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Let me start of by saying that I have been a White Castle patron for almost forty years, and have never experienced the treatment that I am about to write about. I placed an order for four original sliders, small French fries and a small drink, which was order number one on the menu board. Instead, the waitress (woman, Indian, Caribbean descent, short, about five feet, four inches tall, black hair, medium build - Employee #211) charged me for order number four (fish sliders, small fries and small drink). Of course, she did not repeat the order back to me to confirm that it was the right order. When I arrived at the window and received the order and my receipt, I advised the waitress that I placed an order for four original sliders, small French fries and small drink (Order number one). She stated that she thought I ordered the fish sliders with the french fries and drink. She then confirmed the order with manager (Black woman, about five feet, six inches tall, medium to slightly heavy build, short hair, Caribbean accent). I then stated to both of them that I ordered a number one. The manager told me that it was my fault that the order was wrong, and told the waitress that there was no difference in the cost of the orders. She then sucked her teeth and placed my order in the bag and gave it to the waitress to give to me. I pulled off and went to the parking lot to check my order. Instead of giving me the original sliders I ordered, she gave me cheese sliders. So she got the order wrong twice. As I stated previously, I have been a White Castle patron for almost 40 years. I will still patronize White Castle because of their commitment to good food and good service, but I will not return to this location as I was insulted by the manager and did not receive what I ordered. The manager was very rude and unprofessional. And I did not expect to be treated like this, given the reputation of White Castle.


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    Everywhere Oct 21, 2019

    I would have checked my order before leaving, after they made the initial mistake. We are all human, mistakes happen. If you weren't rude, the manager should have just given you the correct order without the "blame" comment.

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  • Ra
    Rahsheena James Oct 21, 2019

    @Everywhere Actually, all of this would have been prevented had the waitress confirmed the order prior to me arriving at the window.

    I was not rude to the manager. The manager was rude to me because she stated that it was my fault that the order was wrong. Even after saying this to me, I did not respond to her. So I am confused as to how I was being rude. I am also confused by the fact she would prepare an order for sliders without asking if I wanted cheese on my sliders. The bottom line was that the manager did not demonstrate good customer service skills. She had an attitude and she sucked her teeth because she had to prepare the order that I originally asked for. Clearly she did not represent the White Castles establishment well. And if this is the type of management representing this location, then I will certainly not patronize it.

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  • Ra
    Rahsheena Jαmes Oct 21, 2019

    Do you all think that this is a joke. Well this is not. This incident made me so angry that I took my anger out on my elderly disabled grandmother. I am broke and needed money. I asked her if I could borrow $40. I told her that I would pay it back. She said no. Normally I would plead with her until she gave in. This time I was just very angry. I was already in a bad mood after dealing with White Castle. I just pushed my grandmother to the ground. She uses a walker and took the money from her purse. Now I find out that she is considering pressing charges against me.

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