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I've placed three separate orders with online within the past 30 days. Two orders have arrived late, and I'm currently still waiting on the 3rd and FINAL order I'll ever place. It's been 16 days since I placed the order and my credit card was charged, and I've still not received this order. Walmart advertises on their site "place order site to store and receive it within 7-10 days! I've written them numerous times regarding this and have not received any satisfaction nor any discounts to make up for their tardiness! IF they can't deliver on time at the minimum they should offer a discount or some kind of refund. Numerous sites offer free shipping to your door and those arrive within 2 days! Walmart is falling behind in their customer service.


  • Mr
    Mrs. Paulos Dec 26, 2007

    I order someting from and waited 24 days for it to come in. It finally came in and was returned the samed day before I could get to the store to pick it up. I had paid in advance. It was a Christmas gift for my husband. I' ll never order anything from again!

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  • Ri
    Richard D. Apr 20, 2009

    I think this probably depends on the item's availability, as well as your location. I ordered site to store, and received my item within 5 days, 4 days earlier than I was quoted. Also remember that they say within 7-10 business days, not days. So if you place the original order on a friday, 10 business days later would actually be 15 days away.

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  • Ma
    matt Jun 10, 2009

    i can see this was posted a couple years ago. maybe they have gotten better. just ordered a bass guitar package weighing 30lbs about 36 hours ago. its already ready for store pickup. maybe its depends on how far it needs to go. mine only had to go about 300 miles, was still expecting it in at least a week! but less then 36 hours from order!! great job Walmart!

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  • Ri
    Richard D Jun 11, 2009

    Jason - sometimes better prices are available on the website - even when they have the same product in stock at your local store. For instance, I bought the Guitar Hero world Tour Band kit for Xbox 360 for $99. In store the same kit was $170.

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  • 2g
    2Grown4Nicknames Jul 14, 2009

    Your Site to Store order is on time and should arrive between Wednesday, 07/08/2009 and Tuesday, 07/14/2009.

    Palestine, TX 07/04/2009 10:55 AM In Transit to Store
    Palestine, TX 07/03/2009 12:27 AM Arrived at Delivery Facility
    Palestine, TX 07/02/2009 05:18 PM In Transit to Delivery Facility
    Palestine, TX 07/02/2009 03:23 PM Arrived at Sorting Facility

    Tracking details were last updated on 07/04/2009 at 10:11 AM, Central Standard Time.

    Palenstine, TX is 100 miles from Marshall, TX and still couldn't get it to its destination on time. I listed the tracking info above. This is a sad sad day. Wal-Mart is going downhill fast. I ordered this TV on the 28th of June and and the last tracking date is the 4th of July. Well I see how Wal-Mart treat their veterans. It made it from the sorting facility but took its time after that. I'm wonder if its sitting in the store and no one just dont know what to do with it...Im thinking about getting a refund.

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  • Pi
    pink_diamond Sep 26, 2009

    I am writing this post on 9/26/2009, and Raymond NH is only some 20 miles from my store!Seems wal-mart is holding my order only to wait till 10/02/09 to come. I ordered it on 9/16/09!

    Anybody knows where to file a complaint against wal-mart?

    Purchase Date: 09/16/2009
    Raymond, NH 09/20/2009 02:20 PM In Transit to Store
    Raymond, NH 09/19/2009 09:34 AM Arrived at Delivery Facility
    Sharon Springs, NY 09/18/2009 08:01 AM In Transit to Delivery Facility
    Sharon Springs, NY 09/17/2009 09:40 AM Arrived at Sorting Facility

    Tracking details were last updated on 09/20/2009 at 01:38 PM, Central Standard Time.
    Your Site to Store order is on time and should arrive between Friday, 09/25/2009 and Friday, 10/02/2009.

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  • Wa
    walmartcustomer Jun 23, 2010

    Walmart is advertising to have your orders ready for pick-up in 7-10 business days. It's been 13 days since my order has been placed which i guess is fine, but when you spend $300 on an ipod touch, you wish they would stick to their word. Tracking details have not even been updated at all.

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  • Da
    Dalsmith Feb 17, 2011

    my order has been shipped via Fedex and should arrive between Friday, 02/11/2011 and Thursday, 02/17/2011. And today is the 17th and when I click Track this order it's in Initiated the hole time wish I would have went to bestbuy
    p.s I e-mail and with this "Due to our suppliers' varying delivery schedules to our stores, it is normal for some Site to Store orders to require longer than 48 hours to process; however, your order will still arrive by the estimated delivery date". lol nope

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  • Da
    Dalsmith Feb 18, 2011

    The walmart is new to town and yes I called both (360)841-9131 and. The store didn't know what site to store was don't know why but the store just open this month I call 1-800-966-6546 on the 16th and with a wait of 10 min and the person told me that we will get a email you when it show up that's it. So I e-mail and got this
    Thank you for contacting
    We are sending you this automated response to help you with your question.
    Tracking Your Order:
    1. Most, but not all orders can be tracked online using the tracking information in your order confirmation email. For example, orders shipped using the United States Postal Service, UPS Mail Innovations and Fed Ex Smart Post cannot be tracked.
    2. Once your order has shipped, it may take 24 to 48 hours for the carrier to update they're tracking information. You can check back daily to track the progress of your order.
    Processing Time:
    3. Once you click Submit and your payment is authorized, it normally takes 24-48 hours for the warehouses to pick, pack and prepare your order for shipping.
    4. Due to our suppliers' varying delivery schedules to our stores, it is normal for some Site to Store orders to require longer than 48 hours to process; however, your order will still arrive by the estimated delivery date.
    You can find the most up-to-date order status and tracking information by signing into "My Account" oh and as of now it's on Initiated I think it's not up to date sorry for the 2 post.

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  • Da
    Dalsmith Feb 18, 2011

    At 6:30 I called walmart a lady answers I ask for site to store she ask what that? The place to pick up online items she go's oh one sec in click... nothing happens I called again same thing one more time and I said this time that nothing happens when she try's to connect me to site to store. She doesn't know why. I waited 11 day so far for free shipping.

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  • Da
    Dalsmith Feb 18, 2011

    Yes the 1486 Dike Access Rd Woodland, WA 98674. It not far so ill just to bike it because I just called and the same lady answered I think but this time she transferred me to customer service A new lady answered she sent me to site to store but it just rang like 50 time it stop's then the first lady answered she said this time ill send you to a another customer service I don't know that that means but it just rang lol

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  • Bu
    Buzz Cat Mar 22, 2011

    Been waiting for a tv ordered online and shipped site to store. Online tracking says it is in Marcy, NY, in transit to the Utica Walmart, a distance of about 10 miles (we actually live about 3/4 of a mile from this regions distribution center!). Well, it's been "in transit" for about 3 days now. Apparently it is being hand-carried or perhaps strapped to the back of a camel. What a joke.

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  • Ji
    Jim11 Mar 29, 2011

    Walmart ships any ordered item from Neptune, that is why normally the delivery takes infinity months. Well done walmart's management.

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  • Bo
    BooWalmart Jun 28, 2011

    order from amazon! Same prices, but they will guarantee the shipping! It's free shipping to your house and it always arrives before they say. Walmart is awful customer service. My tiny package has been "in transit" for 3 days and no one seems to have any answers for me. I'll make sure I let everyone I know to do their business elsewhere.

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  • Be
    Berenda Dec 20, 2011

    Ordered UFC Training mitts with site to store as part of an order. Receiced other part of order in only a few days. The training mitts have however been in transit from the Bentonville Delivery Facility to the Mountain Home Walmart store since Dec. 9th. It has still not arrived and Christmas is in 5 days. Noone will give a straight answer. What is up with these people!!! Berenda

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  • Ch
    chezie May 20, 2012

    Still the worst service ever. I ordered tv and its been at the sorting facility for 4 days. I was told they are to big to fail and they do what they want to so take it or leave it. This was my first order and my last with them.

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  • Sm
    Small Mommy Sep 06, 2012

    I also have ordered from Walmart a lot in the past and not once have I ever gotten a package on time. I am kinda impatient, but when you spend your hard earned money on items, you expect to get them in the time frame that is specified on the the store site. The best part is that I could have bought the very item in the store instead of online because I have seen it in the store, yet it has taken well over the 10 days to even ship it to the store for pickup. I hate when you look online and find an item that you know wont be in the store ( only) and then you order it online and have to wait til you no longer need the item, and once again see it in the damn store. For example, I bought baby gear and by the time I receive it, my child might be off to college. Grrrrrr!

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  • Al
    Alan Roberson Dec 18, 2012

    Ordered that special present for my wife so she could have for Christmas Day. Shipped to store to save money. Box looked like it had been through hell!!! Wife wanted to take it home anyway. Opened the box and the vanity we ordered was destroyed. And guess what they don't have another one like the one she had ordered:( Called the store and got a big hassle on what we have to do to return it. And definitely not getting it before Christmas!!!

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  • Ti
    Tim6 Mar 15, 2013

    I use to like the site to store service up until my last order I placed. Two weeks so far and still no order! Wal Mart should be called slow mart! I mean come on how hard is it too send a couple dvds in the mail. I never had a issue with them up until now and from here on in I will be purchasing from amazon. Screw wal-mart and their slow services. What really irks me is they are quick to charge your debit card yet they send stuff and process it when they feel like doing it! I say bs so they can take site to store and shove it as far as Im concerned. I was a loyal customer up til now.

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  • Bo
    Bonnieh Mar 26, 2013

    For over 8 months I have tried to shop at the Wal-Mart in Johnsburg, Il but but my frustration is always met. I've complained to the store itself many times without resolve. When going in to purchase Arizona sweet tea, cat and dog food they are almost always out of stock. They have no other options on the teas and I would have to spend twice as money buying small bags of the pet food. You would think that the purchasing department would get a clue, but no always they run short on even with constant complaints. We decided after this last waste of our time and money to not ever use this store again and use target of the Mejier store in the same area, as we spend over 130.00 every other week they have lost my business and purchasing.

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  • Fr
    friendlyone10 Jun 19, 2013

    I ordered a Wacom tablet from them, and the tracking details are not even available. This is pissing me off majorly. I always use Site To Store and I've NEVER had a problem with them. This is really getting on my nerves. They need to send my tablet now or I'm going to not buy stuff from them again.

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  • Ju
    justdoyourjob Aug 11, 2013

    I read a lot of complaints saying "my order has been 'intransit since (such and such date) from the distribution center to the store" my advice as a former 9 yr walmart employee is to call the store in question and do not rely on the tracking on the website. The tracking feature is only as accurate as the associate who works the receiving door at the pickup facility in question. If said associate fails to properly check in your site to store order, the tracking on the website Will continue to say in transit INDEFINATELY. Until the ASN barcode on the package is physically scanned by an associate at the store You will not receive an alert informing you that your order is ready for pickup. Having worked the site to store area many many MANY times in my 9 year career at Wal-Mart, I cannot count how many times a customer would call us at store level asking about an order that has read intransit on tracking site and it have been siting there for days having never been checked in properly. Just a little bit of knowledge from me to you. GOOD LUCK! :)

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  • La
    lakergurl_04 Aug 23, 2013

    I ordered my son's carseat on 08/11/2013 and it still has not arrived yet. I've place many many calls to customer service and to the actual pick-up store and all they can tell me is that it is on the way and I will receive an email when it is ready for pickup. Seriously?! I will never ever use walmart site to store ever again. The shipping time is ridiculous... they can't track exactly where the truck is because it is not like fedex or ups. Not only all this but my order was also delayed too. If they offer me a giftcard to use online i'll have to tell them where to shove it. I have MUCH better luck with other stores and sites so i will def be sticking with them. has lost yet another customer.

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  • Go
    gordonstacie Sep 06, 2013

    does your billing info show up on any paper in the box

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  • Bh
    BHKat Oct 01, 2013

    I ordered an Ipad on 9/28 and got a text saying it was ready for pickup. I didn't get a chance to stop by the store in Watchung NJ until today. At the store the sales associate could not find it. After waiting for about 30 minutes, she suggested I do some shopping while she looked in the back. I came back after 20 minutes and she informed that the item had been "sold" and she would contact her manager to see if the item was available for purchase from the stock inventory. She later admitted to me that the item was probably stolen. After waiting another 20 minutes, the store manager informed me that the item was not carried at the store and I would need to get a refund. The refund took a very long time to be processed while the associates figured out if I could get cash back or wait for the funds to be redeposited in my PayPal account. After waiting almost 2 hours, the manager offered me a 15 dollar gift card for my "inconvenience". The SitetoStore service is a disgrace compared to what I've experienced in other stores i.e. Best Buy.

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  • Br
    brittany petros Dec 12, 2014

    Walmart site to store is terrible, first order never arrive and now its looking like my second order won't arrive either.

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  • Ti
    Tim6669 Jan 04, 2015 and their site to store should be named slow to store. I have been waiting now for over 2 weeks for a couple dvds to come in and still no word from them. No tracking information and I have already had to go down there to pick up bits and pieces of my order which was cut into 3 different shipments. I am highly disgusted with walmart and honestly to anyone who reads this message...I strongly recommend going to amazon. Mostly everything amazon ships gets to you within a few days unless you live somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I never had any issues with amazon but from now on walmart will not get my business or hard earned money! Only reason I went with them was cause I got a walmart gift card for the holidays...not anymore I will no longer do business with slow-mart or their lowsy site to store...not to mention their customer service is terrible and they are rude rude.

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  • Gr
    Gracie101 Jan 23, 2015

    I ordered a dining room set on Jan 5th. Got an email that it was shipped on Jan 7th, estimated pickup date is Jan Never received that pick up email. ALthough I have recvd an email from Walmart for me to rate my dining room set...that I dont have yet. Then their website claims this order has been picked up already. Then I tracked it and it has been Im delayed in transit and new estmiated pick up date is Jan 29th. A whole month? I have to wait a whole month for this? And why does say that its been picked up? I tried calling the store and the lady transfers me and the phone just rings, rings, rings, answer. I called back asked for a manger and she promptly hung up on me. Going to the store tomorrow and demanding my money back. I will go to Value City Furniture and buy something in the store, that way I dont have to wait on a delivery that will never come.

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  • Up
    upset Milwaukee customer Feb 01, 2015

    I am really happy to see that I am not the only person having issues with shipping items to store for pickup. I ordered an item on the 22nd of January 2015. It said online my item would be available for pickup on the 29th of January. Once I placed the order, I got a confirmation email stating that my item should be available for pickup on February 13th 2015. What the hell, I thought to myself. So I called customer service they told me they don't know why the system is generating different pickup dates. I canceled my order. Then I went back online just to make sure I wasn't crazy. I tried to purchase that same item and this time the gave me a pick up date of February 3rd, 2015. Walmart you have to get better. You are getting to much of our damn tax dollars to be misleading customers that order online. I am going to contact my local news anchor to report this major problem Walmart has...

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  • Ch
    christy65 Mar 16, 2015

    I order a toddler bed for my son and bedding set i got the bedding but still aint got the bed deliver day was to be the 10 th of march 2015 here it is a week later my son still with out a bed

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  • Lo
    LokiMiki Mar 17, 2015

    I don't understand why they even bother to give you "estimated delivery time" when you place an order online, they never EVER respect their dates. On top of which you have to deal with snooty, impolite customer service agents. Pathetic excuse for a store. Wake up people, there are other discount stores for you to shop in. Plus Walmart has raised their prices and I found that it's not worth my time to go there only to save 50 cents. THis was my last purchase from Walmart - EVER. I will make darn sure to warn everyone I know and tell them to buy their items elsewhere. What do they do when called on it??? They blame the carrier, gooooo WalMart! I will take my money elsewhere and will be sure to tell anyone who will listen that you guys take pleasure at laughing in people's faces. Screw you, eventually people will wake up and you will end up like Target Canada...CLOSED and bankrupt!

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  • Ti
    Tim the Enchanter Apr 04, 2015

    Ahhh, do we all remember when this store was known for items (albeit cheap) were made in USA and it was worth it to go there. I too only did site to store because of a gift card I received. My last experience with the system was &%$#, and I thought, 'never again'. My items were shipped in stages and that last one was a doozy. I use up my gift card this time to be done with it, and guess what? Same &%$#! Call the store and you get transferred somewhere that ultimately tells you to call back. This time it's three DVDs, all supposed to have been delivered two days ago. This is after the insanely long wait time for items (compared to other online places which get you your stuff fast). The day after it is supposed to be here I get the e-mail saying my items will be late (same as last order). There has been a problem with order tracking since my last order (some months ago), but they are doing "everything they can to get it up and running for an enjoyable customer experience". Oh well...they have helped make my decision easier to not give them any more business at all. No offers to customers who are put out or inconvenienced, really? To anyone who says, "they don't make their money on site-to-store purchases", I say pshaw! When you spend any money anywhere with a retailer, they are making money. Never again, Wally World. Sorry guys, misery loves company and I'm glad I'm not the only one.

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  • Bo
    bobotron Jun 25, 2015

    I agree, don't use Walmart site-to-store and expect it to come when they say it will. I get enticed by the free shipping to store, and like an id10t, I fell for it again. I think i've used the service 3 times and every time the item says it will arrive on a date, and then it actually arrives at least a few days later.

    Last time, I ordered the item again, on sale, a couple days later. Had it shipped to my house. It got here before the first one ever got to the store. Dumb. I picked up the one at the store and immediately returned it to the lady.

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  • Ja
    jacobcatrett Jun 26, 2015

    I have ordered an ipod touch 5g about 2 weeks ago. It still says processing! I am very losses off at walmart. I highly don't recommend site to store unless you like to get losses off!

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  • Bo
    Bootsie82 Aug 10, 2015

    I had a similar problem I ordered a computer for in store pick up. I got a email saying it was in store on Friday and when I went not only was there no one there to help me but when someone finally showed up they told me the computer was not there. I received a second email saying it was in the store Saturday so when I went Sunday and again no one to help me he asked for my order number I opened my email to find another email saying there was a delay and no date was available for delivery but they had charged my card. I refuse to pay for something with no delivery date. If I don't get it in the next few days I'm going to dispute the charge.

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  • Ro
    Rosemary Redfern Nov 24, 2015

    I want to complain about the Marshall, Texas store Today Tuesday, 24 of November My husband we to pick up a few items I forgot and a Manager or Asst. Manager almost Knock down a elderly man and women and kept on going the store was NOT on fire so there is no excuse for this . The employees of this store are the rudest people on earth Also we have DEPARTMENT Managers not ordering thing like Material and other thing in the store because the don't like the departments there in ex employ of Walmart it did work that way then and it shouldn't work that way now If there were another discount store in Marshall we would shop there

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  • Ch
    Charles Brandt Jan 02, 2016

    I placed an order on dec 13th and figured walmart would have enough time to get it to me by xmas.Wrong... although my estimated delivery was the 20th, I was sure I would recieve it, bcause I had chosen the faster shipping option..Anyway here it is Jan 2d and still no order, Found out it was shipped on the 23d.Moral of the story...Shop online elsewhere.Especially during the holidays

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  • Wt
    WTstandUP Mar 01, 2016

    I came do know walmart's free shipping is a scam! If you end up buying more to get over 50.00 for free shipping walmart will send an item or two, light in weight and low in cost, but anymore bigger and costlier it will be weeks and weeks until you get it. I proved it too. I had someone in the same house as me buy shelving the same shelves for 22.00 but paid the 4.97 shipping charge, and he got the shelves in 8 days. I also bought the same shelves a couple weeks before he did and I bought over 50.00 worth off stuff and still have not gotten the shelves "and walmart shows online they are still in stock" the only thing walmart sent was a cheap box of tissues. The shelves I got under free shipping are coming from the same place coming to the same address where the other shelve with paid shipping got here in 8 days. All Walmart has done is created a shipping label "11 days ago", however, they have sent nothing to the shipper just created a shipping label. I'm over three weeks now and walmart has still not sent the shelves to the shipper, the same shelves that came here under paid shipping in 8 days. If you want something from walmart and don't want to wait weeks or more than a month pay for shipping because if you put it under free shipping they will not ship for a long time just take your money and collect interest off your money until they actually ship it. Walmart makes millions and millions off the interest of your money as long as they have your money and still have their item and have not sent it "It's a walmart greedy scam" there is never enough for walmart whether they are robbing their employees or customers, they are the meaning of GREED. WALMARTS FREE SHIPPING IS A SCAM!!!

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  • Ja
    Jan56 Jun 25, 2016

    I would like to know why my package was shipped from Illinois...but had to go to South Carolina before it came to my London Ky store...1st and last time for me.

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  • Cm
    CM Dixon Nov 29, 2016

    Imy package ihas arrived at a facility two hours away... nothing has been done to it, it's just sitting there arrived at 1445 yesterday and it is now 1310 ... they are sitting on it rather than taking it to store earlier than time allotted unbeliever les and my sons birthday is tomorrow. Will it arrive tomorrow it's almost been 24 hours and they have done nothing they just let it sit there. Took about 12 hours for each transaction of the package to get to this point and now this almost 24 hours and no movement??

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