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Firstly, the advise rendered by the customer care executive (Cce) over the call was false which resulted in me recharging for certain amount which bears no resemblance to my need or the advise of the cce. Thereafter, when i called airtel customer care today, the cce who answered the call had no answers for my concern, and when requested to transfer the call to his manager, the cce disconnect the call and never returns back. Is this the service for which airtel places cce who carry the no - responsibility attitude?

The service of airtel cce is absolutely worst. The cce was not able to understand my concern but for repeating his words again and again.


  • Sa
    Sajan Johnson Apr 14, 2008

    I belongs to Bommanahally area In Bangalore, Karnataka.

    I have paid an amount 2730 ( 2500 Installation charege + 230 Plan charge ) to Sify broadband agent in 1st Week of March 2008. The agent as well as |Sify customer care promised promised me that they give connection within 3 Days. After 4 days there was no response from the Sify agent. I called hom several times he told me to give the connection next day. this was continued for more than 20 days. at last i called sify customer care they said that my name is not registered with them and amout was not received to sify.

    Next day i went to police station, register a complaint against Sify agent . before reaching there i just psent a message to the sify agent saying that i am going to register complaint.
    At the moment he called me and within 1 hr, the agent paid the amount to sify and i got a registration ID .

    After this incident again no response from sify agent. Lot of phone calls and messages didnt help me.

    Again i registered number of complaints against the sify agent. but no response.At last I contacted sify chennai office and registered a complaint.

    within 2 hrs, the agent came and installed everything for the connectivity.

    After 1 day the connectivity lost..

    I called the agent and sify customer care several times still the issue is open.

    I am totally disappointed with the service of sify.

    they are simply collecting money from people and cheating .

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  • Dh
    Dheepa Rajaguru May 08, 2008


    My mobile number is 9710903773.

    I took the post paid connection through Wipro in the month of April, I received the bill for April month as Rs 292.But when i tried to pay by my bill through online Rs 478 has been deducted.

    Please let me know why double the amount has been debited?Will the extra amount will be refunded?

    Please send me the reply to my email id [email protected]

    And also i have sent a mail to deactivate my number 9710903773 temporarily since im out of station for a month and i haven't got any reply..Please let me know the status of too...

    Awaiting for ur earilest reply
    Thanks Dheepa

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  • Ab
    abhishek dikshit Aug 01, 2008

    i am retail patner for powerzone AMARARAJA BATTERIES LTD AT NARYAINPUR VARANASI, purchased a system from wipro ltd in march08 for business porpuse since i got the system i have complained several times to customercare that system is having problem in hardware as well as software, there service emgineer visted several times and also systen was taken remotely by customercare execu.but problem was not yet resolved i talked to higher management someone Mr.parameshwaram but he also could not resolve it now please guide me where to lodge complaint for the above.I am tired of it please do the needful or i should go for other actions.
    abhishek dikshit

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  • Ab
    abhishek dikshit Aug 02, 2008

    I have purchased a desktop system No.07kalv00200039 with configration


    odrive/winxppro/56kbpsf_m/usb_38tnoptical/mm_kbd_104+3/15_tft_clr on 25march08 through

    invoice no7002101334 of amount 34266.97 for whichi have paid Rs 40066/-through DD No 193803

    dated 26/3/08 in the name of wipro chennai ltd. When i enquired about it the second invoice

    No8203010109 for AMC charges forsoftware support period starting from01.06.2007 to

    31.05.2008 and additional warranty charges for desktop starting from 01.06.2008 to

    31.05.2010 amounting 5751.30 was send to me, as system was purchased on mar08, Also they have

    called me two times for this amount which i had already paid i complained to Mr

    paramashwaram at Chennai and he said it will be resolved but no intimation was send to me

    now since the system

    landed to my place i was asking for installation which was done on 6may08, My name is

    abhishek dikshit but in your record it is written abhishek gupta.i have lodge 3 complaints

    since then system was formetted 5 times and several times was taken remotly but could not

    able to sort out our problem.As per conversatation to Mr parameshwaram Mb.No09900451656 he

    wrote me this

    "Dear Abhisheik, Your issue is currently being worked upon and Amara Raja IT Team has

    requested to send the Database backup from your system to solve this problem. Your problem

    may be pertaining to the Database or Application and not with the system. Please be advised

    that installing many softwares(like Games, Photoshop, SQL Server 2005) will eventually make

    the system slow and may also be the cause for this issue that is being worked upon and other

    errors. Since MSDE 2000 is used for handling the Power Zone Data base, installing MS SQL

    Server 2005 may have some conflict with the Application."

    and replied by our company person this

    Bhaskar: Abhisheik has installed SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition which is higher than MSDE

    2000 (Recommended for the Application), Request you to check the application compatibility

    on the same .There could be a chance to make changes in main Database

    my complaint No was 1800037383
    from 29, 30, 31july08 service engg.was here to sort out problem but could not resolveit yet

    now he is not coming to this place and system is half installed as he was formetting it.
    moreover the excuse your eng.Mr prameshwaram is making as above that that installing many

    softwares(like Games, Photoshop, SQL Server 2005) will eventually make the system slow.i am

    not complaning about slow systen speed my complain is softwere not working properly basicly

    pz softwere he is imposing charges on us if it is our fault.there was virus attack through

    internet to this system which could vided.
    what i know is having good antivirus in my computer i wont face virus problem as we have on

    other system, why only this system is getting virus attack means antivirus provided to me is

    not able to handel such virus attack.
    In this regard i want proper attention to my complaint as earliest

    as possible.

    Thanking you,
    your truly,
    abhishek dikshit

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  • Ns
    n Sudhir Aug 13, 2008

    If there is any word which is worst than woerst I will use that word for the quality of service provided by Wipro specially at Guwahati office.

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  • Fg
    fghj Aug 13, 2008

    Wipro is providing service to SBI, North East in such a worst manner that is perhaps will be the world record in history. In North East India, the SBI branches are suffering and the officials at Guwahati, Kokotta, Bangalore, Mumbai are repeatedely telling the same thing as they are taught. Very unfortunate and perhaps this needs attention of Azim Premji. Premzi saheb, please take care.

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  • Sw
    swarup routh Jul 21, 2009

    My wipro computer desktop key board not and it is under warranty with in 3 years

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  • St
    Stephen Drake May 25, 2010

    People Don, t post In this Site...Tthis Site Is made just to sabotage the Image of other companies and Complaints Board gets Paid to do this, Most of the posts are being posted by their blooddy writers inorder to keep this site active ...

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  • Vi
    Vinodkumar B Feb 27, 2012

    I don't know about Reambessment account. so please inform me which one is our reambessment account no.

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  • Vi
    Vinit Shah Aug 05, 2013

    I have got a notebook of Wipro and unfortunately it has stopped working.I'm residing currently in Guwahati and wanted the address of Wipro's authorised service centre in Guwahati.

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  • Vi
    Vinit Shah Aug 05, 2013

    i've got a notebook of Wipro and unfortunately its not working.Kindly provide me the address of Wipro's authorised service centre in Guwahati.

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