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Taco Bell Complaints & Reviews

Taco Bell - Arkansas, Arkadelphia / wait time in the drive thru

Reviewer91032 on 2016-02-05
I love taco bell, could eat there everyday. I am in a small town( Arkadelphia, AR) where we only have 1 Taco Bell, the closest one outside of town is 40 miles. Anyway, I get 1 hour for lunch, drive 10 minutes to Taco Bell. Place my order in the drive thru and wait and wait and wait. It...

Taco Bell - Indiana, Nappanee / incorrect orders

Reviewer82216 on 2016-01-29
m SO ANGRY! I like sour cream with my Taco Bell food. I pay a LOT of extra money to get extra sour cream on the items I order. For the bazillionth time, when I got home with my food (I live 10 miles away and am not driving back to get it corrected), not only was there no extra sour cream...

Taco Bell - Missouri, Saint Louis / Hot taco, chicken soft taco, beefy five layer & chili cheese

Reviewer18977 on 2016-01-08
It's the seasoning. We got our food at the one on Skinker. I noticed the personnel that was there was changed; but so have the way the food is made. The hard taco wasn't very good, the chicken soft taco tasted nothing like the ones I had elsewhere (salty!); the beefy five layer...

Taco Bell / Coffee Machine has been broke down for a month.

Reviewer20488 on 2016-01-03
It is very sad they have a breakfast menu and the coffee machine has been broke down for a month. We have to take our coffee in from another business to have it with our crunch wraps. This is a multibillion dollar store seems like there could be a bun coffee maker with 2 pots instead of a...

Taco Bell - South Carolina, Dillon / Tacos and food

Reviewer99360 on 2016-01-03
I am very dissatisfied with your service your services are rude and i found a black hair in my tacos and my quesadillas was thrown together as if it was slop i eat here on a weekly basics and i spend at least 20 or more at this restaurant . I use to love it here but now im not to sure if i will be returning

Taco Bell - Nebraska, Bellevue / Indoor service

huskerdiver on 2015-12-25
Went in to get family meal. A dude was riding around on a mop bucket, acting like a fool. This was at the taco bell on galvin rd in bellevue nebraska. After 10 minutes of waiting to order, the dude rides the bucket behind the register and just sits there. After 5 more minutes he tells me I...

Taco Bell - Ohio, Oregon / my order

T Launder on 2015-12-23
On December 22, 2015 I used the drive-thru at the Taco Bell on Navarre Avenue in Oregon, Ohio. The time was 5:10 pm. I ordered a Nachos Supreme with no beans, a soft taco supreme and a large pepsi. The nachos not only had no beans, but it also did not have much of anything on it! I had...

Taco Bell - Tennessee, Memphis / Alot of things.

Scott Pierce on 2015-11-25
We have had problems with this Taco Bell before, but this one take the cake... We were ordering a Taco salad they didn't have the shells for them, then we decided to order a cantina bowl. Then they didn't have any beans or rice for it... We ended up ordering two beef supreme chalupas, two...

Taco Bell / Equipment always out of order/slow service

Reviewer98083 on 2015-11-08
Would the owner/franchise owner of the Taco Bell in Ft. Payne, AL please buy that store a coffee maker that works? Numerous times I have been told "that the coffee machine is down today". This last time, I know for a fact it had been down for close to a week, if not longer, because I had...

Taco Bell / Slow

Reviewer50929 on 2015-10-28
They recently built a new Taco Bell in our town - Not sure who was the one to design the biulding on the lot - Whoever sat the building where they did must not of even visited the site - The drive thru goes right between the only parking there is. So if you are parked on either side and...

Taco Bell - California, Torrance / Speed and priority

Reviewer41571 on 2015-10-22
I went to taco bell #028546 on 190th St in Torrance ca. There was a line in the drive through so I decided to go inside. When I got inside there was only 1 customer ahead I was in a hurry so I ordered a burrito supreme with a soft taco. I waited for about 10 minutes and they served the...

Taco Bell / Mildsauce for tacos

Leslie Richardson on 2015-09-21
I went in to order 2 soft tacos to go, they were made quick but there wasn't any mild sauce ? I asked behind the counter, the lady gave me 1 and said were out ?? How do you sell mexican food and run out of mild sauce ? All i can figure is when they were fired off the cruise liners they...

Taco Bell - Michigan, Redford / The wait and the service

Reviewer36543 on 2015-09-10
I came to the drive thru at 12:1pm in Redford, MI. After waiting 20 minutes I finally got to order. Once I got to the speaker the young lady was rude as well as told me I was unable to get a frozen drink because their machine is down...As usual!! Poor service

Taco Bell - Illinois, Rockford / Never has breakfast!

Reviewer99968 on 2015-08-31
3 times I have gone to Taco Bell located at 3114 11th St, Rockford, IL. and all 3 times they have had nothing available for breakfast at 7:30am! Except for the 3rd time, 08/31/15, there were hashbrowns available! WTF! Fed up I went across the street to micky D's...

Taco Bell - Illinois, Lisle / Horrible

Reviewer55988 on 2015-08-24
Went to Taco Bell in Lisle for lunch today. Waited forever in drive-through window despite only one car ahead of me. When I finally pulled to window was asked "Duh - what did you order again" (followed by giggling and "hey I told you, man" etc. among employees). Gave $10.43...

Taco Bell - Florida, Pompano Beach / Bad Employees

Jack Kohler on 2015-08-24
To whom it may concern: I live in Palm Aire, right off of Atlantic Blvd. in Pompano Beach, Florida. I have been looking forward to the new Taco Bell opening on Atlantic Blvd. On Saturday evening, August 22, I made my first visit. I have always enjoyed Taco Bell and have gone to several...

Taco Bell / Wait time

Reviewer23255 on 2015-08-23
I arrived in the drive thru at 1:24 pm on Sunday 8-23-15 and placed my order. There were 3 cars in front of mine . 7 minutes later the Cashier took my money and gave my drink . 4 minutes after that I received my burrito . While I appreciate hot food, Dalaquan could have apologized for my...

Taco Bell - California, Oakland / elizabeth

rosaangelina on 2015-08-13
Elizabeth throws money at clients, when the customers are ordering the food she drops the money & slams the window and says that they're pigs, their stupid people, and also that she throws the food at the customers, She makes the customers wait and instead of taking their order she...

taco bell mn - Minnesota, Brooklyn Center / very poor service

raypontius on 2015-08-05
I went there for lumch 2pm. one guy in front of me. stood there 5 minutes for him to order then I left no food. here is why. this guy does not work there but knew the girl taking orders and she turned to the manger and aksed her if he can get a discount on his meal and she said yes.i...

Taco Bell - California, Jamestown / not open

Tanna Brehm on 2015-07-13
I was told that this Taco Bell opened at 9am. I got there at 10:07 am. The doors were locked. So I tried drive-thru and sat there a couple m, in. The screen was blank and no-one answered me. Very upset. Not only did I not get what I wanted but I was planning to feed my employees at work. Which didn't happen.

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