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Subway / Bad customer service

judy hultquist on Jan 16, 2017
We stopped at 1pm for dinner, there were 5 people ahead of us so we were patient and knew they were probably going to be busy because there was a basketball tournament that started in the morning. There were 2 gentlemen working, didn't have name tags that I seen, one was heavier set and...

Subway / Service

Derrick Pringer on Jan 11, 2017
I was at the Subway at the Walmart Super Center in Jefferson City Missouri on January 11, 2016. After going through the line and getting my sandwich made, I was at the checkout line ready to pay. Despite having 3 employees working, the employees kept making sandwich after sandwich of other...

Subway / employee lack of knowledge of sandwich standards

Vannessah Morss on Jan 10, 2017
My teens love, love, love Subway and they always get the same sandwiches. A footlong turkey and pepperoni has 8 slices of turkey and 6 of pepperoni. Last night, your employee made my son's sandwich with 7 slices of turkey and 5 of pepperoni. I corrected her, and she did throw on another...

Subway / Customer service & online orders

Monique Samra on Jan 5, 2017
I placed an online order today and my online reciept said my order would be ready at 12:10 pm. I got to the Subway at that time and was told my order was never received. I checked my paypal and my bank account and the $27.06 was debited from my account. When the employees called the owner...

Subway / Employees

Kellyb1224 on Jan 3, 2017
We just left the subway in ashe co (Not the one in walmart) and the lady that helped us, sheila, was incredible. She was extremely nice and very very friendly. The problem came into play when it was time to pay. 2 other male employees were standing at the register loudly talking about...

Subway / Poor customer service

Sheyanna Withers on Dec 20, 2016
I called to the Subway on 1577 New Garden Rd in Greensboro NC on 12/20/16 to place an order for a classic combo platter. First a young lady answered the phone and I explained to her what I was calling for and she gave the phone to a gentleman who proceed to take my order. The gentleman wa...

Subway / Service

otcho on Dec 9, 2016
To whom it may concern, isnt it alarming that some staff in subway khalifa street branch abu dhabi don't know what good attitude means . and maybe dont even know what customer service means.. well the management should educate them the right way to serve customer, it compose of smile and...

Subway / Service

Ankit patel90 on Nov 18, 2016
I had visited gandhinagar, Gujarat subway on 18th November and i was very pissed off when i did order an aaloo patty, mexican patty and mexican salad. I did talk with store manager mr. Kanu patel that i require my sub as salad more saucy. I dont take all sauces thought he didnt listen. I...

Subway / Product and service

Last time 8 on Nov 17, 2016
Went to Subway in Arlington, TX at 3646 Matlock ordered the Turkey Reuben. I'm on the email for specials, which was Reuben footlong for $7. The lady tells me while paying that this time she'll let me have the sandwich without sauerkraut but next I have to order with or can't do it. I tried...

Subway / Carved turkey sub

mrinnocent on Nov 16, 2016
The Carved Turkey Sub is advertised on local television and in the window of the restaurant as having 3 pieces of meat. I have ordered the sandwich 2 separate times and both times the Sub only had 2 slices of meat. When I mentioned this to the sandwich artist, she had no idea what I wa...

Subway - River Grove,IL / I am complaining about the employee,she said the bathrooms were not working

Monica Carlson on Nov 12, 2016
The women employee said the bathrooms were not working. She had signs on them that said out of order. After she wouldn't let me in she let a woman in that had 2 girls, and she let in 2 men After we saw that I got up and said please buzz me in the bathroom. It was too late. By the time I...

Subway / Was given false information

AmyCohen1985 on Oct 23, 2016
Today, 10/23/16, I went to the local subway and order a foot long, and asked for Cheesy and Broccoli soup through the drive-thru. The girl talking back to me said that they only had potato soup. Before I go any further, let me just say I am a vegetarian. I asked the girl if it had meat...

Subway / Rude employee

Penguin1111 on Oct 20, 2016
Subway on reassessed and Columbia turnpike employee named Jessica was very ride looks gross and very UN professional and not good at her job she looks like she has a disease . its gross the manager Chris he is rude and I will never go back there. He is very very rude and meson Jessica i...

Subway / Savory rotisserie chicken cesar wrap

DebbieF on Oct 20, 2016
Would just like to know why you have pulled the wraps from the menu! They were available yesterday...went to get one today and they were pulled. Asked the girl working why, and was told, "I don't know. They called this morning and told us to pull them off." Every time you put something on the menu that everyone loves, you pull it off the menu. SAD

Subway In Deerfield Beach Hillsboro / Rude service

Marilyn Ingber on Oct 19, 2016
I walked into the Subway approximately 5:20 on Tuesday, October 18th, to get a sandwich and was greeted by a young woman, who's hat said Rachel, who proceeded to give me my sandwich along with her attitude problem, she was very rude and nasty., she appeared to be distracted by the next...

Subway / Very rude customer service and bad attitude

Kenneth O. Montgomery on Oct 16, 2016
When In To Grab a Sandwich and the Young Man Wouldn't wait t listen when we try to order he kept trying to give us something else then what we wanted, kept telling my wife what she wanted and she had to repeat thats all and he he kept trying to push stuff off on her she didnt ask for, we...

Subway, 1655 Morthland Dr., (US 30) Valparaiso Indiana 46385 219.462.0084 / Veggie Delite Sandwich

annabarbie on Oct 16, 2016
Ordered foot long Veggie Delite and it only had six (6) leafs of spinach on one 1/2 and seven (7) leafs on the other 1/2. All the veggies were very lite, had plenty of bread. Your pictures show plenty of veggies on the entire sandwich. Very disappointed!! Sunday, 10.16.2016 11:00am Refund, send to email listed below: annabarbie@comcast.net

Subway / Upside down sandwiches

June Melloy on Sep 7, 2016
Every Subway that I go to makes their sandwiches upside down, placing the meat on the top of the bun, instead of the bottom of the bun where it belongs. I'm sick and tired of telling them to make it correctly!If you're a customer, do you want an upside down sandwhich? Your answer should be...

Subway / Rude and disrespectful behaviour

Cortez Emerson on Sep 6, 2016
There was a woman working in there during lunch hours who was being unbelievably rude. My friends and I were standing back and talking, while deciding what to order. She then said "Are you guys going to eat or" and we at first were nice in turn and apologized. She went to the back and came back and said "Umm are you ready now" in a rude tone.

Subway / Children working alone at night

Regina Jones on Aug 27, 2016
I went into a subway in Colleyville tx there was one little boy in there working by himself ge looked lije he was no older than 16 yrs old. the lije was too long. for him to handle so just how old can you be working in a restaurant at sixteen with no management available in case something...

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