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S Dec 05, 2019 Review updated:

Very rude customer service, had to ask for my food after 20 minutes, when i went in there was no one in line, right after me 3 gentlemen came in placed large orders and got their food before mine, when i asked about my order the one cook said his damn order is coming, ok waited another 10 minutes, the customers who placed the big order also commented that the one cook was very rude and the manager was like ok whatever..So bottom line almost 27 mins to get my order with a attitude when I asked for it two times. Just very unprofessional customer service from the Manager to the crew. The entire store was dirty, not stocked and broken furniture.

White Castle


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      Dec 05, 2019

    The entire store was dirty, not stocked and broken furniture...
    Then why go eat there????

    easy to complain afterwards of course...

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  •   Dec 05, 2019

    If I walk into a dirty restaurant, I walk out.

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