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Dollar Tree Sotres, INC / Employee name Jennifer

Spring Simpson on Aug 26, 2016
As on 8/26/2016 I arrive at store 1731 15298 US Highway 19 S Thomasville, GA 31757. What happen. I have a son that has a brain injury. He can not have any type of energy drinks. He ask a cashier where they are in the store. I let the cashier know he can not have any type. One cashier wa......

Www. Be2 .fi.......pages in Finland / The termination of contract made at their www pages

Pekka Mankinen on Aug 26, 2016
I made one month agreement by paying by credit card company. Contract was automaticly continuing until not terminated within agreed period 14 days of agreed contract.I followed the onstructions but counterpart at be2.fi was playing time in order I will lose this 14 days period. Then they......

KFC / Customer service not good.

Sharlet on Aug 26, 2016
On 8/13/16 I drove into the KFC drive thru. I ordered a 2 piece $5 box. I ordered 2 apple pies. I received my soda and was told to go around and park. I did. I sat in my car for a amount of time that seemed to be extremely long. I went inside and all of the staff except 1 person was in the......

pixypopparty / paw patrol cups

marcusnjenn on Aug 26, 2016
I placed an order a month ago and reminded her last week I had not received it. She proceeded to tell me she sends out the week prior, okay no big deal. I contacted again this week on Tuesday considering I needed the cups for our sons party this weekend. I finally got an e mail stating it......

Myan Palace / Timeshares

krosroads on Aug 26, 2016
The sales people told us we would own our timeshare forever and it could be given to family members.Turns out it was a 10 year use of the resort on our week. We were also told that the rental of the week would actually make us money and that it would be a good investment. Completely untrue and......

Italist / Winner

Leonarich on Aug 26, 2016
I've ordered from Italist quite a few times in the past, they have the cutest clothing, and the prices are pretty good. I live in U.S and I usually just get regular shipping which they say takes 2-3weeks, but I've never received a package later than the following week. Italist has the most......

Militaryfares.com / making flight plans

Tenorzelle Sturtevant on Aug 26, 2016
I made reservation for a flight on Aug 8. On Aug 18, the company wanted my military information. When I tried to call the company, there was no English speaking individuals to talk to. As a matter of fact, the phone number hung up on me. I tried several times to contact this company, with......

Go Daddy Operating Company / Go Daddy-- Is Go Daddy Too Big to Fail?

The Dog-Owner Connection on Aug 26, 2016
Is Go Daddy Too Big to Fail? I say yes. As a client of “Go Daddy” since 2000, they have failed me. With the size of their company, many departments to which they can pass the buck and their flock of attorneys, they can’t fail but I, the small business owner, can’t win. Even though they......

yahoo.com mail / yahoo.com mail

frustrated with yahoo on Aug 26, 2016
I cannot type a simple email because your system pops up ads on the side bar. when they are revolving your email page will NOT allow me to type anything: it simply stops waiting for ad to display. This would be ok but your stupid ads rotate every 9 seconds or less. Every time the system......

Airheads / Candy

Rebecca Perry on Aug 26, 2016
They ripped of culvers and the song is annoying. I have also tried the candies and they are really hard. I felt like my teeth we going to either rot of crack or even break. I do not reccomend the bites but the actual airheasd are delicious....

Romil Azemat / Allstate Appliances, scottsdale AZ

Romil Beqashakhoshabo on Aug 26, 2016
Absolutely the WORST experience I ever had. Purchased and paid in cash Gaggenau appliances 3 month before our move in, when the delivery date approached their delivery guys came to my house with 2 of my 7 appliances i had purchased, the delivery guy did not know where rest of my stuff wa......

Yahoo News / Yahoo news

Leanne12117 on Aug 26, 2016
Yahoo news- does anyone really need to tell you that posting a story about some sick and twisted psychopaths abusing and subsequently slitting a dogs throat on social is not a good idea? Not only is it utterly disturbing and upsetting, you are also giving the perpetrators exactly what they want- attention....

The Sign Chef.com / vinyl lettering

L. Ann Hood on Aug 26, 2016
This place is a farce!!! How can you jack up pricing from $692 to $2, 596 on vinyl lettering for a 26' truck?????? Last year I ordered 4 sets (2 small trucks, 2 large trucks) for less than $2, 200. Won't honor their pricing that I have available to me in my account. Won't be going back and......

Pepsi Cola Product / Soda

Kristi21387 on Aug 26, 2016
Ever since i was a young girl pepsi has been my favorite brand of pop. Its all i drink. I buy a 24 pack of cans every 2 days. But recently i am very disappointed because for the last few months mostly all the cans have been flat and taste funny, also making me sick, as for my son as well......

Straight talk customer service reps / Alcatal one touch galaxy core prime

Robin Mayer 9 on Aug 26, 2016
Hello, My name is Robin Mayer. I tried to call to customer service number to get help with phone I just purchased. The man was extremely rude. If I asked him to repeat, he replied "What did I just say?" I could not talk to him in a way that would help me get tech support. I asked......

Pizza Hut / delivery

sh@n on Aug 26, 2016
on 08-24-2016 I ordered 2 large pizzas for delivery and it took them 45 minutes to bring my dinner out and when I got it the pizza was ice cold I don't know how many stops the driver had to make but it was awful and I couldn't eat it a total waist of money...

A & E Factory / Repair of Samsung Refrigerator

George-Ann on Aug 26, 2016
On August 15, 2016, I have a technician from A & E Factory come to my home to fix a water leakage problem in the Cool/Select Pantry of my refrigerator as well as a sheet of ice underneath this drawer. He cleans out a tube behind the refrigerator and tells me I won't have any more problem......

Hollard / Cell phone claim

Jayshiba on Aug 26, 2016
I Jabu policy no GMPOL1229448 Put in a claim beginning of June for a lost phone and August is nearly over I have not received my phone I have paid excess fee already .on the 18th of August I was told by a call centre agent named Dean that my claim was approved, he took down my address and......

American Red Cross / Refused CNA testing

akohfeld on Aug 26, 2016
My son went to take his CNA skills test at the Sacramento Red Cross location and they told him he could not take it because his "cough sounded contagious". It sounds just like someone who has allergies. He was born at 26 weeks, he has asthma, allergies, and the air is heavy with smoke. He......

Barrister Global Services Network / Class Action Law Suit

Angary Tech on Aug 26, 2016
I am Looking for other contractors that have been cheated by Barrister Global Service Network to join in Class action Law Suite Against Barrister Global Service Network Contact Me At class.action.barrister@gmail.com. You must have either a E-mail Trail or Paper trail to back up your claim......

ethernetextender.com/ / Daniel Cook Enable It & ethernetextender.com

Lulu Shore on Aug 26, 2016
Daniel Cook CEO of 2 scam companies enableit.com & ethernetextender.com. all his products started a fire in our server room. do not buy they are cheap chinese junk....

Multichoice / Poor and unprofessional service

Cilliers on Aug 26, 2016
26/8/16. Cust no 8155575. I applied for a the compact explorer deal via sms. Agent called me and all information was disclosed iro income and expenses, etc. I received an e-mail requesting proof of income and id. On 26/8/16 the bank statements reflecting my adress which reflects tree......

Lastman's Bad Boy / Shady Business Practice - Bedroom Set

Matt from Kitchener on Aug 26, 2016
The story is that we bought a bedroom set for our son from Bad Boy Kitchener. We bought a Queen Bed, Dresser, Tallboy Dresser, and 2 Night Stands with the Solid Gold plan. The total was around $2300.00. After we got home, we did some measurements and discovered that all the furniture......

Federal Express Ground / Delivery Problems and Driver Complaint

FedUpWithFedEx on Aug 26, 2016
I have a driver that works my apartment complex under a Contractor. I chased one shipment for 3 weeks on a daily basis that I had scheduled for a Saturday delivery - I paid extra for a Saturday delivery to Fed Ex and also paid Fed Ex for a 2 hour window for late afternoon. The Saturday of......

Fred Loya Insurance / Horrible customer service representives this company does not care at all

Ksny on Aug 26, 2016
My son was hit by a Fred Loya driver on 7/26/2016. On 8-3-2016 my car was deemed a total loss. They gave me a rental and now they want me to pay for the rental. You never sent a payout for my car and I'm stuck paying for interest on a loan for a car that I don't have. Your people are horrible with communication, not trust worthy .#860889 clm number...
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