White Castle30 crave cheeseburger pack and 6 double cheeseburgers

O Jan 02, 2020

Well today was the 1st day of new year I wanted to go and drive from defiance ohio to ann arbor michigan to get some white castles three of us did hope in car n go about 8;15 it takes 1 hour thrity min to make the trip one way so we get there at 930 and the gal says no deep fried orders just burgers because we close in 30 min?? I said well fine I ordered the 30 cheeseburgers and 6 double cheeseburgers with xxxpickles and ask if I could get xx - grilled onions, and some salt n pepper put on em if possible.. She was very nice said she understood the order and they charged me 40 plus some change its all on my debit card.. And I waited for 15 minutes.. My double cheese were ice cold with 1 pickle and barley any onions and my crave case was luke warm but again 1 pickle and barley a few onions.. I wasn't driving but if I could of turned around I would of by this time it was probably 10;05 anyways at night.. And because of new years day they closed at ten but that doesn't justify the worst white castles i've ever ordered.. I sincerely hope you do something.. To rectify this situation.. I ate 2 of em all together no taste.. Bland no onion juice nothing.. I was overwhelmed at the poor quality of this service and to travel 1 and half hours there and then 1 and half hours home.. Id been as well off if not better to buy frozen..

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