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Panera Bread Complaints & Reviews

Panera Bread / Conversation between manager and an employee

CaringSharon on Jan 18, 2017
After several days of illness, my husband and I were enjoying bowls of Broccoli Cheddar Soup together at our Owasso, Oklahoma Panera Bread. At that time, the store manager decided to have a session of chewing out an employee at the nearest table to us. It was extremely uncomfortable and we...

Panera Bread / Roasted turkey avocado blt

Emma Jane Haught on Jan 18, 2017
I usually have a great experience at Panera. I love the food, and the service is usually good. But today it was very frustrating. I went to get a you pick two with the turkey Avocado blt half sandwich and Mac and cheese. The Mac and cheese was half full in the you pick two portion, and the...

Panera Bread / Pick up area

Kristin Ashleigh on Jan 17, 2017
When I was at the Park Ridge Panera and ordered through the kiosk I changed a couple things on the sandwich, ALL of which I pay extra for. When I went to the pick up area and waited for the to-go order I hear a lady yell about the things I changed and called it "weird". she then gives an...

Panera Bread / Customer service department

garystewart on Jan 17, 2017
On Friday, Jan 13, I received an email with the following message: "Your Panera Bread gift card automatic reload failed". This in spite of having a balance of $74.99. My account is set to reload $50 when the balance reaches $25. I have tried to get someone at Panera Customer Service...

Panera Bread / I was hired to work part time 27 december 2016. New store on ankeny blve

Linda Cole on Jan 16, 2017
December the 27th I had an interview with Panera Bread in Ankeny Iowa a new store opening. I was hired by Michelle Hanson 563-663-0602 and had to do a back ground check. And also had to send in paperwork I was on disability to the company. I contacted Michelle more than once when I was to...

Panera Bread / 12300 biscayne blvd, miami fl location

Concerned222 on Jan 16, 2017
We luv panera bread! But the location in miami, fl 12300 biscayne blvd, has a homeless guy living in the restaurant. He's there at opening 6am, leaves his bags & personal items in the booth, next to an outlet, they let him bathe in the bathrooms and take out trash at closing. He leaves hi...

Panera Bread / Harassment

Dani Davila on Jan 15, 2017
I am a Ex employee of Punier Bread, As I was not fired just taking off the schedule without notice. I called out previously to the new schedule being put out as my uncle had surgery. I have worked for Punier Bread for 2 Years and just currently transferred to a new state/Location. Since...

Panera Bread / I wanted mac & cheese and I got onion soup!!

Eviemp18 on Jan 15, 2017
I asked for the half and half meal. I asked for a mac & cheese and chicken noodle soup. But I got a gross looking poop colored onion soup! I am very disappointed in the service! Does panera location is near bread located in the old colony plymouth! I'm extremely mad and I deserve a refund! My number is 339-832-5053! I'm extremely mad! Im very mad!

Panera Bread Cafe / Slow service

CristinaN on Jan 15, 2017
I visited the Cafe located in Doral Florida #1124 305-406-4330, check # 528152 at 1:25 pm on Friday 1/13/2017, I placed my order for two people and was handed the little contraction to place on my table. Others that I saw arrived after I did and placed their order after my were getting...

Panera Bread / Awful experience

Sarmcn89 on Jan 14, 2017
I went to panera at around 9pm... The cashier who was very friendly took my order... I ordered a tuna salad sandwich with a modern greek salad with quinoa... Oh and a large green tea (I love the green tea) anyway i'm standing at the counter enjoy my tea waiting for my food and the person...

Panera Bread / Quality of service and food

Veronica McCargar on Jan 13, 2017
Grand rapids, mi location 3738 - 99 monroe ave nw Our company has been using panera since this store opened for our catering needs, and from the beginning we established what I thought was a great relationship. Over the course of a a few years, management and staff has changed at panera...

Panera Bread / Cafe order 925823 - didn't get the sandwich

K Tracy on Jan 12, 2017
I placed a to-go order today at the panera location in cedar hill, tx. When I got home, I realized that the 1/2 blt roast turkey & avocado wasn't in tbe bag & I couldn't go back & get it. I love this restaurant & have I have never had any complaints in the past. Just wanted to notify you...

Panera Bread / Poor customer service

Jenny Ketring on Jan 12, 2017
Good morning, I am a sales rep that delivers lunches almost daily to veterinarian clinics. 3 out of 5 times, I pick up Panera Bread. I was in Springfield, OH yesterday to pick up a lunch around 11:45 for lunch at a clinic about 2 minutes down the road, which was scheduled to start at noon...

Panera Bread / Beet, quinoa, citrus salad

Autumn Schmaltz on Jan 9, 2017
Date: 1-9-17 Check #303187 Café 3732 Order #387 I was extremely disappointed with the new salad I had tonight at the St. Joseph, MI store. When the bowl arrived it was less than half full and looked pathetic. I could not find any beets in it, maybe 2 citrus slices and a few broken pieces of...

Panera Bread / Service

BeaMor on Jan 9, 2017
I went today jan9/17 to panera bread cafè 4405 rego park, ny 11374, and had such a bad service from the cashier "justin", and the manager "emilio lanus". I bought potato soup, 2 sides of chicken, and also paid For 2 slices of bread (An specific bread I asked the cashier to sell me...

Panera Bread / Terrible customer service!

Alex Gordon on Jan 3, 2017
I go to Panera this afternoon wanting a smoothie because I wasn't hungry - thank goodness. I arrive at the intercom and automatically the woman gave me an attitude for no reason. I haven't even spoken a word. Proceeding, I asked if the superfruit smoothie was good because I missed the old...

Panera Bread / tomato basil bread reduced to half its size????

Linda Ehrman on Jan 3, 2017
I was so upset when I ordered my napa valley chicken salad on tomato basil bread and got a tiny little sandwich. they cut the bread size in half?? why so you can make more money than you already do??I decided to order it with only tomato and th girl put 3 slices of tomato o each hale of...

Panera Bread / Bagel pack

Debccc3 on Jan 3, 2017
I ordered on line the Bagel Pack, this was for a grieving family who had lost a family member. Went to pick it up, it wasn't ready or even started. When it finally was ready, 13 bagels just thrown loosely into a shopping bag, 2 cartons of cream cheese, and thats it. I was not about to take...

Panera Bread / Staff

Michelle Kassel on Jan 3, 2017
Workers rude and annoyed when my daughter came in a few minutes before store closing early for new year holiday. She didn't know. Workers voicing how disgusted they were being there and when she asked for a particular item they were rude about it. My older two children work retail/fast...

Panera Bread / The food presentation

goodmabry on Jan 2, 2017
Today I ordered a you pick two from the local Penara Bread in Sandusky Ohio. The Customer service was fine the drive through worker was very pleasant and accommodating. However when I got home and began to eat my Fuji apple salad first I noticed how unappetizing and poorly prepared the...

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