Winn-Dixie Storesout of date items and product not fresh

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The customer service at store #84 is outrageous!!! There is only one line open with absolutely no baggers so I have to bag and take my own groceries out. Next the meat department is disgusting blood all over the case, dirt, and the meat is never wrapped properly. Meat department never has ad items, it's a very sloppy meat department. Next is dairy I've bought numerous item of cheese and yogurt which have had mold on them. Next grocery I bought some juice on 9/15/2019 which I have my Receipt I get home go to make a glass of juice that went out of date in JUNE!!! This store needs some serious help. I spend about 200-250 a week on groceries and I'm too the point of going to Walmart or Publix. It's honestly like the store manager, district manger, and so on just don't care.

Sep 20, 2019
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  •   Sep 20, 2019

    Life sucks, huh?

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  •   Sep 21, 2019

    Lordy! Goodness Gracious me! You had to bag your own crap!!!

    Everywhere I go I have to bag my own things! Especially if I use the self checkout!

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  •   Sep 21, 2019

    Why did you buy moldy crap??? That's your funeral.

    If this store sells sub par food why do you and your "I am above bagging" hands continue to return???

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