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Date letter written 8th October 2019
Had a letter from Wilson Tarquin ltd. asking for payment for the work they did getting my PPI payment . They sent me a invoice to the amount £4.16 which i paid.
They gave me 14 days to pay.
In the letter they told me i would receive a letter from the bank telling me how much i was awarded.
The bank, Lloyd's Bank told me they don't write the letters for people like Wilson Tarquin ltd. that the company sends the letter with the cheque telling you how much your claim amount is.
This doesn't seem to ring true to me. When i had a claim 2 years ago, i was sent a cheque and a letter explaining the details of my claim.
The scanned letters i have sent you are the only ones i have received from them, Also there is writing on the first page which i put there phone numbers & web sites.
Also there is the phone number of the Lloyd Bank for the PPI department on the top left of the first page.

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Update by Maureen Wenban
Nov 02, 2019 7:27 pm

I was told to get in touch with you for my complaint, It does seem to me I am being pushed from pillar to post.
This is supposed to be their customer services for customer complaints department?
Can you tell me how I could get this matter sorted?

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Mar 10, 2021 6:51 pm

Have been phoned, out of the blue, by Wilson Tarquin, about a PPI claim. I listened to what the person had to say and I have now received a text asking me to phone them urgently about my PPI refund. Besides the fact that I have already had a payment, through another source, after reading your complaints, I am loathe to get in touch. Why ask me to get in touch, rather than them contact me again.

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