Walmart Storestv service plane

Mu Oct 03, 2019

We purchased the TV at the above store, it quit working and we called the service plane number even if this is not through Walmart it was sold through Walmart.
TV went out on 9/21/2019 today is 10/3/2019 and we are still waiting on a box to send TV back . I was told this would be fixed in ten days, ten days out and not even a box to return TV .I have tired over 20 times to file complaint on line with service company, but their site will not take info I was told it is down, has been from first time I contacted it on 9/21/2019. After a 20 minute wait on phone again today I was told someone will contact me in TWO days
because this is a priority ????
I never buy these planes, but because it was through Walmart I thought it would be different. I was wrong.

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