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My wife and I had 2 windows installed from Window world about 4 years ago. The one in the kitchen was all right but the one in the living room is a disaster. The window came in way too small for the opening but they put it in anyway. They used small pieces of wood to hold the window in the opening. They then used probably 3 or 4 tubes of caulk to fill the gaps. This looks awful. The front of the window is capped with metal and you can stick your hand through and almost touch the inside of the house. I have made several calls but to no avail. They came once and said, "we can stick some insulation in there if you want". The other times I called, they said someone would be over but never showed up. Window World is a franchise, not a factory. They do not make their own product and hire outside people to do the installation. They are a shady, back alley type of company and not to be trusted. If you are in the market for windows, do your homework. Window World's window is nowhere near the quality of Champion hence the cheap price. I paid over $1, 000 for both of these windows and have hated them ever since. Window world sucks!!!


  • Da
    Dale Jun 06, 2012

    I had window world give me an estimate for a bay window but at 4500 I said no thanks. after hearing all the comments glad I said no

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  • As
    ASVAINC Jun 01, 2012

    As a Class A General Contractor in Virginia Beach I would strongly not recommend Window World . I find there installers work to be sloppy and unprofessional and not caring. I have seen window installed into rotten framing on several occasions and there work to be incomplete. I am telling people this due to the fact that I as a contractor am tired see consumers rip-offed. I am not looking for business from anyone, I am tired of seeing companies advertise and take advantage of there costumers. Just because their name is on a NASCAR or Jill Ireland does a commercial does not mean they are responsible company.

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  • Xb
    x_Buyer_Beware_x May 14, 2011

    I am currently deployed in the Middle East and unfortunately my wife was alone with our two children while this company's "Certified" installers worked more like unskilled meth-heads.
    First, the contractors they hired (which I was told the Window World did not use contractors and had a full time payroll crew) removed all of the windows of my home by shattering them INTO the house with only a cloth placed behind the window to catch the debris; this allowed shards of glass to scatter throughout rooms and eventually become embedded into the carpet which later cut my wife when she missed cleaning up some near our toilet!
    They very sloppily threw the old windows into the back of their truck causing glass shards to drop and scatter all over the road when they left; which the neighbors complained to my wife and she had to sweep up later that night after the children went to sleep.
    They left their caulking gun and a tube of caulk in my 5 year old daughter’s bed.
    Then after their horrible remove/install experience it took days for them to fix one of their leaky windows, the main technician Mike came out to caulk the window which didn’t fix the problem so they sent out the contractors, Jim and Justin, and they has to reseal with a different caulk... they said the caulk didn’t seal properly. Of course we were placed into the waiting queue of other customers and was told that they were busy and we would have our problem addressed when they could get around to it as they had other installs to attend to (although they did come out first thing in the morning which was outstanding on their behalf!).
    The sliding glass door was installed crooked and Mike had fixed by performing an adjustment of the rollers I believe. Now the sliding glass door is leaking even worse than the window did. Window World is closed for the weekend so my wife will have to bear the storm trying her best to keep the water from flooding our home…Thanks Window World!
    Even though I was not there to witness the install, my neighbor is a licensed contractor and he informed me that he was watching the install in horror, saying that they looked like a bunch of amateurs and he couldn’t believe the methods they had used to remove the windows (shattering INTO the home) and how much of a mess was made when they left. Also, during the permit inspection the county inspector said he was only checking for anchoring, but told my wife that she should definitely have them come back out and fix it because it didn’t look good.
    I wonder if I can pay another company to come out and fix my windows and have Window World foot the bill since they have been a major regret ever since the sales pitch was over and the install had begun. The salesman was very friendly and was great, although he did say that Window World had its own installers that were licensed, drug tested, and were employed by Window World which simply was not the case. My wife even asked the installers main technician and he said that he doesn’t drug test his guys. This is either a case of an uneducated salesman, a lying salesman, or perhaps a lying contractor. Either way my trust with this company is gone!

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  • Sc
    scott26_98 Jan 03, 2011

    The Charlotte NC based franchise World of Windows company is more than shady, they are out right crooks. I paid a $1000 deposit for one door and two windows. They made many promises, on the day of installation they said none of it was in writing so they would not honor it. I halted installation immediately and asked for management to call me to work this out. They refused to return my calls so I took them to court and won. However since this is a franchised company of Windows World Inc NC, they sold the franchise to a new owner and are refusing to pay the court judgment. So I contacted the corporate office (Windows World Inc) and they said tuff luck. Do NOT let this company on your property, they are liars and thieves.

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  • Bo
    bobcatalina36 Oct 07, 2010

    The W.W. franchise here in Atlanta, GA apparently went under & closed it's doors some time ago and we cannot get service for our windows. The glass is fogged up on 2 windows and there is air leakage on a few of them and we can't get anyone to help and rectify our problems!

    We called the corporate office and were told to contact the manufacturer, AMI windows, after much to do, they finally sent someone to inspect our windows and the man told us they were improperly installed and that the warranty is void!!! The company, W.W. of Northeast GA, aparently had quite a reputation for not installing the windows the sold properly and that many throughout Atlanta were in the same boat! This company's warranty is obviously NOT worth the paper it is written on! BUYER BEWARE OF WINDOW WORLD is all we can say!!!

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  • Be
    Bellall Sep 07, 2010

    Window world has many issues. From their Promises that they do not keep, - to mismeasuring the windows. I had two houses one with 2 windows and one with three done in one day. The 2 windows did not fit the opening the windows were about 8 inches short for the opening. That did not matter they split the difference and nailed in the window and then stuck some insulation in the holes and covered it up.
    They aslo say that if you are referred from a person that had their windows done, they will send that person a gift certificate to a resturant. I was referred and my person did not ever get a gift cert. I was sure to mention this person multiple times and he assured me that they would get it in the mail. After talking with my friend asking if they recieved anything and they did not, I called the company and spoke to the "owner" who promised to send it out. Still to this day about half a year later they still have not come through on their promise. In our contract they were to leave 2 window that they took out carefully behind but they ended up taking all of them. Now I have to buy more windows. The only reason I had them replaced was so I could have the solar glass on the south facing side of my house. I was going to reuse the good windows that were taken out in my garage but they took them and I have to buy new. I refuse to use Window world for the rest of my replacements and will be buying all my other windows through another company even if they cost more. Too bad for them I have over 52 windows to replace. The company does not stand to their word and their customer satisfaction is below poor. I spoke to the owner an and she is not polite nor true to her word. The company is awful and I would not ever tell anyone to get windows through window world.

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  • Jo
    Johnny4700 Jul 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Window World sucks big time, switch and bait pricing, salesman selling upgrades so they can make more commissions. Window World does not even make one of their windows, they all made by Alside which is a contractor grade product, the Low E glass has been around since the early seventies and it old technology and their "bait and switch" lowest grade window does not even qualify for the energy rebate. Call their Corporate office and ask them to take a tour of their manufacturing plan!! Don't even exist.
    How would you like to go to McDonalds and order an empty bun with nothing in it? Do you eat a la carte? if you do than u qualify to buy Window World "Plastic Window" as specified on their brochures and such. Remember a few years ago when you could buy a Yugo for $2300?? So many people got ripped off and the Company was gone after selling disposable cars, same with disposable windows!! Do your self a favor don't waiste your hard earned money with Window World, the testamonials here are true and the person that mention about the second comment (Michael) is correct that person more than likely works for Window World.
    As far as the advertising about standing on the window, ask yourself a question " How many times are you going to stand on your window this year? secondly I will promess you that it is a gimmick, if you practice enough you can stand on any window if the weight is distibuted evenly. Cheap things always turn out to be expensive. Best thing is to go to a true Custom manufacturer that can build custom install service and finance like Pella, Champion Window even better, top notch product for equitable cost true lifetime warranty all belts and whistle included nice & easy no wonder their advertising campaign and reputation is best around. Good Luck

    Also read this Corporate Window World don't give a s___ about consumer like us because they have no control over their FRANCHISES yes u see they get paid Franchise fees

    Window World - Odessa, Florida
    Posted: 2006-09-08 by Angela [send email]

    Being stood up three times and yelled at!

    Complaint Rating:
    On May 3, 2006 I had my windows replaced in my home by Window World, Odessa, Florida. After installation, I noticed two "scratches" on the inside of two of my sashes. When I called the company to let them know, Linda told me that this can sometimes happen, and they would order new sashes, which would take about 10 days. They said they would call and schedule a time to come out after the new sashes were in. I waited 14 days and then called, since I had not heard back. During that time I noticed that the caulking job was inferior and needed that to be redone. Finally I was scheduled an appointment or someone to come out on 06/08/2006. Well, no one showed. I got a call stating that they had ran behind in the first job of the day and would need to reschedule.

    I understand things can happen, so the next appointment was made for the last week of June at 8:30, assuring me a first appointment of the day. Well, once again I waited and no one showed. I get a call for a need to reschedule. I felt, okay, I will give them three times without getting mad or upset. Things can happen.

    My third appointment was for 07/11 and again no one showed. This time I decided to take it up with the corporate office, as this is just a franchise and the parent company should be able to resolve this. Well, a couple of days later I received a call from Linda again, stating that someone could come out on 07/15 at 9:00. I asked how was I to be sure that someone would be there, as I was to be the first appointment one other time and no one showed. She just glossed over that. She started trying to explain that maybe it had rained after my windows were installed and that is why the caulk failed. I said that they were installed in May and it did not rain here until June. After I said that, Linda screamed through the phone to me, "I AM NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU, ANGELA".

    Infuriated, I hung up and called the corporate office and brought them up to date on the situation. They said that they would contact Linda to make sure that this would be done. They said that it is a franchise and basically, they have no control over them.

    I could not believe that after spending over $8000 for windows and being stood up three times and being yelled at, I still received no apology from anyone. I would never recommend this company to anyone. They may talk a good game, but when it comes down to it, they do not deliver. As for that lifetime guarantee. Good luck. I am sure that I will never get anyone out to do anymore work if I need it.

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  • Pa
    Paul R. Sparks Jul 26, 2009

    Window World sucks. If you are OK with your purchase now just wait awhile. When, not if, they start having problems you will sing a different tune about the service and product. I purchased my overpriced under fitting windows from them and was counting on the fact that what I was being told was the truth because after all they are suppose to be the pro's..NOT!! I have contacted the corporate office and now understand where the WE DON'T GIVE A CRAP attitude comes from. This company is built on thief's and liars.

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  • Wa
    Waz Jun 07, 2009

    I have to disagree, I have window world window's in my home and I have had GREAT !!! customer service from our local dealer. I bought double hung Low E/Argon with full screens and paid $279.00 per window and the installer was quick and very clean. I think it depends on what kind of person you are, if you call your dealer and scream and call them liars and rant and rave then that might be the reason you are getting bad service. I am in a service oriented business, and if I have a customer that bad mouths me and calls me names I would most likely do the same thing and not give you the time of day. Much less take care of your problems. I am wondering why the guy that apparently paid $1000.00 for 2 windows even let the installers install a window that wasn't even close to fitting. It sounds bogus to me. Anyway I have been very pleased with my purchase of Window World windows. Another thing I will get the tax relief for the new windows set by the government because of Low E/ Argon windows on next years taxes. That is about a $700.00 savings, ...not bad.

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  • Ha
    hadogen Mar 27, 2009

    i second that window world does suck. this michael who left the earlier comment probably works there.
    2 windows for $1000 maybe because they got another type of window other than a double hung????DUH!
    the picture windows, sliders, garden and bay/bow windows all range from $500 to over $1000 not including any of the options. dumb car analogy. were talkn customer service here and windows not a car. .i do agree that a window is a window but customer service is A BIG FACTOR and window world has the worst service and they'll never change.

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  • Sh
    shaun Mar 12, 2009

    Window world does suck. They think they our the only ones with great prices now they have competition to face. I have seen the window depot usa ads for $169 and there warranty is even better.. My house still has window world windows which the owner of the store won't help me with my problems that I have had since day 1. I will be replacing my replacement windows now tell me that doesn't suck...

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  • Mi
    Michael Oct 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You paid $1, 000 for 2 windows from Window World? That seems a bit odd because they advertise at $189 each. At $1, 000 for 2, I'd assume you paid $500 each? How did the price jump so high? Did you ask for energy saving upgrades such as low-E, etc. Are they both standard double hungs or something more expensive like a slider or picture window?

    I also don't know - where you like but I'm in Virginia, the Richmond area. I used this window depot place myself - liked the owner. Cool guy. I called Champion too and Window World but have to argue that Champion at least, is overpriced. They make a great window, it's true, but I mean - their prices are a bit insane. It's like paying 20 grand for a Lexus because you like the name, even though let's say, Toyota has the same car, same leather seats, same engine, etc, for 5 grand less but not the fancy Lexus logo. What is in a name? NOTHING.

    My father worked in the replacement business for years - sold through Paramount, etc. A lot of companies, overpriced ones like Sears, pretty much make up prices. haha They go in, trying to upsell and if even if you cut the price in half, they often come out ahead. I mean, let's say you have 10 windows @ $1, 000 each that's $10, 000 total. You give them financing... 5 years to pay off at like $200 a month, it seems like a bargin. Even if you get them to pay $800 for a window worth about $110, it's like highway robbery.

    A window is a window... and a lot of companies attach each other. Luckily, with the internet more and more people can research window construction, etc and find a well made window at a great price. Ignorant buyers suckered into $10, 000 windows from places like Champion are less and less.

    I'm sorry to hear that the company screwed up and ordered a window that didn't fit. Too bad. I mean, companies screw up orders all the time and reorder the product. Sometimes you have to pay it off as a loss. I'm surprised WIndow World is being difficult. Sorry to hear that.

    Also remember, window world, window depot usa, champion...b lah blah blah are all franchises. Experience in one store doesn't represent all stores. Let's be real.

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