Zulekha Hospitalroom admission

C Nov 15, 2018

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this complaint with regards to discrepancy with room on what my insurance has approved and what the hospital is giving. I was admitted in Zulekha Dubai twice.

On the first instance I had to do a colonoscopy, they admitted me to a three bedroom place for they said there were no available private rooms and once there is an availability they will transfer us immediately. So we keep following up for the room before and after the surgery but still nothing happened.

Second instance is for a surgery as well, while I was in admission they informed me that the insurance approved both private and a ward room. I tried to clarify this instance to the admission clerk and she told me that rooms are full and the insurance approved a ward room as well. This was when I tried to call the contact center of my insurance and ThEy confirmed that the approval was for a private room. The insurance agent assisted me through this process and even tried to talk to the nurse in charge but apparently they said they will just contact the insurance department here in the hospital and will update us. I tried to follow up with my insurance and he said he called the hospital to inform them about this and they told him that I will be transferred once the operation is done. Unfortunately even after the surgery I was still put in the same room.

This is completely a disappointing experience for your customers. We are not getting the service that our insurance has paid for. I wish you can look upon this cases because clearly this will make a big impact with regards to your customer satisfaction.

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