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N Nov 08, 2018
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Have tried to put in a complaint and the screen went blank, so there is NO WAY of getting a complaint across. Firstly I ordered clothing and sleep wear as per sizing chart and description. What arrived had obviously shrunk and was not the quality promised. Embarrassing photos ensued and I wanted to return items. No, you just get a refund. Stuck with useless garments but local Charity Store wins. Purchase random items that never arrive, you keep waiting and by the time you have remembered they haven't arrived ( because shipping is snail mail ) you have exceeded their time frame for refunds. The best one wa the shoes I bought with only one shoe arriving! ) Toys, the children are small in comparison to the toys that arrives. They are cheap and small. You have paid a lot for toys you wouldn't even look twice at in a bargain store. Once again, u get a refund, and the charity store wins. Garden items...what could go wrong there? Solar ground lights 12 in a pack...yea! Bargain as the photos show twelve on the ground..nope..one arrives...12 LED LIGHTS IN ONE GROUND LIGHT! Two pack Flickering Solar Torches, umm do I buy one piece or two as asked...but it clearly states TWO in ONE PACK. ok. Buy one piece and only ONE arrives...this merry go round went on for months. I have finally purchased elsewhere because the torches died and i am FED UP with WISH by now. But, I have still paid for items that haven't yet arrived by said date. So I go to the site ( yesterday ) to lodge a complaint, with their charming " assistant " who gives you two options, shut up or request a refund, only to find my account has been " flagged " for excessive refunds! If they didn't have such a black and white policy, shut up or refund..if they had truthful vendors...if they let you return said items...I wouldn't be bloody " flagged ". Yes, it's a whole virtual store of con men selling false and faulty items. There is NO comeback. There is no customer feedback ( that they want, or are willing to listen to, because there is no option ) and that figure that what they have refunded me and what I have lost in waiting time and money kind of balances out. But now I've been " flagged " the scales have been tipped to their side with no recourse for name to defend myself. And I'm really upset about being considered " flagged " as I believe in fair trade. And WISH is not fair at all. All lollies and candy as far as the eye can see, but...you WILL eventually pay the price when your teeth rot. Never again will I purchase from that site, and I will be warning others ...still chuckling over the one shoe...even the charity store didn't win that time!!

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