World Wide AcquisitionsFake Charity Fundraiser

B Aug 03, 2018

This is a modern day 'Ponzi Scheme'. Stay away.

A bunch of York University college students thought they could be clever by creating fake companies to earn quick money. They target naive people to become door-to-door salesmen and use the REAL FUNDS from donations, product sales, or whatever it is they get you to subscribe to pay THEMSELVES, and give their employees a small cut. When all of this comes to light, you don't want to be caught in the cross hairs. Stay away. All of the fake positive reviews online are by these same alumni former-students.

Some other companies in the chain are Harris Global Enterprise, TNI, and DCF Advanced Marketing

Here is an excerpt from the Ontario Government:
"Charity scam
Phony fundraisers can contact you through mail, e-mail, telephone, or by knocking on your door. They claim to represent a charitable organization that may have a similar name to a legitimate charity. Once you make your donation, there is usually nothing you can do to get your money back."
This is from :

They are trying to make unsuspecting naive people the scam artists by making legitimate looking job postings, don't be a part of it! Report them and RUN!!!

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