene and cleanliness had dropped tremendously over the past few months but what I experienced today was a total shock - flies everywhere and the floors with...

McDonalds - Maryland, california / cheeseburger was too small

bunnyyyr on Apr 15, 2016
the cheeae burger i ordered kept getting smaller each year. i go every month on the month and i weight t he burgers each time . i know they are getting smaller to save money on their burgers. i want my larger burger with fries like i used to get al ot. i hope that corpatre employyess see...

McDonalds - Illinois, Oak Brook / Discrimination

Anna on Apr 14, 2016
I lost my job because my boss found out that I have a tattoo. It is a small one and was always covered up. My colleagues once asked me about it and they were very interested in tattoos. They asked me questions about does it hurt, how much it costs and etc. My boss was passing by and heard...

McDonalds - South Carolina, Florence / Credit card scam

Vince on Apr 13, 2016
I made a new credit card about two months ago and the only place I used it was McDonalds drive thru. I just made a new card and since I was very hungry I decided to order something from McDonalds. I gave my card and McDonalds employee took it. Several minutes later the girl came back with...

McDonalds / steak egg and cheese biscuit and 2 for $5 meal

nancy epps on Apr 5, 2016
You got to be kidding im not loving it. You removed Mcdonalds the steak egg and cheese bisucut. For people who don't eat pork, bacon, ham this was a big seller. THe manager at the Amityville location told me to write in that they are losing a lot of business when they took this item out. I...

McDonalds - Wisconsin, South Milwaukee / New coffee cups

Geriann Dlapa on Mar 27, 2016
The new coffee cups at my local McDonalds store are the worst idea that I know of. They do not keep the coffee at an ideal temperature and they tend to slip out of your hand VERY easily. Please bring back the other cups. Until this happens I will NEVER go to another McDonalds again.

McDonalds - Illinois, Oak Brook / Terrible and extremely rude service

Gregory on Mar 23, 2016
I went to the drive through and ordered some food. But then I decided to change my order. When I told the manager that I want to pick another burger he replied very rudely. He also told me not to return. What? All I wanted was just another burger and he basically kicked me out! This wa...

McDonalds / This McDonald's branch is not using the standard ingredients!

S. Gomez on Mar 14, 2016
Here are my complaints about McDonald's Tagbilaran: 1) There is only one toilet available and it is used by both male and female customers. 2) They always ran out of stock of some of their meals. 3) Their guards are useless. They do not even call the attention of noisy customer...

McDonalds - Illinois, Oak Brook / Kicked out of McDonalds

Oscar on Mar 2, 2016
I went to the drive through at the McDonalds in Santa Rosa. And I have never had such bad service by the management ever in my life! I was given the wrong order so I asked for a manager. All I wanted was to get what I paid for and the manager was very rude and nasty! I was told to get out...

McDonalds / Drive Thru Lidcombe

Steven W Rogan on Feb 21, 2016
22/02/2016 To whom it may concern, (Preferably not the clown. It is internationally recognised as poor statesmanship to discuss matters of such magnitude with a clown) Last night, Sunday 21st of February, at precisely whatever time it was in the evening, I drove my internal combustion...

McDonalds - Florida, Valrico / 1/4 pound meal

Reviewer51898 on Feb 20, 2016
Ordered thr 1/4 pound meal at the drive thru at mcdonalds # 10038 in brandon/valrico fl. This is the third time the fries were cold and mussy, and the meat cold. Would not recommended this place. I can understand that many people eating there have left there to drive down to Wendy's for lunch much better and service with a smile.

McDonalds - New York, New York / Food

Sugaj on Feb 18, 2016
To Whom it my concern, Today February 18th I was supposed to have a good morning. I had a taste for some McDonalds and decided to visit the closer one near my job. I received my food and proceeded to work. As soon as I got to work I stopped by my coworkers cubicle and began eating breakfast. I...

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