Wiegand EnterprisesKent cory, dorena banks and wiegand enterprises are evil, crooked, corrupted and full of crap


Kent Cory, Dorena Banks and Wiegand Enterprises are evil crooked, corrupted and full of crap!!! They don't care about tenants who live in their buildings.They don't care about what happened to their tenants in the buildings.I'm glad Me, Jessica Shell and Rebecca Klusmann moved out of 2435 West Wisconsin Ave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!! Kent Cory, Dorena Banks and Wiegand Enterprises cannot be trusted!!! Marquette University Students are moving out of Weigand Enterprises because Wiegand Enterprises don't take care of their tenants.Their apartment buildings are full of black people and cess pools!!! Kent Cory is a crook who don't pay back tenant's security deposits. Dorena Banks has an attitude problem with tenants who pay their rent and address their concerns to her.Rick Wiegand is letting all of this bad stuff happen to Wiegand Enterprises, They are responsible for Raful Chumura's death in 2010 when a refrigerator fell and crushed him at the age of 33 on 22nd and Wells St in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!! Do not rent to Kent Cory, Dorena Banks and Wiegand Enterprises!!! Stay away from them because they will do you wrong like they did me, Raful Chumura the other tenants!!!

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