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Panera Bread Complaints & Reviews

Panera Bread - Alabama, Auburn / Service, Emily

Reviewer82808 on 2016-01-25
I went to Panera Bread on January 25, 2015 at 7:08 pm. I order two half salads with no cheese or almonds. When I got home I had a half salad and a turkey sandwich. I immediately return it back to Panera Bread and explained to Emily who took my order. Emily apologized and took the bag. She...

Panera Bread / Manager

Reviewer71509 on 2016-01-24
I go to panera all the time and today the day after a snow storm the manager was complaining about these young girls that were not able to make it in. This manager needs to realize that those girls are going off of what there parents are telling them I would guess and most of the girls in...

Panera Bread - Pennsylvania, Langhorne / Turkey bacon blt with avocado , soup

jenna3 on 2016-01-07
My sandwich was a gross slimy mess when I went to bite into it . Avocado with Mayo is disgusting!This was suppose to a healthy sandwich. Instead of having vegetable soup that they were out of . I was asked if I would mind substituting my vegetable soup for chicken noodle which hardly had...

Panera Bread / High sodium content.

Reviewer16616 on 2016-01-02
I love Panera Bread's broth bowls . They are wonderful but I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure so I am cautious about eating out. I looked up the nutritional content of the Lentil broth bowl (my favorite!) and i was shocked by the sodium content. It was more than my daily...

Panera Bread - Illinois, Naperville / Menu

Reviewer79924 on 2015-12-29
I have been pleased with the service and menu of Panera Bread and a longtime customer. I am a vegetarian and when I order a delicious salad from the menu minus the meat, I still get charged the same price. I would appreciate if they can have a price for salads with meat and another price for salad without meat. Thanks for your consideration.

Panera Bread - North Carolina, Greenville / General Manager

Reza Azad on 2015-12-09
I am one of everyday customer of Panera, I've been spending money in this store more than 5 years every single day and always trying to be nice to all the people working in there. Some friends of mine complained about the general manager of this store, I mean the way he talks to foreign...

Panera Bread - Florida, Sarasota / food quality and service

Lee Johnson on 2015-12-08
I sent my daughter in to Punier in gulf gate, Sarasota fl. to get our usual macaroni bread bowl and turkey bacon advacado sandwhich after ordering and waiting about 15 min. was told there was no sour dough bread for my samdwich and no bread bowls for her macaroni. this was the whole reason...

Panera Bread - New York, Farmingdale / Rude delivery driver

Stephen Seligson on 2015-12-04
I was in the store in Melvlle New York Dec 4 about 9:30 Am. I came out of the store and there was a tractor trailer that was blocking my car. It was a Panera truck making a delivery. I asked the driver to please move his truck so I can get out. He told me very rudely he is not going to...

Panera Bread - Wisconsin, Madison / Wilted/rotten lettuce in my salad

Reviewer42151 on 2015-12-03
Good afternoon, I picked up lunch to go from Panera Bread Café 1552 on December 3rd in Madison, Wisconsin and could not believe the amount of rotten pieces of lettuce I had in my Asian Sesame Chicken Salad. I frequent Panera frequently and will continue to do so, but could not believe...

Panera Bread - Ohio, Lancaster / Glass coffee cups....and broccoli cheese soup.....

Maggie Bennett on 2015-11-10
my daughter and i along with my grandaughter(13 months old) were in the Lancaster Ohio Panera at about 11:40 a.m this morning..i ordered a cup of coffee..our cashier handed me a paper cup..normally they ask idf i want paper cup or glass coffee mug..i always choose glass as the coffee burn...

Panera - Illinois, Decatur / Customer Service When Ordering On The Phone

Reviewer85412 on 2015-11-08
Hi, As a long time customer of Panera products I thought you would be interested in my conversation this a.m. with the Panera store in Decatur Il.. I went online this morning trying to order bread. I was having trouble with your sight and called the store to schedule a pick up order for...

Panera Bread / Drive through order not delivered properly

Reviewer81335 on 2015-11-04
I asked for a Tuna on lettuce, tomato, onion, no bread. I got a sandwich with the largest pieces of bread ever. I have come through this drive through for the last few years and never got the sandwich and I order it like I always do. When I finally got a chance to eat lunch, I realized the...

Panera Bread - New Hampshire, Keene / Service and Cleanliness

Reviewer35655 on 2015-11-03
I visit Panera Bread with my family in the Keene, NH location weekly and have done so for a few years now. There are many issues: - Slowness - On average when you get in the line and you are the 3rd person waiting in line, you wait about 15 minutes to be served. - Never Hazelnut coffee or...

Panera Bread - Texas, Houston / General Management

Reviewer10421 on 2015-11-01
I live right around the corner from Panera so we go there with some frequency. I also have visited many Panera locations and I can say without a doubt, this is the worse managed Panera Bread I've ever visited. Just today, my family was at their door at 7:15 a.m. Both doors were locked...

Panera Bread - Massachusetts, Chelmsford / Catering

Reuben Sivan on 2015-10-27
Yesterday I called the Chelmsford, MA Panera Bread location to confirm they can deliver next day, to my company, a lunch order for ten people. They told me, just go on line and order your order before the end of day. I put together an order for ten lunch items plus drinks, my credit card...

Panera Bread / Bad treated employees

Henry Platz on 2015-10-24
I went to butler Panera bread and a girl was doing 2 jobs. She came out from the back and was crying. It is not there job to take over someone else's job. That is what the managers are for. Also you only ever see girls doing that job which I think is sick, that's a guys job to take out the...

Panera Bread - Florida, Zephyrhills / Terrible Service

Reviewer79961 on 2015-10-23
I ordered and prepaid through the online "rapid-pickup" service before 10am on Monday for an order I needed to pick up at 3:30pm on Tuesday (well over 24 hours in advance). The store left a message at my home number the next day 2 minutes before the scheduled pick-up to say they didn't...

Panera Bread - Texas, San Antonio / Bread Bowls

Reviewer76238 on 2015-10-22
I love Panera and most of the food offered, but the one item I go in to buy all of the time is the Creamy Tomato Soup in a Bread Bowl. The problem is, I hardly ever receive this order because after 4:00PM, Panera seems to run out of bread bowls. This has been happening to me for years and...

Panera Bread / Customer service

Terri Day on 2015-10-21
This complaint is for your new.store located in McDonough, Ga, store #4313. I visited your store for the first time on Monday, October 19 and ordered the FULL turkey, Apple and cheddar sandwich, To Go. After receiving my order, I noticed my bag was a little light in weight, check my order...

Panera Bread / Bread & bowl of soup

Reviewer73175 on 2015-10-21
Bread was ok but advertising it as a "bowl" insinuates to me that I actually get a "bowl" of soup. They provide a cup of soup with their bread bowl, hardly enough to moisten the bowl, and the apple provided was obviously last years, or from far far away and had a blemish a...

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