SUBMIT A COMPLAINT — shipping disputes and issues as a wish merchant

G Aug 03, 2018

I have been using Wish for a short time now, their platform is great though it needs major changes for Merchants operating out of the UK. They say they will keep your payments unless you use a Wish approved merchant, These merchants are listed on their page. When you try to open accounts with these UK Shipping operators they redirect you to their sister sites, I tried DHL and it sent me to iPostParcels. So i decided to use parcelforce and as my package was small i was advised by parcelforce to use their Royal Mail International Track & Trace. Royal Mail is a link on their page and at the bottom of the parcelforce page it states, ©Parcelforce Part of the Royal Mail Group.
I then used the service and uploaded the tracker number but it keeps returning saying use a Wish verified shipping operator. I purchased my shipping from a link on the page that Wish directed me to so i do not see the issue. It appears to be no less than a scam of some sort .

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