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Brad Banducci is the Chief Executive Officer RE the communication of YOUFOODZ to the public ...Social responsibility â€" considering the
social, ethical and environmental impact of Woolworths’ activities and operations and setting standards and monitoring compliance with the Company’s social responsibilities and practices; Our Australian Food team has rallied behind our purpose ‘we bring a little good to everyone every day' and is working towards a clear strategy to put our customers 1st: YOUFOODZ to the public how does this ad using the word'Fork' help and benefit that child in the ad as well as increase the contribution to the states education and the child( and others) well being to the life of Victorian children and young people. How do you raise the standards of Victorian to actively participate in your business with these NEGAVITVE IMPACTING Innuendos is that what you have to resort to to get hold of the younger market. Can you think of nothing else to attract that market. ON THE BLOCK was a family show now because of your add I have had second thoughts it is no longer appropriate for some children WHEN A PEER IS PROMOTING ..Innuendos... on your sponsored ads Obviously your marketing researchers have little respect for children and your company to design such an ad. I always have shopped at your store now I am spreading the word how you advertising is at the detriment to children fostering negative values. yes I will still shop there but I am voicing it to all I meet in your stores because maybe someone will here it. So sad for a little boy to get paid to indirectly swear on television and think it is okay Really if you employ staff and they indirectly swear at you; you hire them???? your advertising policy needs adjusting to take care of the well being of our future kids. Thankyou for your time spell check what for you like half truths so what is wrong with going against spelling rules and instructions not to be completed properly its all about underlying trickery and deceit for kids Just relly ???? DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR POLICIES ADN YOUR APPROACH TO THE YOUNGER MINDS OF THE FUTURE.

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