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Western Dental & Orthodontics / issue after tooth extraction, sinus perforation, wound site not healing properly

Bi May 15, 2019

On 3/11/19, I had my tooth extracted at Western Dental Orthodontics on Elkhorn Blvd. The dentist perforated my sinus cavity during the procedure while attempting to clean my root canals. A couple of days later, I informed the the dental office of pain, nose leakage and air escaping into my mouth via extraction site/sinus cavity. The dentist/admin staff stated they will refer me to oral surgeon for treatment. I had to keeping calling member service and my dental office because no one could give me a status on the referral. During this time I was in pain, experienced bad headaches and overall misery! Any liquid that enter my mouth also enter my nose and then my sinus cavity. I straight way got a sinus infection because of the issues with the extraction. When blowing my nose, the mucous/ phlegm that came out of my nose was rancid and nasty! I complained to member service again and my dental office, no help. I was then directed to Western Dental Grievance Dept for my concerns. I filed a complaint, waited several weeks and got a response. The response was full of lies about what they did to fix the sinus perforation! Then it included that my Western Dental Insurance did not cover and injury to my sinus cavity /extraction site caused by a Western Dental dentist @ a Western Dental Office! I've had pain, bad headaches and a nasty sinus infection for the last month and a half! I had an appt today with my dentist but the dental office called to tell me not to come in. The dentist stated she couldn't help me, it's out of her scope and I should see an oral surgeon. So if the Western Dental dentist feels I should see an oral surgeon why is my Western Dental Insurance that I've had for over 16yrs not covering it! This is a travesty and I'm suffering needlessly since I'm not able to afford to pay for oral surgery.

Frustrated, angry,

Billy C Harps
3100 Black Saddle Drive
Antelope Ca 95843


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